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The hypocrisy of migrant-loving lefties is truly breathtaking

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People’s representatives or playground bullies?

I don’t know what kind of people become MPs. I suspect it’s the kind of people who at school grovelled to anyone more powerful than them and mercilessly bullied those they perceived as being weaker or vulnerable. This thought was prompted by something I heard on the radio on Friday evening. I don’t normally listen to the radio. However, I recently wrote an article for The Daily Sceptic about the appalling new Energy Bill, which will make it a criminal offence to refuse to have a ‘smart meter’ or a heat pump or home insulation or any other ‘climate-saving’ measure some box-ticking mini-dictator demands you implemment in your home:

As a result of this I was invited onto Talk Radio for a few minutes.

I have previously sent copies of my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS to Talk TV’s Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mike Graham and Kevin O’Sullivan offering to be interviewed about the supposed ‘climate crisis’ but have been ignored. Perhaps they’re afraid of being ‘Ofcommed’ like happened to the brilliant Mark Steyn of GB News?

Anyway, I heard something on the radio which seemed to make a lot of sense: the government is passive to the aggressive and agressive to the passive’. Our government and civil service and major companies grovel sycophantically every time some shouty activist minority – climate fanatics, transgender crazies, critical race theory hucksters, EU-adorers etc etc – starts demanding policies which fit their narrow narcissistic agenda. But the government and civil servants and major companies totally ignore the wishes of the silent, largely passive majority who just want to live their lives without bureaucratic interference. Our political and corporate institutions seem to be behaving like the typical playground bully.

The breathtaking hypocrisy of the migrant-hugging lefties

You probably know that when he was President, Trump tried to have illegal migrants with criminal convictions deported. In order to oppose Trump, several Democrat-run cities declared temselves ‘sanctuary cities’ and refused to cooperate with border enforcement officials. New York was one of these ‘sanctuary cities’:

Under the decrepit shambling supposed ‘President’ Biden, more than two million migrants (not refugees) have swarmed over the USA’s southern borders. Some of the Southern States, overwhelmed by this invasion, have started bussing migrants into sanctuary cities like New York. But now that the ever-so-progressive, migrant-hugging, Democrat-voting New Yorkers actually have illegal migrants turn up on their own streets, they don’t seem quite so keen on the illegal migration invasion after all:

Here’s New York’s ‘sanctuary cities’ Mayor Adams, who used to love illegal migrants, now complaining that the influx of over 100,000 illegal migrants will destroy the city:

The hypocrisy of migrant-loving lefties is truly breathtaking. As Dad’s Army repeatedly told us, lefties “don’t like it up ’em”

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  • A Thorpe

    There might be something in what you say about MPs. But they are selected by the party and perhaps they need a majority of them to be weak so that they obey party orders. The top rank come from public schools and Oxbridge universities or through unions depending on the party. Democracy is a complete sham which nobody sees. The Tory government was elected by 30% of the registered voters and Khan by 24%. They don’t have a mandate to govern. Hence the lack of opposition to the energy bill. None of them, whatever their party, are working for our benefit.

    I don’t listen to Talk Radio but both Farage and Rees-Mogg say that they believe that humans are causing climate change. Their opposition is only against the resulting policies and based on the cost and the changes being made too quickly. The “science is now fixed” which is why it will never be discussed and those who know this like Steyn have been eliminated from the discussion. When I see climate activists being interviewed it always seems to me that they are more credible than Farage/Mogg. GB News is helping the climate alarmists and also probably the supporters of immigration because they are too afraid to use harsh criticism and see the truth. They really have no idea what to do about the problems they discuss.

    I think that the key issue is that humans are no longer able to accept risk. I imagine our hunter gatherer ancestors were perhaps the last to live with risk in order to survive. It was when we settled as farmers that weather influenced food availability and the desire to eliminate all risk became part of our psyche. This gave rise to elites who realised they could use it to control people with false promises and the rise of religious beliefs to explain what they could not understand. This is obvious throughout human history and it comes in phases with eventual disastrous results which are never seen and even if they were, nothing can be done to prevent the impending disaster.

    I always believed that our advanced scientific knowledge would prevent the nonsense of the past, but it doesn’t, because that can also be corrupted to control us. This is also associated with ignorance, which I suspect is deliberately created though a useless education system. Ignorance makes us easier to control. Science only explains and cannot eliminate all risk so the majority are still controllable because of it. But the politicians are also a problem because they believe they can eliminate risk. As a result they constantly fail and mostly their failures make matters worse. Hence, the disaster of completely avoidable wars during the last 100 years in particular, which have bankrupted us and made billionaires of the arms traders. The biggest risk now facing us is the uncontrolled printing of worthless money which is really behind every policy because it puts assets in the hands of the elites. When the debt cannot be paid the finance system will collapse. It is inevitable.

    Propaganda is the key to this. Religion is nothing but propaganda designed to make people believe in a better future which never comes. It gave power to the church to control us and to carry out unbelievable crimes in the name of god. As religious belief has declined science has been corrupted to bring back the control that religion achieved. It is easier to believe the propaganda which always has a solution with it than to accept science which cannot eliminate risk. As with all propaganda which is not based on fact, the propaganda can change and the new “facts” will replace the old with nobody seeing the contradiction. This is the human race. Enjoy life whilst you can.

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