December 2023
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One of Neil Oliver’s best?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Euphoria at the BBC this morning as Brazilians vote to turn their country into a version of socialist paradise/hell-hole Venezuela. I wonder how long it will be before we see millions of Brazilians flooding over the USA’s southern (lack of) borders in order to escape their collapsing train-wreck of a country?

I was going to write a blog today, but Neil Oliver once again says what needs to be said much more eloquently than I ever could:


3 comments to One of Neil Oliver’s best?

  • A Thorpe

    I agree. I don’t make a point of watching him but I did see most of this. Many are complaining about the system that got Sunak elected, but if it worked to get who they wanted they would support it. The issue is that those who created the problems now say they can solve them. We had no opposition to these policies and Labour now say they can solve what they supported. Those of us who voted last time put these people in power so we only have ourselves to blame.

    The problems we have are not new they have been building up for decades.

    I heard Son of Kinnock complaining about the migrant crisis this morning but he has no answers. We are paying £6m a day in hotel fees and all the other unquantified costs. 1000 arrived in one day recently. How long before this authoritarian government forces us to have them in our spare rooms? We don’t have enough houses for people born here, so how can we home migrants?

    The future we face is unthinkable and we collectively have allowed it to happen.

  • Hardcastle

    Do not include me in the “collectively” although I take your point. I was a committee member and active worker for my local Con Ass until they “deposed” Mrs Thatcher.This opened my eyes as to who was running the show and I have not voted for any of the mainstream parties since.Unless sufficient of the brainwashed sheep wake up pretty dam fast,any pretence of democracy and economic solvency/independence is a pipe dream.A lot of reality rushing down the tracks.But of course those got us into this mess are just the ones to get us out of it. All planned and orchestrated throughout the developed western world. Not a conspiracy? Not much!

  • Stillreading

    Everything Neil Oliver said is true, above all the sinister Government controlled creep towards instilling Group Think on whatever may be the current agenda. I am starting to think it’s only a matter of time before anyone deemed to live in a property which is under-occupied will have an illegal migrant or two compulsorily billeted on them, along the lines of the child evacuees in 1941, which I remember well. Will people accept it? Probably, given how apathetic many seem to be. As for the very appropriately named invasion of Southern England, if Sunak yields to lefty pressure (even, deplorably, now coming from MPs of his own Party) and throws Suella Braverman under a bus, that will be the final death knell of the Conservative Party. It’s on borrowed time now and one more sign of weakness and it’s done. It won’t be helped either if Sunak does a reverse ferret on his COP decision and bolts off to Egypt to catch a bit of sun!

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