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The Warmists must hope we’ve got very short memories

The picture below features Dame Julia Slingo. She’s quite an important lady in all our lives. She’s the chief scientist at the Met Office. So she has huge influence over government policies regarding Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever it is called this week. Everything from ever-increasing green taxes, windfarms, solar farms, prematurely closing down perfectly good coal-fired power stations, subsidies for “green energy” which are forcing up our power bills and leading to energy-intensive industries closing down in Britain losing thousands of jobs – all this can be traced back to people like the lovely and obviously highly-qualified Dame Julia.

I imagine Professor Slingo must hope we have rather short memories.

On 13th March 2012, Julia Slingo told MPs that the low winter rainfall this country was experiencing was caused by climate change. A newspaper reported: Slingo told the MPs that there is “increasing evidence in the last few months of that depletion of ice, in particular in the Bering and Kara seas, can plausibly impact on our winter weather and lead to colder winters over northern Europe”.

She added that more cold winters mean less water, and could exacerbate future droughts. “The replenishment of aquifers generally happens in winter and spring … a wet summer does not replenish aquifers. So we are concerned if we have a sequence of cold winters that could be much more damaging,” she told the committee.

As an example of Dame Julia’s influence, the environment secretary, Caroline Spelman, warned farmers that drought might become the new normal for the UK because of climate change.

Right. You all understand what Dame Julia is saying? Climate change is leading to drier winters.

Now spool forward two years. Here’s a newspaper report from the last few days:

“Speaking ahead of the release of a government report on Britain’s unusually stormy winter weather, the Met Office’s chief scientist, Dame Julia Slingo said on Sunday that the U.K. had seen the “most exceptional period of rainfall in 248 years” and called the extreme weather “consistent with climate change”.

“All the evidence suggests there is a link to climate change,” she said. “There is no evidence to counter the basic premise that a warmer world will lead to more intense daily and hourly rain events.”

Right. Got that? Now Dame Julia is saying that Global Warming will lead to wetter winters. Hummph.

Oh and Dame Julia’s claim that this has been the wettest winter for 248 years is, I believe, wrong. From the post I did a few days ago – – you’ll see that 1929/30 winter was wetter than this one. Naughty Dame Julia.

Climate scientists must be the luckiest people alive because whatever the weather, whether it is rain or drought, sun or snow, calm or wind, it can all be attributed to man-made climate change. Or as one newspaper reader wrote “It is increasingly clear that climate change scientist is an oxymoron.  No more scientific work gets done in the climate change department of a university than in the school of Druidic studies.”

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3 comments to The Warmists must hope we’ve got very short memories

  • right_writes

    I’ll bet she reads a good bedtime story to her grand kids…

    Once you start making things up, who knows where it will lead…

    Could she be the next JKRowling?

    Or even the next Jesus? Who, as we now are given to understand, was a mythical figure based on the Essenes. She certainly seems to “believe” that the key to our future is to become like the Essenes.

    Your book is excellent David, it is currently propping up a table with a wobbly leg…


  • Brillo

    It is a fact that the chumps at the Met Office can’t even forecast their own birthdays. Still at least on her salary she can afford to jet off to sunny climes to avoid our wonderful weather.

  • David Williams

    Dear David

    Your website is great, read it everyday, love your clear sensible logic, I was walking along Whitehall the other day and happened to notice a sign for the Department of Energy on one of the buildings! It’s not only called the Department of Energy, but the Department of Energy and Climate Change! How on this earth can you possibly name a government department on a completely unproven scientific theory, it is like having a department for pixies and fairies.

    Kind regards


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