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Truly we are ruled by morons

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(apologies for descending to using playground insults like the word ‘morons’. But how else could you describe our rulers’ determination to wreck the UK economy with their ludicrous ‘net zero’ policies as they fight a supposed demon – man-made climate change – which isn’t even happening?

The Tories are morons

Here’s a nice picture:

It’s Tory MP Chris Skidmore signing the legislation committing the UK to net zero economic suicide by 2050.

Labour are morons

Here’s another nice picture:

It’s Labour leader and our next prime minister at Davos promising to shut down all North Sea oil and gas exploration to help the UK achieve ‘net zero’.

The UK’s economic suicide

Here are three simple charts that even a politician should be able to understand.

The first one is the UK’s CO2 emissions from 1990 to 2020:

The second one is the number of manufacturing jobs in the UK:

The third one is the UK’s share of world GDP:

I would humbly suggest that the above three charts are linked

China is not ruled by morons

Here are just two charts from China.

The first is China’s CO2 emissions from 1960 to 2021:

The second is China’s share of world GDP:

I would humbly suggest that these two charts are linked.

In fact, I would humbly suggest all five charts are linked.


3 comments to Truly we are ruled by morons

  • Carolyn

    There is nothing playground about the word “moron” IMO it is an apt description of our ruling classes. This manic pursuit of net zero is truly moronic.

  • Maybe we’re the morons of the piece, after all we keep returning the same crooked multimillionaires to their seats, they might have a different face from the last one but they’re all identikit professional politicians. In my forty years of eligibility to vote, not one has ever knocked on my door and asked for my vote or what they could do for me, I’d certainly let them know my opinion of their net zero addiction and their spoon fed from Brussels/Davos policies.

  • A Thorpe

    I suspect your conclusions about the graphs are correct but they are different time periods which doesn’t help. Surely, part of the problem goes back to the 70s and the car industry which was one of the first to fail and we started importing Japanese cars. Then came the desire for cheap goods from China. Our manufacturing has slowly disappeared and so have our CO2 emissions. We preferred cheap, effectively slave labour in China, to working ourselves and now we believe we have an entitlement to increasing pay rises to support our entitlement to higher standards of living. As Margaret Thatcher said, for somebody to have an entitlement, somebody else has firstly to meet an obligation.

    You cannot put all the blame on politicians and we must accept quite a lot of responsibility for letting this happen. My view of group think is that the elites and the masses are effectively two sides of the same coin. I believe Hitler understood this and a quote attributed to him is: “Everything I am, I am through you alone.” We have gone along with this either by embracing ideas or failing to question them. We have all contributed to creating this monster which we cannot control.

    I used to look at the period of belief in witchcraft and thought I was lucky to live now, but I realise nothing has really changed, human insanity just moves to something new. I also thought that most of the women accused of witchcraft were tortured but I read recently that this is not true. They admitted it when accused because it confirmed to them that their spells worked. I suspect if we tortured Starmer, Skidmore and all the other climate alarmists they would never admit that they are wrong. They really believe the nonsense of today, of which climate alarmism is just one issue. They are blind to the consequences of their actions and we elect them to lead our countries.

    There is only one way to resolve these issue and it is by small government and personal responsibility and accountability. Nobody wants that. There will always be those who seek power and a majority who fall for their promises. We will have to suffer what is coming.

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