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Hey Africans – how about some birth control?

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Fondly remembering Cop 26

Hopefully readers are aware that our rulers are getting ready for their next climate hot air bletherathon – Cop 27 – in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

Was it really only last year that the last one of these farces was held when the UK wasted hundreds of millions staging Cop 26 in Glasgow for over 40,000 climate gravy-train-riders? As far as I remember, the only ‘achievement’ of the Glasgow Cop 26 was when Sri Lanka’s (IMHO) utterly corrupt and incompetent president or PM or looter-in-chief or whatever announced that his country would lead the world in tackling the supposed ‘nitrogen crisis’ by banning all nitrogen-based fertiliser.

Rapturous applause greeted this bold initiative at the conference and on the mainstream media like BBC. Though perhaps people in Sri Lanka weren’t too enthusiastic when a lack of fertiliser led to agricultural production collapsing, the economy imploding and the country going bankrupt. Though spiteful rumours suggest that the ruling elites made off with about $20bn so, unlike ordinary Sri Lankans, they won’t be going hungry any time soon.

Get ready for the great climate sheikhdown

Anyway, as our rulers prepare for Cop27 in Sharm El Sheikh, we’re being prepared for what will probably be the greatest sheikhdown in human history. The world’s most corrupt, backwards, basket-case countries will try to use the Cop 27 meeting to extract supposed ‘climate reparations’ of around $100bn a year.

One of the countries whose rulers will slavering over the thought of getting their blood-soaked hands on some of this loot is the hell-hole – Somalia. Somalia is one of the four most corrupt countries in the world according to Transparency International. The other three are Venezuela, Syria and South Sudan.

We’re already being softened up by the West-hating media about how we’re supposedly responsible for hell-hole Somalia’s problems:


The truth the media never mention

Let’s do a little reality check to see whether supposed catastrophic man-made climate change is really responsible for Somalia’s regular supposed ‘droughts’ and ‘famines’. I’ll only show two simple charts. Though these are the kind of charts our climate-catastrophist media will never mention.

Here’s a chart of rainfall in Somalia by year from 1901 to 2021:

You can see that there was probably less rain in the scorching hot 1930s and 1940s and possibly a bit more rain during the global cooling of the 1960s and 1970s. But there doesn’t seem to be any clear trend of reducing rainfall. In fact, the rain levels seem to be slightly higher and more consistent since the 1980s. So, claims of increasing drought in Somalia due to supposed catastrophic man-made climate change are clearly nonsense.

So, what else could be responsible for the desertification of that hell-hole Somalia and the starvation of its people?

Given that my small band of readers are much more intelligent and better informed than the majority of the population, you’ll already have guessed the real problem facing excrement-covered, poverty-stricken, basket-case Somalia:

Somalia Population

In 1950 the population of Somalia was just 2,263,971. By the year 2000 it had quadrupled to reach 8,872,143. It’s now about 16 million and, if it continues to grow at its current trajectory doubling every 20 or so years, will reach over 70 million by the end of this century. More people mean more people to feed, more deforestation, more destruction of natural resources, more wars as ever more people fight over ever fewer resources per person and more floods of migration of violent, uneducated, unemployable Third-world parasites to the rich successful West.

So, as we’re bombarded with mainstream-media nonsense about how the CO2-emitting West is supposedly responsible for changing our climate and harming the world’s most vulnerable (actually most corrupt) countries, just remember Somalia and at least another 50 countries just like Somalia whose venal rulers will be hungrily demanding hundreds of billions in supposed ‘climate reparations’. No doubt our useless, West-loathing, virtue-signalling, white-guilt-obsessed, gullible rulers will probably give in to the greatest financial sheikhdown in human history.

Never in the history of human affairs will so much be stolen from so many by so few.

Meanwhile, while we shower utterly venal Third-world kleptocrats with money we don’t have and so have to borrow, the Chinese will be gleefully taking over country after country using debt-colonialism in order to grab their natural resources. No wonder this guy is always laughing:

4 comments to Hey Africans – how about some birth control?

  • Paul Chambers

    Read that by midcentury Lagos, Nigeria, will be home to 32 million — still smaller however than Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, which will have 35 million people, in one of the lowest-income countries on earth.

    Truly staggering yet the west political system and the likes of Bill Gates are focused on weather. What these people should be doing is encouraging wealthfare and pension systems so there is less need to have such large families.

    Stop all the migration and allow the people to drive the change with a little nudging from the west. If these countries were more stable and less corrupt then as people gain more wealth they will have less children.

  • Ed P

    Did Somalians not benefit from the mRNA jabs? Triple-jabbed people are keeling over and dying in the West, just as intended by the ‘virus’ creators.
    If only there was a ‘virus’ which had a similar effect in African countries – perhaps it’s under development.

  • A Thorpe

    We still have lots of hotel rooms for them, and then we can be forced to open up our spare bedrooms. Don’t think it won’t happen.

  • Carolyn Hill

    Didn’t I hear yesterday that we’re being encouraged to let our spare rooms out to these people arriving in rubber boats? Not flipping likely! But how long before it becomes obligatory?

    I copied this from somewhere last year:

    “If you are a third world representative, then the likelihood is that the conversation went like this:

    Hello UK, we’d like to attend Cop26 but we can’t afford it. 

    Don’t worry the UK will pay for everything. Flights, hotels, meals, transport etc

    They arrive, as has been noted, without any health checks. And then the real discussion starts:

    We’d like to go green but can’t afford it. 

    Don’t worry we will bung you billions to get you started. 

    Oh gosh thanks a lot.

    They go home (hopefully without claiming asylum)

    Hey we’ve got a billion to spend. Anyone fancy a trip to London to buy some property and visit Harrods”

    Meantime look at the African delegates at various COPs

    The country with the most delegates is, by some distance, Côte d’Ivoire with 348. The West African nation also brought the largest delegation to COP23 in Bonn in 2017 – with 492 participants – and the fourth largest to COP24 in Katowice in 2018, with 208.
    Côte d’Ivoire’s delegation is more than 50 people larger than the second placed country, which is the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) with 293. The DRC also had the second largest number of delegates at COP24 (with 237) and the third largest at COP23 (340).

    How many delegates does it take to change a lightbulb? More snouts in the trough! It’s all so predictable.

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