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Net Zero suicide – are we past the point of no return?

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Weather warning! Weather warning!

I thought it my civic duty to start this blog with a weather warning. The global-warmist organisations for stoking climate panic – also known as the Met Office and the BBC – have issued weather warnings that temperatures today might reach a supposedly ‘life-threatening for the elderly and vulnerable’ 31ºC:

Quite why this requires a weather warning and why this should be ‘life-threatening’ when this is the kind of temperatures people, including the elderly and vulnerable, pay a lot of money to go on holiday to experience is not clear. Apparently the BBC and the Met Office aren’t aware that many elderly people take Carribean and Mediterranean cruises and suchlike just to escape the dismal English weather

When is a ‘record’ not a ‘record’?

This morning, the BBC helpfully informed us that we’re having the warmest September “for the last 70 years”. But given that we have temperatures readings for Central England for 364 years (since 1659), why has the BBC chosen just the last 70 years in order to terrify us about the BBC’s beloved ‘Climate Crisis’?

I’ve managed to find a temperatures chart for September for Central England from 1659 to 2017:

(left-click on chart, then left-click again to see more clearly)

From what I can see, the year 1951 (72 years ago) was a bit of a scorcher. So, it would seem that the BBC chose to start their latest version of Project Fear after the 1951 September heatwave. The year 1731 also seems to have been a bit of a scorcher.

I admit that looking at the chart there could seem to be a bit of warming in the last few years. But as I try to explain in my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS and as the excellent The Daily Sceptic reveals today Wednesday 6 September), temperatures in the decades since say the 1950s have been corrupted by the Urban Heat Island effect:

The totalitarian Energy Bill

You probably know that a massive 446-page Energy Bill is being rushed through Parliament by our fake ‘Conservative’ government. Here’s the full title of the Bill:

A Bill to make provision about energy production and security and the regulation of the energy market, including provision about the licensing of carbon dioxide transport and storage; about commercial arrangements for industrial carbon capture and storage and for hydrogen production; about new technology, including low-carbon heat schemes and hydrogen grid trials; about the Independent System Operator and Planner; about gas and electricity industry codes; about heat networks; about energy smart appliances and load control; about the energy performance of premises; about the resilience of the core fuel sector; about offshore energy production, including environmental protection, licensing and decommissioning; about the civil nuclear sector, including the Civil Nuclear Constabulary; and for connected purposes

And here’s the full Bill:

Life is too short to read and to try to understand this massive vomit of abominable legalise nonsense. But here are some choice titbits that I think I understand.

The Bill explains what a ‘Smart Meter’ is:

“Energy smart appliance” means an appliance which is capable of adjusting the immediate or future flow of electricity into or out of itself or another appliance in response to a load control signal; and includes any software or other systems which enable or facilitate the adjustment to be made in response to the signal

So it seems that a key purpose of ‘Smart Meters’ is not only to measure power usage but also to allow energy providers to control how much energy we are allowed to consume using ‘a load control signal’.

Moreover, authorities will be allowed to use ‘reasonable force’ to enter any homes or premises to ensure we have the approved ‘Smart Meters’ installed:

Requiring persons to supply evidence of their compliance to enforcement authorities; conferring powers of entry, including by reasonable force;

The Bill gives the Government the power to force us to have energy assessments for any premises:

The Secretary of State may make regulations for any of these purposes: (a) enabling or requiring the energy usage or energy efficiency of premises to be assessed, certified and publicised;

We can be fined up to £15,000 or face one year in prison for failing to meet any future energy performance levels any government imposes:

Energy performance regulations may provide for the imposition of civil penalties by enforcement authorities in relation to cases falling within subsection (1)(b), (c) or (d); but the regulations may not provide for a civil penalty that exceeds £15,000.

Under the totally misleading title of ‘Energy Savings Opportunity Schemes’, authorities can force any person or company to make energy savings using the threat of criminalisation for failure to comply:

The Secretary of State may by regulations (“ESOS regulations”) make provision for the establishment and operation of one or more energy savings opportunity schemes. An “energy savings opportunity scheme” is a scheme under which obligations 30 are imposed on undertakings to which the scheme applies for one or more of the ESOS purposes.

I could go on. But I imagine you get the picture by now. This ‘Energy Bill’ gives any puffed-up public-sector mini-dictator powers to control us in a way even the Korean FatBoy or George Orwell could never have imagined possible. Moreover, there is only one certainty – our useless MPs will pass it with a massive majority. And if you think this abomination will lead to an oppressive eco-fascist police state under the fake Tories, imagine how this will be used and abused by Ed Miliband and the climate fanaticists in the next Labour government.

3 comments to Net Zero suicide – are we past the point of no return?

  • A Thorpe

    What you say about temperatures is so obvious but why is it that nobody seem to see it? Not only do they go on holiday to hot places they spend it laid out on a hot beach.

    Your comment about temperatures and the graph makes another good point. A few days ago TCW had an article written by a maths teacher about teaching maths and it was about percentages and mortgage interest. It should have been on how to interpret numbers but children are being deceived about climate change with selective use of starting dates on graphs. They were told nothing about statistic in relation to the interpretation of the ice core data and nothing about the statistical illusions with covid data which Norman Fenton covers. None of it is difficult. Teachers don’t seem to have a clue about anything.

    Thanks for the information on the Energy Bill. There was discussion recently on TCW about smart meters. I have had one for years. I checked my supplier and it makes it clear that the regulations that allow them to cut off supplies are the same for smart and standard meters. The definition you give seems to change this. It does refer to any appliance, not just smart meters.

    But the title says it all. We are past the point of no return. It is easy to demolish a reliable and cheap grid system and then waste money on unreliable renewable energy. When it starts to impact on supplies the government will wake up. They don’t care about the cost because the bankers want them to keep spending.

    On economic issues I saw a series of books by Michael Hudson the latest about the collapse of antiquity which seemed interesting. I did a bit of research and he blames the problem on debt and says debt was written off in the middle east about 3000 years ago and he believes it should be done today. He seemed to be talking about debt related to paying rent. This cannot be compared with with bank loans today. If they are written off, savers will lose all their savings, pension funds would fail, etc. On checking I found he seems to be a communist who says the CCP understands how to run an economy and as a result has a splendid record on human rights. A warning that we must be careful who we listen to.

  • Carolyn

    Of course it’ll pass easily. I have come to realise that our elected politicians are actually totally ineffectual, the only ones with any say are those in the cabinet. Those not in the inner circle are merely there to be whipped when there’s a vote to be made – they are powerless and therefore useless. Our so called democracy is an illusion, we are run by a cabal of self serving politicians dedicated to serving the WEF. And what can we do about it? Put a cross on a piece of paper every 5 years. Whoopee.

    Moving past the fact we don’t need this law in the first place, why does it run to 446 pages? To hide the really bad news? And don’t tell me there’s a single member of parliament who has read all 446 pages.

    We badly need a bonfire of the laws!
    “The law is an ass is a derisive expression said when the the rigid application of the letter of the law is seen to be contrary to common sense” We’ve seen this time and again recently even yesterday that man in a dress was found not guilty of inciting hatred. WHAT??
    The wordier the law the more scope for lawyers and judges to cherry pick. We could do with something like the American constitution, a list of one liners about which there can be little doubt.

  • Stillreading

    Our country does not have to be past the point of no return, but it inevitably will be unless a Government – this current lot or whoever succeeds them – very soon reverse the net zero nonsense, bring a total stop to the South Coast invasion, deport all of those now here who arrived by the same method (illegals therefore by definition), stop all the trans nonsense being shoved down our children’s throats at school, start in those same schools to teach proper science based on experimental results of earlier hypotheses rather than “opinions” and get tens of thousands of faux “disabled” (for disabled read grossly obese, “ment’l ‘elf” or just bone idle) off benefits and into work. As no one in any of the main Parties who will either singly, or as some sort of coalition, form the next Government are likely to do any of the above then yes, we are past the point of no return. Along, in all probability, with the almost all the rest of Europe and the States. The latter might just be pulled back from the cliff-edge should they have the sense to elect Trump for another term, but I doubt that their utterly corrupt political and judicial system will permit this to happen. Sadly, the only salvation for the restoration of Western social, moral and even family values seems to me to be not just the threat, but the actual occurrence of, a war. Ghastly to contemplate, particularly when one considers the current slaughter suffered by both sides in Ukraine, but there’s little doubt that fear of imminent death of oneself or one’s loved ones does indeed concentrate the mind on what really matters. As someone born just before WW2 and gifted with an excellent recollection of the values and attitudes pertaining through my first decade, the foremost of which was pride in our Country and the “brave soldiers and sailors and airmen” (my mother’s words) who were dying every day for our freedom, I am filled with both grief and rage at what we have as a nation become. I hardly saw my father until I was nine and when he eventually was demobbed he was almost a stranger to my mother and my little sister and me. My parents’ best years together, their “green and salad days”, had been stolen from them. I ask myself now whether, looking at what we have become, they would consider it had been worth it.

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