April 2024

Bug burgers and crunchie caterpillars?

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Can you feel it coming?

I have previously suggested that yesterday’s conspiracy theory will inevitably become today’s or tomorrow’s reality.

We have seen this with:

  • the Chinese plague where anyone suggesting this accidentally leaked from a lab doing research on viruses funded by our friend Dr Frankenstein Fauci was lambasted as being crackpots and crazy
  • the fake miracle vaccines where anyone questioning the efficacy and safety of the miracle vaccines was ridiculed for being “anti-vaxxers” and a danger to public health
  • the way our rulers are deliberately pushing up the price of fuel to discourage us from owning cars and travelling on holiday
  • the way our rulers are deliberately pushing up the price of food by paying farmers to produce less food and even bankrupting those farmers still stubborn enough to persist with farming

So be prepared for the next onslaught on our increasingly limited, restricted and impoverished lives – an onslaught on what we can eat.

Insects are good for you

Over the last few years the media have been putting massive pressure on us with the message that meat is bad and vegetable-based foods are good. But this is only the start of the campaign to force us plebs to change our diets. For example, three weeks ago, the Sunday Times ran a full-page article on how jellyfish could be made into ‘nutritious’ food. In yesterday’s Sunday Times there was a big piece on using seaweed as food.

Then a couple of days ago, the Guardian ran an article headlined:

“UK urges hunger-stricken African nations to farm insects”

The Guardian article reported on how “Aid projects in DRC and Zimbabwe encourage rural inhabitants to eat insects rich in vitamins and minerals”

The article informed us that :

Edible insects have long been touted as a resource-efficient source of protein, requiring less land and water than conventional livestock. However, taste and cultural resistance have proved to be stumbling blocks in extending the practice in many parts of the world. In a move to realise the substantial on-paper benefits of insect-eating, a £50,000 UK aid project in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) is putting African caterpillars, migratory locusts and black soldier flies on the menu.

The project is listed on the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s development tracker website as seeking “to promote the production of insects for human food and for use in the manufacture of animal feeds”.

Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, another development project is under way to use mopane worms in porridge served in schools. The slimy green caterpillars, which turn into emperor moths, are already commonly picked for consumption from vegetation during the rainy seasons in rural parts of Zimbabwe.

With £300,000 from the aid budget, officials are planning to feed poor children aged seven to 11 in the southern town of Gwanda and in the capital, Harare, a bug-laced gruel, which, they say, has the benefits of being rich in crucial vitamins and minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, sodium, vitamins B1 and B2, and niacin.

Dr Sarah Beynon, the founder of the Bug Farm in Pembrokeshire and an academic entomologist, said aid projects promoting edible insects were: “a sure way to save lives and improve nutrition of the poorest people on planet Earth”She said: “We are also actively encouraging people in the developed world to include insects in their diets”.

Are you ready for bug burgers and crunchy caterpillars?

A crazed conspiracy crackpot would probably suggest that it’s just a matter of time before we in the supposedly ‘advanced’ West are ‘encouraged’ to include vitamin- and protein-rich insects in our diets. Meanwhile the jet-setting political, business, media and bureaucratic elites will continue to gorge on the best steaks, caviar and other foods that we proles will no longer be allowed while, enthusiastically supported by the mainstream media, lecturing us on the need for us to restrict our diets in order to ‘save the planet’.

But, of course, that would just be a wild conspiracy theory, wouldn’t it?

The coming famines

And while we’re on the subject of food, here’s 7 minutes of fury from Jordan Peterson raging about how the totalitarian net-zero policies of the globalist elites will lead to famine, rioting and wars:

7 comments to Bug burgers and crunchie caterpillars?

  • Paul Chambers

    Now we know why the parasite class are so keen on buying farms and land. They do not intend to eat bugs – which incidentally are likely to make you ill.

    Seems a lot of their plans are designed to make us ill and die early. Hopefully people already realise they are not to be trusted and to treat their ideas with contempt. Its better to do the opposite of what they say.

  • Bad Brian

    Do you think, what with his superior wisdom, that this could be the answer as to why Ed Milliban made such a desperate attempt to gobble down a bacon sandwich, as he felt he was being eyeballed a ravenous TV cameraman with a distaste for maggots or stick insects ?

    Or, is the old theory that this mental dwarf is so useless that he can’t even organise himself to eat a bacon sandwich, still doing the rounds ?

    I think as a matter of public interest that Ed Milliband should be strapped to a special table before a barrage of TV camera’s with a bacon sandwich secured to his left side and a maggot sandwich to his right side.

    When ferrets are released up his trouser legs, that is his signal to tuck into the sandwich of his choice.

    The result will be that when a hiden string in one of the pre-selected sanwiches is chewed through, he is whisked away to a paradise island, employed as a cleaning lady, and told to bunk up with his, £89,000,000,000 a year brother who works for International Rescue.

    And if “you have not chosen wiseley my son” and Ed finds himself sliding down the conveyor belt of doom to the feed point of our old friends, the Madagascan Greater Spotted Giant Mantis.Either way, the result to humanity will be much the same.

  • A Thorpe

    I watched Farage interview a woman from PETA campaigning to end all milk and beef consumption because it was cruel to cows. There was a farmer who failed to make a case. But what she should have been told is that all cows will be shot if we don’t use them for food.

    I also saw a series about the Marsh Lions in the Maasai Mara. The environmentalists wanted the Maasai to adapt especially now they are poisoning the lions which is not acceptable. But there was no mention of how the Maasai were supposed to make a living when their cattle were being killed by lions.

    The environmentalists are all the same, they simply want to impose their views on the rest of us. The PETA woman was a vegan so what she wanted would not have any effect on her. The African lion campaigners would not suffer any consequences by imposing restrictions on the Maasai.

    I would like to know what Bill Gates is doing with all the farmland. I assume it is still being farmed. Perhaps it is just his way of converting cash into assets before the financial system collapses which I think is very likely.

    It is only with the net zero nonsense that the campaigners are going to suffer with the rest of us and still they cannot see the consequences of their actions.

    The autumn covid booster campaign is starting with the government saying the vaccines are safe. It will be interesting to see whether the public still believes them.

  • A Thorpe

    I forgot to say, with reference to the jellyfish, did you see the news that we can now convert old wind turbines into food – gummy bears apparently.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    And today, the clown show moves on to another episode.

    As we acquire yet another WEF identikit ‘Prime Minister’ to screw us over even more as they desperately rush to comply with the endless demands of the Warmies, the QWERTY+ degenerates, the Vegan gestapo, BLM, and every other shouty collection of moronic minorities.

    I remember a time when, even if you disagreed with the policies of the Tory party, at least you had to acknowledge that they could run things reasonably efficiently and get stuff done. But now you couldn’t trust a single one of the members of the current ‘Conservative’ government to run a chip shop, let alone a nation.

    Meanwhile, this weekend’s toll in London, under the auspices of the Met ‘Police Service’ –
    Man shot dead in High Street Kensington.
    One stabbed to death, another seriously injured in an alleged brawl involving a hundred armed men in Bow.
    24-year-old shot in Hackney .
    Sixteen-year-old stabbed in Nunhead.

    It’s great that we have a uniformed ‘police service’ trained to quickly clean up the bloodstains. Otherwise passing youngsters might be ‘triggered’ or ‘offended’ by seeing the results of what their mates get up to under the influence of their favourite recreational medications.

  • Stillreading

    Many years ago a man who was a survivor of several years as a prisoner of the Japanese during WW2 told me that when starvation was at its very worst, our chaps suffering and dying from dysentery, scurvy and beriberi, some of the blokes in utter desperation fished out and ate the giant maggots swarming over the faeces in the dug-outs which constituted the latrines. I suppose they were a protein source, albeit repellent. My acquaintance told me he could never quite bring himself to join in the stomach-churning feast. Now we know what our possible future will be, my friends! Get used to it! The utter hypocrisy of the ruling classes and the obscenely wealthy is beyond belief. When I see a single one of them giving up their private jet travel, relishing a maggot burgher, turning off the heating or the air conditioning in their mansions, and desperately foraging for the wherewithal to make a meal of nettle soup I just might start to pay attention to their idiotic, self-righteous, civilisation-destroying pronouncements and dictats. Airing a personal prejudice here, I could have just a bit of respect for any Government, of any nation, which introduced a total ban on motor racing! If every single carbon molecule released into the atmosphere is so irreversibly catastrophic to life on earth, why are we still sanctioning on that same earth this same polluting pastime?

  • Brenda Blessed

    For your information, black Zimbabweans already eat quite a lot of insects and have always done so. They include locusts, certain caterpillars and flying ants that the termite nests release every year during the summer rainy season. I have tried them myself, but did not make it a regular thing. The way that they are prepared makes them pretty tasty.

    Flying Ants (Ishwa), Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – Taste Real Gooooood –

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