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The Great British disability scam?

Wednesday blog

Are 6 million really severely disabled?

I saw something on the news yesterday that Britain’s 6 million most severely disabled will be getting a £150 payment this week to help them cope with the cost-of-living crisis. As usual, the mainstream media interviewed loads of disabled people and various ‘experts’ all bleating and moaning that the £150 was ‘too little too late’. But in our politically-correct times, nobody dared ask questions like:

  • Are there really 6 million severely disabled people in Britain?
  • Are almost one in every ten British really severely disabled?

I can understand why nobody would dare ask these questions. To do so would result in a social media hurricane of abuse accusing one of being heartless and uncaring and being an ‘ableist’ and euthanasia-supporting Nazi etc etc. And, of course, it would be certain career suicide.

Britain’s disabled masses?

But these 6 million disabled people are, from what I understand, just those with the most serious disabilities.

According to House of Commons Library statistics, an astonishing (to me) 15 million Brits claim to be disabled. These include just over one in five people of working age.

UK disability statistics: Prevalence and life experiences - House of Commons Library

These supposedly ‘disabled’ masses cost the few people who still work and pay taxes about £47 billion a year – up from around £42.5 billion in the last ten years:

Is spending on disability benefits going up or down? - Full Fact

In case you were wondering where all these poor disabled people live, you’ll see that Wales tops the charts in the number of localities with the most disabled:

UK disability statistics: Prevalence and life experiences - House of Commons Library

Of the ten areas with the highest percentage of supposedly ‘disabled’, five are in Wales, three are in England and two are in Scrotland. Of the ten areas with the lowest percentage of supposedly ‘disabled’, none are in Wales and none are in Scrotland.

Are we being taken for fools?

Are one in ten children, one in five people of working age and almost half of pensioners really disabled?

I don’t know. But I rather suspect that taxpayers are being taken for fools by millions of lying freeloaders and parasites.

7 comments to The Great British disability scam?

  • A Thorpe

    I saw an article about the apparently high employment, but it doesn’t look so good when you add in those of working age living on benefits. I know somebody with a young son with disabilities. The house was altered at our expense for him and as soon as the alterations were done they moved to another house close by. The family is also provided with a car for a family of six.

    I compare this with my younger days. My maternal grandmother had arthritis and I never saw her walk. My mother was the youngest daughter of eight and ended up looking after her and when she married we all lived together in a two up, two down. My grandparents had a bedroom upstairs and my grandmother was carried up in a chair. Eventually their bedroom was moved downstairs. Families lived closer together and one of her sons would come to help my father carry her upstairs, but he worked shifts and then two sons had to come. The toilet was at the bottom of the garden and my grandmother used a commode and had to be given bed baths. There was no help of any kind. We don’t want to go back to those days but now it has gone to the other extreme. A big part of the problem in my view is that families don’t want to care for their elderly, or their children. This cost falls on the state and we use immigrants to provide the care we will not provide, as in the past. It is effectively a modern form of slavery.

    The other aspect is that it seems to me that the health of people in the west is deteriorating. They are living longer but with a range of health conditions all feeding Big Pharma with an endless stream of money. These conditions are so serious that families cannot even look after their own if they wanted to.

  • Stillreading

    It’s evident every day. Overeat, become overweight, then obese, possibly super-obese, the hips and knees become, literally, worn out before their time, surgeons are, quite rightly, unwilling or are even unable, because of the fat deposits, to carry out joint replacements – result “disability”. This is occurring in every younger people, people of working age. Have kids – may be one over-indulged, undisciplined centre of attention spoilt brat of adoring parents, or one or more born into a chaotic family. Inadequate discipline, child effectively uneducable – diagnosis Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, equals “disability”. Ever younger people, including children under 10, so overweight that they develop Type 2 diabetes, once a rare disorder of the obese elderly. Remedy? Take pills until, relatively early in life, blindness sets in or the extremities start to rot and have to be amputated. “disability.” It no longer surprises me that such a high percentage of the population are deemed to be “disabled”. Wthout doubt, many families are struggling with the escalating cost of living, but am I the only person to have been struck by the generous bodily proportions of those attending food banks, ostensibly because they are “starving”? Thorpe is quite right about big pharma. Far easier for a medical practitioner to hand out a prescription, repeatable on demand, than to try to change a patient’s entire lifestyle.

  • Ed P

    It’s all due to bad dietary advice. Obesity, diabetes and heart diseases were uncommon 70 years ago, now they’re the big killers in the USA/West.

    The low fat, high carbohydrate diet has been recommended for the last 70 years too – could there be a link? (Spoiler: yes)

    I’ve just read a new book by Ivor Cummins, Eat Rich, Live Long, which reveals where the dietary advice went wrong.

  • Carolyn Hill

    There is far too many expectations that “the state will provide”. I’m sick of hearing the MSM bleating on that the state isn’t doing enough for this, that and the next group of poor unfortunates. A large number of whom I am sure are professional scroungers who know exactly how to work the system for maximum benefit (sic).

    During lockdown, there was a seemingly endless string of different “disadvantaged” groups on the news complaining that the the state wasn’t doing enough to support their particular group. Trouble is once they’ve been given summat, you can’t take it away and they complain it’s not enough.

    Everyone seems to think they’re entitled to state support. The country does not owe them anything! I blame the NHS slogan “from cradle to grave” this has now been taken to mean the state will provide everything for me.

    “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” HAH!!

    Btw I am sure the reason we have so many nonagenarians just now because they lived through years of strict rationing and we’re much healthier for it. Look at footage from the 60s – no fat people there! I’m a baby boomer and I don’t think our generation will live as long as our parents thanks to the steadily deteriorating diet over the decades.

  • Stillreading

    You are spot on Ed P. The high carbohydrate, low fat diet is day by day proving to have been a poor recommendation. The danger with the reverse is that people will joyfully binge on butter, cream by the gallon, butter an inch thick on the one slice of breakfast toast. The REAL evil is, I believe, Ulgtra |High Processed Foods, the ready-made junk from the supermarket shelves which people toss into the micro-wave and gobble down, followed by a couple of doughnuts or other ready-made “desert”. Ne’er a fresh vegetable or fruit in sight! And the irony is that the modern kitchen is better equipped with gadgets for food preparation than ever in previous generations. The rot set in – I was aware of it when my own children, now nearing retirement, were at school, when “Cookery” – how to make a shepherd’s pie of a stew from scratch – was replaced by “Food Technology” – how to best make ready made meals appealing to the public by the inclusion of various taste-enhancing chemicals and attractive packaging. All these “Advances,” “innovations” etc. have done their bit to contribute to today’s allegedly “disabled”. Plus, of course, frequently a better state-funded “disability” income than would be available if actually working for a living!

  • Marc Ager

    The medical industries have huge financial incentives to make and keep us unhealthy.

    For example, did you know that the virus/vaccinations theory has never been proven scientifically? It just suits the finances of Big Pharma very well indeed. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has been exhaustively tested. But there is no such proof of virus theory. In fact, many virologists, etc., know that viruses cannot cause or spread disease. The video linked to below is a discussion about that. Bad lifestyle choices and various toxins that include the toxins that bacteria excrete, drugs, insecticides, pollution and electromagnetic radiation, are the causes of all diseases.

    Viruses, Baileys, Cowan & Kaufman Respond To Del Bigtree –

    Quote: “In the hopes of continuing to work on understanding and processing reality, all participants in this episode agree that the major problem is tyranny, and taking the air out of the virus theory is a good way to pursue working towards freedom for all.”

  • Burly Bertie

    CC Marc Ager; so the foil hat is not just a trope of the paranoid “pollution and electromagnetic radiation, are the causes of all diseases.”

    As regards the welsh swinging the lead i beg to differ, i live in Bridgend the Royston Vasey of tv made real and i’m in the neighboring borough to the most blighted town on David Craig’s list. Port Talbot is a evil smelling hellhole even the trees on the mountainside above it are dead or dying, loads of folk get injured working there and the average age must be in the late 40’s so they’re in their twilight years worn down by the wheels of industry. You see loads of people on sticks or mobility scooters where i live the council even hires out scooters for the raspberry ripples who visit from the valleys.

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