May 2024

Somalia – lack of rain? Or too many people?

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Hell-hole Somalia

Apparently six Somali children have written an open letter to world leaders calling for action on climate change to end the drought ravaging their country.

Almost seven million of the east African nation’s population of 17m are facing acute food shortages. And some 1.8 million children are thought to be at risk of malnutrition, according to the United Nations:

I don’t mean to be hard-hearted, but as long as I can remember there have been droughts and food crises in Somalia.

So let’s briefly look at some facts the mainstream media always ‘forgets’ to report.

Fact 1 – Forestation levels

It seems that our highly intelligent Somali friends like cutting down trees. But some people might suggest that’s not a smart thing to do in a dry, arid country which risks being turned into a desert.

Fact 2 – Population

With Somalia’s constant droughts and hunger crisis, you’d expect the population to grow very slowly, if at all. Ooops, here’s what actually happened:

There seems to have been a more than slight increase in Somalis since records began around 1800 – from under 2 million to around 17 million.

Fact 3 – Rainfall

What about rainfall? Has supposed ‘climate change’ affected this?

There seem to have been some ups and downs – mainly influenced (if I remember correctly) by the strengths of the El Nino and La Nina weather systems.

Is there a link to atmospheric CO2 levels? Here’s a chart of atmospheric CO2 levels:

Can you spot any link between rainfall in Somalia and atmospheric CO2 levels? I can’t. In fact, looking at the rainfall chart, it would seem that rainfall levels have been more consistent each year since around 2000.

Is climate change to blame?

So, the question we can all ponder is: what is really causing drought, poverty and starvation in Somalia? Is it a lack of rainfall due to rising atmospheric CO2 levels as the climate catastrophists and the BBC keep claiming? Or could it have something to do with the fact that the country simply can’t support its fast-growing population?

I think I know the answer. But no doubt our useless government will give hundreds of millions of our money to utterly corrupt Somali politicians for ‘climate reparations’ to apologise for us supposedly causing famines in Somalia.

Unfortunately facts seem irrelevant when it comes to the climate catastrophist cult.

4 comments to Somalia – lack of rain? Or too many people?

  • Carolyn

    And there it is in a nutshell “facts ARE irrelevant when it comes to the climate catastrophist cult”. What still amazes me is so many people lap up the narrative without questioning it. It’s all so depressing.

  • Ed P

    I’m now finding intelligent friends do not wish to discuss topics that a few years ago (pre-worldwide insanity), they would forcefully express and defend positions on many aspects of our dystopian world.
    Everyone seems beaten down by the constant media propaganda, which most acknowledge privately are government lies, but consider fighting against the mainstream just too much to bother with, especially if they use Twatter, due to the inevitable vitriol they’d receive.
    So, don’t question, just lap it up. You know it makes sense…

  • A Thorpe

    I’m not sure what point you are making in this piece.

    I don’t know much about Somalia but its problems are most likely due to a chaotic government and civil war. The result is poverty. Trees are cut down for agriculture and fuel. The land will become infertile and so more trees are cut down. What else are they supposed to do? You might expect people to have less children in difficult times but it doesn’t happen that way. I assume because more hands make manual work easier and especially when life expectancy is low. Renewable energy is not going to solve their problems and stop deforestation.

    Here we seem to have the opposite problem, not having enough children and so we need immigrants to do the jobs. How lucky we are that quite a few Somalians come here to help us out. Perhaps the Somalians are lucky not to have our government running their country.

  • Val Manchee

    Very interesting. Thank you. It has become the custom to play the victim now. From starvation in Somalia to Prince Harry is his multi-million pound house and everything in between. All victims of their own ineptitude.

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