May 2024

Will today’s useless, lying, incompetent politicians try the Blair/Brown immigration trick?

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It looks like the fight over the invasion of our country by uneducated, unemployable, mostly criminal Third-world garbage is going to get nasty. UK mainstream media (BBC, C4 News, ITV News) enthusiastically aided by overpaid, over-pensioned senior Home Office pen-pushers are desperately trying to get Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, sacked as she seems to be serious about stopping the invasion.

Moreover, several Tory MPs appear to be joining the lynch mob with even the immigration minister, a (IMHO) worthless nonentity called Robert Jenrick, trying to stab Braverman in the back. Apparently friends of former Home Secretary Priti/Totally Useless Patel have also been enthusiastically trying to destroy Braverman. As for our (IMHO) cowardly, spineless PM, he also appears to be getting cold feet about supporting his Home Secretary and has started bleating about how ‘Britain is a compassionate country’. This suggests he’s planning to cave in to media pressure to block or sack her. No doubt he will then cave in to media pressure again by jetting off to the pointless climate-catastrophist talking shop in Sharm El-Sheikh.

The Blair/Brown immigration trick

This is not the first time a British government has been under pressure to act to curb illegal migration. The last time was during the Blair/Brown government when thousands were flooding into Britain in the backs of lorries. Here’s a simple chart showing how Blair/Brown ‘dealt with the problem’:

There are two lines on the chart: the dotted line shows the number of asylum applications and the solid line the number of UK citizenships granted to migrants. You’ll see that the number of asylum applications (the dotted line) shot up from the Blair/Brown election win in 1997 till about the year 2000, then levelled off till about 2002 before dropping dramatically. This extraordinary (almost magical) fall in asylum applications allowed Blair to claim his government had been hugely successful in controlling illegal migration.

But, if you look at the other line on the chart (citizenships granted), you’ll see this rocketing up. Basically, immigration officers were instructed to tell illegal migrants that, if they didn’t apply for asylum (making the asylum figures look bad), they’d be given UK citizenship much more easily. The Blair/Brown government managed to appear to hugely cut the number of asylum applications by handing out UK passports like confetti.

I wonder what lies and tricks the Sunak government will come up with to try to convince us that they have the latest migration disaster under control?

Incompetents govern through deceit

This is just one small example of how for decades our useless self-serving rulers have found that government by deceit is much easier than government by competence. Though this example is rather minor compared to the catastrophic destruction our rulers are now wreaking on our lives:

  • an economic meltdown caused by the pointless lockdowns to save us from a lab-produced and lab-leaked virus with a 99.9% survival rate
  • a health crisis caused partly by the lockdowns and partly by forcing us to take untested potentially harmful fake vaccines which caused widespread heart problems and actually lowered people’s natural resistance to viruses rather than protecting us
  • an energy crisis caused by the ludicrous fantasy that we can somehow control the Earth’s climate by using less fossil fuel and by the laughable idea that you can power a modern economy with unreliable wind and solar when the wind often doesn’t blow and the sun seldom shines. As the head of one of Germany’s largest power companies said, relying on solar power in Germany was as sensible as trying to grow pineapples in Alaska
  • a jobs crisis caused by our high energy costs forcing most of our manufacturing to move to low-energy-cost countries like China
  • a food price crisis caused by our rulers’ new war against farming to save us from a non-existent supposed ‘nitrogen crisis’
  • a food, fuel and nuclear war crisis caused by Western rulers’ refusal to agree to make Ukraine a neutral country to allay Russian fears of having NATO troops on Russia’s borders

None of these crises were inevitable. All these crises were manufactured by our rulers’ stupidity and incompetence. And the worse each crisis becomes, the more our worse-than-garbage rulers, enthusiastically aided and abetted by the mainstream media and various prostitute experts-for-sale, have to lie to us to cover up their own culpability for creating these crises in the first place.

We live in a strange new world in which government by lies has replaced government by competence.

8 comments to Will today’s useless, lying, incompetent politicians try the Blair/Brown immigration trick?

  • Hardcastle

    It could be incompetence but the fact that it is so coordinated would suggest it is deliberate policy to destroy Western democracy and economic independence.They are actually telling us what they envisage our future to be but the masses refuse to believe our “elites” could do such a thing.Let us hope for a cold winter,that might make a few more wake up to reality.We are not far away from societal breakdown as the chickens come home to roost.Stock up on foodstuffs and essentials,if you Haven’t already.Have a cash stash for when the ATMS go down.Prepare for the worst and hope it does not happen.I am not at all confident.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Well, at one time Theresa May seemed to be serious about stopping illegal immigration when Home Secretary. And so did Priti Patel.

    But we soon discovered with both of these ‘Conservative’ politicians that it was all talk. And the same will be true of Braverman, even if she survives the current departmental territorial dispute with Jeremy Hunt which allegedly led to her resignation during the Truss debacle.

    The Conservative government has no need to resort to any Blair/Brown ‘Tricks’ about illegal immigration. Its tactic is always to make tough speeches and then do nothing. It’s worked for twelve years and it’s been pretty successful.

    So there is no point in still arguing about how it’s possible to stop illegal immigration – or to give it its true description the Population Replacement policy.

    That ship sailed long ago – literally, as the Royal Navy which used to defend our shores now prefers to send its ships (those that aren’t currently broken down) to ostentatiously play silly buggers in the South China Sea, on the other side of the world, with the navy of the nation that produces the vast majority of our imported goods. Not to mention our medical supplies.

    If the Conservative government had any intention of ceasing to facilitate the import of illegals they would have done it years ago. Even if they’d tried and failed, that would have been something. But they’ve never even tried.

  • Carolyn Hill

    Personally I blame the snivel serpents, MSM and the yooman rights lawyers for the failure of successive home secretaries to fix this. They are determined to block every move. It is beyond me what the confected hysteria over “invasion” is about.

    The problem here is the witch hunts are working a treat. They managed to get rid of Boris by blowing party gate out of all proportion, the coup against Liz Truss was a masterclass in Machiavellian strategy. This is fun! Who can we go after next? Ooh yeah that Suella Braverman is getting a bit above herself let’s see how quickly we can bring her down.

    I had a brief glimmer of hope for Sunak but now he’s caved in on COP27 his days are numbered. Give them an inch, they’ll take a mile and knowing that he can turn they’ll double down on Braverman before starting on Sunak himself. See how he likes it.

    Excellent graph pointing out the deceit of the Labour Party, if only the tories were better than that.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Carolyn Hill It’s funny how it’s always someone else who’s to blame, never the politicians themselves. ”Wasn’t me sir, a big boy did it and ran away.”

    When were civil servants and lawyers suddenly given the power to over-rule their bosses?

    It never happened. What happened was that politicians became corrupt, self-interested and spineless. A political career, for most, became merely a stepping-stone to a cushy job in international banking or an EU quango, instead of an opportunity to serve the nation.
    Party leaders only pick up their pay-cheques for a couple of years before swanning off on a fat payoff and pension to write memoirs that nobody reads. Sunak has only been an MP for seven years, for god’s sake, and he’s our (nominal at least) national leader already.

    And forty-odd years of merely rubber-stamping diktats from Brussels has emasculated the British political class. None of them are interested in actually taking decisions anymore, or have a clue how to do it even when they’re faced with the necessity. They’re all mere time-servers and box-tickers, with no interest in actually achieving anything.

  • AThorpe

    Should we stop thinking of politicians as incompetent and think of them as having the intention of destroying our nation and its identity and proving to be very competent and successful at doing that.

    They have destroyed England as a nation and its identity. Blair did more than any through devolution. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland still have strong national identities, but not England. The EU wants to destroy national identities. Destroying national identities by allowing endless immigration with people who have entirely different values to Europe is their intention and as we know most of our politicians still support the EU.

    Ultimately, this is about the spread of socialism, which wants to take over the world and control the lives of everybody. Hitler, a socialist, had world domination as his ultimate aim. Marx said democracy results in socialism, and he was right. The warnings have been there for decades, and history shows us how dictatorships work. One factor in the collapse of the Roman Empire was that it stopped expanding. Socialism is just the same. It takes and takes until it has destroyed everything, and it never creates anything. This is where we are now and with the senseless net zero policies and closing of economies for the fake pandemic, the socialists are close to achieving their aim. Poverty for us and riches for them.

    There was an article on The Conservative Woman recently by Frank Palmer “The Covid tyranny, and why some of us stood up to it”. He mentioned Mattias Desmet and his views on group behaviour but questioned why he does not explain why some people are not influenced by groupthink. This is what we have to understand. I can only relate it to the way we deal with risk. Our early hunter-gatherer ancestors would not have survived if they had been unable to deal with the high risks of that time. We seem to have evolved to be risk adverse and will believe any imagined threat and promises of being saved for giving up our freedom and personal responsibility. The education system encourages it and spreads the nonsense being used to generate fear and does all it can to destroy the traditional English way of life.

    Hardcastle mentions that a cold winter might wake people up to reality, but it is too late now. The damage has been done.

  • Carolyn Hill

    I totally agree the whole lot of them are a useless bunch of wasters. However Thatcher said that she liked Yes Minister because it was so true to life. The civil serpents manipulate their ministers – after all the poor saps are just passing through. The home office mandarins are there for life. Yes they should be there to do the bidding of the minister but that is not how it actually works.

    Take the Rwanda fracas. Patel had a plane load of immigrants ready to go but by the time it was ready to take off she had been thwarted by the human rights lawyers, the ECHR, labour and the MSM. There are too many legal loopholes. How do you beat those odds?

  • Hardcastle

    Pass a law,that is what they are able to do if they REALLY wanted to address the problem.They want all these reasons to exist so that they are unable to do anything.They have the power to do what they like,they shut down the whole country (to us) pretty dam quickly.Rubber dingies? Easily solved,they sink! Very little effort required,,just resolve and determination.Lastly,9f course if they were not given every financial encouragement perhaps they would not so ready to think about coming.They are illegal,it is written in law,we have no responsibility to these people.It is about time politicians showed more con cern for those who have lived here and contributed for years than those who have contributed nothing.That includes Rishi Sunak by the way

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Carolyn Hill Can anyone seriously imagine Thatcher or Churchill putting up with a bunch of civil servants or lefty lawyers trying to tell them how to run the country?
    There would have been an ‘Action This Day’ memo, and a demand for daily reports on precisely how the underling concerned was carrying out the PM’s instructions.

    But in a nation where all the public institutions have, under a so-called ‘Conservative’ government, been encouraged to fall under the control of ‘Common Purpose’ and the Left; where the Army actually has a Lieutenant General, no less (a rank that used to command an Army Corps), in charge of ‘Climate Change’; where policemen are up in court every week on charges of assault, sexual assault, rape, theft, fraud, and murder; where the public health service is collapsing before our eyes despite receiving over 40% of day-to-day government spending; where the population is due to freeze this winter despite living on an island composed mostly of coal; it’s plain that this so-called ‘Conservative’ government has totally relinquished control of the nation, and hasn’t the faintest idea of how to regain it even if it was interested in doing so.

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