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A flood of lies of “epic biblical proportions”

Excited BBC reporters standing in flooded streets have repeatedly claimed that the rainfall this winter has been “unprecedented” and of “epic” proportions. And our great leader David Cameron has stated that the floods have been of “biblical” proportions. And most of the bien pensants are once again saying we’re all to blame for the Global Warming or Climate Change or Ocean Warming or whatever has caused the shift in the jetstream which has dumped “unprecedented, epic, biblical” amounts of rain on Britain this winter.  So we can expect large tax increases and thousands of jobs lost as our masters try to save us from almost certain doom for which we’re apparently responsible.

I know it seems impolite to suggest we’re being lied to. But let’s just test whether this winter’s rainfall has actually been unprecedented.

Here’s a graph of rainfall in the South West of England and South Wales for October/November since 1911 – the purple line is this winter (click to see more clearly)

And here’s one for November/December

And here’s December/January

What do we see? There has been quite a lot of rain this winter. But we get equally rainy winters every 15 to 20 years. And, in fact, the wettest winter in the last century was in 1929/30 – long before Global Warming was invented

Oh and here’s an odd “coincidence” you can use to amaze your friends. While we’re getting rained on, California is experiencing a severe drought which is wrecking US agriculture. CLIMATE CHANGE! GLOBAL WARMING! You all shout as you demand the Government takes action. Funnily enough, the winter of 1929/30 was when the great drought that led to the American “dust bowl” started which wrecked US agriculture. Good heavens! Could this winter’s weather pattern in the US and UK just be a repeat of 1929/30?

I do realise we’ve had a fair bit of flooding. So, what’s changed since the dreadful wet winter of 1929/30? Massive deforestation leading to the ground not being able to absorb the rain? Millions of homes built on flood plains? Farmers filling in drainage ditches to get larger EU CAP subsidies? Responsibility for flood control being taken away from local organisations with knowledge of their areas and being handed to the useless, gay-rights-supporting, newt-and-mussel-protecting, dredging-allergic, politically-correct Environment Agency run by an (IMHO) arrogant, self-serving, greedy, incompetent New Labour crony?

If this coming summer is either wet or dry, is either hot or cold, is either windy or windless, there’s one certainty – our masters will claim it’s all the fault of Global Warming/Climate Change/Ocean Warming and that they need to pass more laws and tax us more to protect us from our own selfishness and stupidity.

 All graphs plagiarised from the excellent

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