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Neil Oliver strikes again

Monday blog

I have written a new blog for today. But I’m trying to get it onto a website like The Daily Sceptic where it will have many more viewers. So, I’m holding it back for the moment.

Instead, here’s the magnificent Neil Oliver on excellent form:

5 comments to Neil Oliver strikes again

  • Paul Chambers

    Thank goodness for neil oliver he has bravely spoken out about the clown world the corrupt western governments have attempted to create at the begets of their oligarch puppet masters.

    Hopefully his profile allows these warnings to reach the demographic that are so trusting of the state. Those that think the solution to our problems is to vote for the other side of the uni-party really need to listen to this.

  • adrian

    Been following him for a couple of years.

    He talks a good battle but in the end it is Rhetoric. He will not do anything. I know, I asked.

  • Tomsk

    Another Churchillian speech from the true king of Scotland. For those interested, he gets lots of mail posted to him in Stirling. All kinds if obscure and obvious names from the one I’ve just used to the main with two hairy dogs. The post office there manage to get every one to him and sometimes he tweets them. If you want to drop him a line of support.

  • A Thorpe

    If he thinks that not having a smart meter is going to prevent power cuts, he is wrong. When there is insufficient generation to meet demand, then the demand must be reduced by disconnecting consumers. It is possible that smart meters could reduced the number of disconnections needed to keep the grid stable. They also mean no estimated bills and get rid of one of the most boring jobs imaginable – meter reading.

  • Carolyn

    I amazed TPTB haven’t shut him down, it’s only a question of time, first they came for Mark Steyn …..

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