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BBC “Children in Need” (aka BBC Bosses in Greed) is back

Wednesday/Thursday blog

First a couple of unconnected comments:

1. Excellent that COP was a flop

Thank goodness Cop26 was a total flop. There’s an easy way to know it was a flop. Had it been a success, our priapic PM, Bunter Johnson, would have grabbed the first private jet he could find so he could puff up his ego by giving a speech on the last day of the Glasgow hot-air bletherfest claiming all the credit for himself. The fact that Bunter stayed away to let hapless Alok Sharma take the blame, shows that Bunter didn’t want to touch the putrid Cop26 mess with even an extended bargepole.

Still, Sharma will probably be shunted off to the Lords to join all the other failed politicians there and the businesspeople who stuffed a few million into Tory Party and Labour Party bank accounts. So, for Sharma the whole flatulent CO2- and hypocrisy-belching fiasco will be a pretty lucrative career move.

I wonder if Sharma is stupid enough to believe all the climate catastrophist nonsense? Or has he just eagerly jumped on the bandwagon to further his career, fill his own pockets and boost his sense of self-importance?

As for us long-suffering plebs, we can expect that our useless government will double down on its ‘green ambitions’ and impoverish us all in order to show that “Britain leads the world in cutting CO2 emissions”

2. It’s not cricket

Yesterday there was much bleating, moaning and howling about supposed racism in cricket – a sport in which I have not the slightest interest. But I did briefly check on the gentleman making all the accusations of supposed ‘racism’ and ‘humiliation’ and ‘bullying’ and ‘inhuman treatment’. According the ever reliable Wikipedia, this fine chap played for Yorkshire between 2008 and 2014 and then again between 2016 to 2018.

If he was really subject to racism and bullying and inhuman treatment, why did he stay at Yorkshire so long? And why did he go back to Yorkshire in 2016?

Sorry, Mr Cricketer, I don’t believe your sob stories. Your stories of racism and suffering are (in my humble opinion) about as credible as those of the ghastly Meghan.

And then there’s the larger question: if we Brits really are such appalling racists as the BBC and C4 News repeatedly claim, why are 1,000+ pieces of Third-world garbage being shipped from French beaches to the UK by Priti ‘pretty useless’ Patel’s worthless Border Farce every day? If we were so racist, you’d think that all our Third-world friends would be queuing up at Dover attempting to escape Klu Klux Clan UK

Anyway, on to the subject of today’s blog

BBC’s Children in Need is back to pick our pockets

You’ve probably noticed that the BBC’s Children in Need is back this week. I don’t watch it, but I believe it features a bunch of z-list celebs doing supposedly ‘hilarious’ things to try to revive their flagging careers under the guise of raising money for charity.

I briefly looked at the employee costs of BBC Children in Need employees compared to a few other supposed ‘charities’:

The cost per employee (salary, pension and social costs) at the BBC’s Children in Need is around £50,000. This compares to around £30,000 at Oxfam UK, £37,000 at Shelter and £39,000 at Crisis.

Some employees at charities like Shelter and Crisis probably have to deal with some difficult situations trying to help homeless drug addicts, alcoholics and people with mental problems. But I believe that all the employees at the BBC’s Children in Need have a rather less onerous life sitting around in comfortable offices each day organising the ‘hilarious’ show and deciding which charities will get our money.

So I struggle slightly to understand why employees at the BBC’s Children in Need are paid so much. The only explanation I can think of is that anyone employed by any organisation in any way connected with the BBC will always be hugely overpaid.

The other thought I had was: why do we need two huge charities like Shelter and Crisis to help the homeless? If we knocked these two charities together, we could probably save £10,000,000 or so which might be better spent on the homeless than on duplicating executives and marketing managers and financial controllers and others of their ilk.

3 comments to BBC “Children in Need” (aka BBC Bosses in Greed) is back

  • Bad Brian

    It is fairly obvious that the BBC salary of £50,000.00 a year compared to the £30,000.00 Oxfam averge, is to compensate for the additional scrutiny imposed on BBC employees who do not have the same opportunities for sexual adventures with minors, ever since the Jimmy Saville scandal.

    If you take away their perks, these selfless charity workers expect to be compensated.

    Oxfam workers were having such a good run at things that until recently, some charity workers were accepting as much as 40% of their wages in penny chews and fruit pastels.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I read that there are more that 185,000 separate charities registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales, with 1,467,941 employees, and pulling in a total of £83,801,516,308 in donations in the latest financial year. Yep, over eighty-three billion quid.

    It’s one of the UK’s largest industries, with around five thousand new charities being registered every year – roughly twenty a day.

    In London alone there are over two hundred registered charities working with homeless people. With 11,000 people alleged to be sleeping rough on London’s street, that’s one charity for every 55 rough sleepers. Seems strange in view of that figure that all these charities haven’t made more of an impact.
    However, if the problem of homelessness in London was solved, there’d be an awful lot of charity employees thrown out of work, maybe ending up homeless, er, hang on, let me think that through again…..

    Earlier this year, outside Morrisons in Camden Town I saw a bloke, obviously not entirely the ‘full shilling’, asking shoppers for their trolleys when they left the supermarket so he could collect the pound coins. Few shoppers had the heart to refuse him.
    Later when on the way out we saw him exchanging the coins for notes at the tobacco counter.
    Another bloke, evidently his ‘handler’, took all those notes from him, then handed him a couple back.
    It struck me at the time that there in microcosm was exactly the way the UK Charity industry operates.

  • A Thorpe

    All these issues are linked by the stupidity and delusions of the human race. I cannot imagine that our early ancestors would have survived if they acted as we do. Something happened with civilisation and advancing knowledge. The Greek philosophers saw the problems and their views are valid today. I recently saw this from Epictetus “It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”

    How appropriate for climate change. People listen to “experts”, have no knowledge of their own or any analytical skills and so they acquire vicarious knowledge through experts. I doubt that anybody looking at the graphs of temperature and carbon dioxide from ice cores, if not told anything about them, could say without prompting whether one was leading the other. When told that carbon dioxide leads temperature that is what they will see. They will never see information in data that conflicts with their belief. They will never understand the simple concept that calving ice bergs are growing when Attenborough tells them they are melting.

    Regarding racism, it seems valid to ask why they go back for more. It is exactly the same with domestic violence. Women seem unable to escape it and I have never understood why or seen any explanation. I found that the particular cricketer was forced to drink red wine. It probably happened to all the young cricketers. For racism issues I turn to Thomas Sowell who says if we want to end racism that we only have to stop talking about it.

    Charity and the desire to help has become politicised. It results in very grand intentions which cannot be criticised but nobody ever looks at the outcomes because charities are unaccountable for their activities. There is no indication that any charity has reduced the problems they claim to deal with. They do good work but the problem does not go away and may be getting worse because the root cause of the problem is not addressed. In the case of children and young people I am sure the problems are caused by family breakdown and the government welfare programmes encourage it. Thomas Sowell again has an answer especially with support groups for minorities. He believes that racism has increased in America since his youth because activists encourage age a belief in white oppression where it does not exist and the same can be said in other areas. Activists often create problems where they do not exist because their real objective is to use others to promote themselves. In politics it is a route to power and Sowell quotes Obama who got to be the most powerful man on earth by encouraging voters to believe in white supremacy.

    I cannot see this changing unless we face a major disaster that brings people to their senses. It might be shortages of energy due to climate policies which I think will bring food shortages and even economic collapse. It might also be increasing deaths from covid vaccines. We don’t want either, but this is what stupidity eventually creates as it has done repeatedly in the past.

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