June 2023
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The fascism of political correctness that is spreading like a cancer

Apologies to people who have already seen this on the news or in newspapers.  It happened while I was abroad, so I only came across it yesterday. But I think it’s so important that I’ll risk annoying readers who already know about it by reproducing the story here.

Below is a letter sent to the parents of children attending a primary school announcing that the children would be going to a workshop “to experience and learn about different cultures” as part of the “National Religious Education Curriculum together with the multicultural community in which we live” and threatening that if any parent took their child off the trip to the workshop, then that would result in a “Racial Discrimination note” being attached to that child’s school records for the rest of their school career (click on picture of the letter to see more clearly)

racism letter

The letter also warns “all absences on the day will be investigated for their credibility”. This bullying, threatening, arrogant letter is just one more example of the fascism of political correctness and supine surrender to the false God of multiculturalism that is spreading like a cancer throughout Britain.

I probably don’t need to make any further comment. But I fail to understand why the writer of this letter has not been fired as they are clearly (IMHO) totally unsuited to have anything to do with the education of children.

7 comments to The fascism of political correctness that is spreading like a cancer

  • j blount

    This is clearly atrocious.

    However if you go on to the school’s website you may be surprised. Whilst one cannot judge by looks it seems odd to me that such a letter would emanate from the school featured on the website. I would have expected the teachers to look different. At least we now know where Elton John works as a deputy headmaster

  • John Fields

    This letter disgraceful. The third paragraph is blackmail, and this Head Master should be
    reprimanded. He is taking away the fundamental right of choice. I was a Primary School
    Teacher and I would have protested if I had had to issue this letter to my class.

  • paris claims

    I wish they would educate children about islam and its founder. Just the unvarnished truth.

  • j blount

    The head teacher is a woman not a man. The clue to that is that her name is Mrs…..

  • John Fields

    Thank you J Blount for that beautiful sarcastic remark. I will give myself one
    hundred lines.

  • shortchanged

    Not sarcastic john Fields, but factual, give yourself another 1000 lines for being so unnecessarily touchy.

  • j blount

    Sorry, your comment is unacceptable. You must live in the dark ages. Merely to refer to “lines” is not politically correct nowadays. In these enlightened days there is not just one type of line but many (straight or bent, black, white or yellow, long or short and so on, and it is offensive merely to suggest that all lines are the same.

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