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Hooray! UK taxpayers to save the world from climate change

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Proud to be British?

Doesn’t it make you proud to be British? Under Boris ‘Churchill’ Johnson’s magnificent leadership, Britain is once again about to save the world. We did it in WWI and again in WWII. And now, as humanity battles the non-existent threat of non-existent climate change or climate crisis or climate emergency or climate breakdown or whatever it’s called this month, Britain is yet again about to sacrifice untold billions and impose huge deprivation and suffering on its own population to supposedly save the world.

Britain saves the world?

Here’s a brief quote from our Government’s International Climate Finance website:

Domestically and internationally the UK is a leader on climate change. We played a pivotal role in securing the Paris Agreement in 2015, where the world came together to agree a plan to limit temperature rises to below 2 degrees. We have reduced our emissions quicker than any other country in the G20, drawing on the depth and breadth of UK low carbon knowledge and expertise and creating new economic opportunities. Since 1990 the UK economy has grown by two thirds while emissions have fallen by over 40%. We have ended UK support for unabated coal power generation and, across the world, UK businesses are helping to make the global low carbon transition a reality.

Doesn’t this make your heart swell with pride? Doesn’t it make you want to jump up and start singing Rule Britannia and yell “Hooray for Boris”?

A few minor niggles?

Of course, there are a few minor problems with the UK’s economically-suicidal Save the Planet crusade such as there being absolutely no evidence at all that an increase in a trace gas CO2 from 3 parts per 10,000 of our atmosphere to 4 parts per 10,000 over 150 years has any effect on the Earth’s climate:

  • Arctic sea ice at this time of year declined from 1980 to 2007, but has stabilised since the 4 million km2 in 2007 in spite of increasing atmospheric CO2 levels and this year was around 5 million km2
  • Antarctic ice is increasing by around 82 billion tons a year burying two U.S. research stations and forcing the Americans to build their latest Antarctic research station on hydraulic stilts so it can be raised as the ice increases
  • Sea levels are NOT rising – for example, the Maldives, which should have been under water three years ago, have a new runway at their main airport to handle larger jets and next year will complete a new passenger terminal increasing capacity from 1 million to over 7 million passengers a year
  • The polar bears are thriving and may be facing a food crisis as there are too many of them
  • Flooding in China killed about 78 people this year compared to a couple of million a hundred years ago
  • U.S. forest fires are only burning about a quarter of the acreage burnt in the scorching 1920s and 1930s when atmospheric CO2 levels were much lower than they are now
  • We are in the middle of an interglacial caused by Milankovitch Cycles so one would expect a slight warming

And. of course, the computer models used by the climate catastrophists and governments to impose their coercive, economically-ruinous climate policies on us hugely overestimate (about doubling) the actual amount of warming:

Who cares about reality?

But our rulers’, the West-hating lefties’ and our deluded, indoctrinated schoolchildren’s climate catastrophism is impervious to reality. It’s a semi-religious cult which relies on feelings and belief rather than anything as sordid as rational, scientific analysis. And so, onwards we rush like lemmings to our self-inflicted economic impoverishment while the Chinese laugh their hairy yellow asses off at our stupidity:

Here’s a link to our Government’s climate change website should you be interested in more details about our useless Government’s total uselessness:

Why are Tory MPs so worthless?

By the way, a couple of months ago I sent copies of my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS to several Tory MPs:

  • John Redwood
  • Greg Clark
  • Steve Baker
  • Tom Tugendhat
  • Christopher Chope

I had hoped that maybe a couple of them would have the intelligence to realise that my book was quite important as it could help prevent our country committing economic and societal suicide. In my dimwitted, childish naivety I even imagined that a couple of them might have had the wit to tell their colleagues about the book and the courage to inform Boris ‘Churchill’ Johnson that he needs to stop all his self-destructive, idiotic climate catastrophist nonsense and start dealing with the real problems affecting Britain.

How wrong I was expecting intelligence and courage from our (IMHO) mostly greedy, expenses-fiddling, self-serving, sycophantic, scientifically-challenged, worthless, Ed-Miliband-think-alike, waste-of-skin MPs!

Still, at least Sky News Australia realises how stupid we are in the UK:

8 comments to Hooray! UK taxpayers to save the world from climate change

  • Loppoman

    I hope their attitude changes after cop26. There will be lots of nodding heads but the reality is they know targets are not achievable and, for many, not necessary.

  • Bad Brian

    COP26 could prove to be a complete farce especially if the Glasgow Neds get out of their heroin dens and organise some sort of ” spontaneous” protest like when half of Glasgow turned up to stop two Asians being arrested and deported although they should have been booted out ten years before.
    They even had spontneous hamburgher stalls and a pop up massage parlour as well as a drop in “Benefits Advice Centre” blocking the authorities from leaving with the Turbanned Twins.

    The spontaneous protest , was carried out on the very same street where ten years ago, Kriss Donald , a young teenager was abducted before being horribly tortured and murdered by an Asian gang, just because he was white. Nothing to see here sir ! ( The Asian community are still very worried there might be a backlash!).

    Or, it could all end in setarin violence as scientific evidence clearly shows that Catholics swinging incence about increases air pollution and that Protestants marching up and down banging drums contribute to global warming.

    Or, the working class “Tory Scum” who excercised their RIGHT To BUY, back in the day, could muster their forces to demand that meat free Steak Bakes and synthetic vegetarian based sausage rolls are compulsary fed to the under fours, without parental consent.

    Given the usual horrible weather in Glasgow in November, we can expext Buckfast infused mobs of track-suited hooligans to be loudy demanding “Scotland get’s its fair share of Global Warming!” before being dispersed by some of Boris Johnson’s fleet of mobile water cannons, which the SNP, with the help of the Green Party, have just made legal. Scotchland.

  • William Boreham

    Aren’t we glad not to be living in a dictatorship like the Chinese?
    I saw this: “At a press briefing on Tuesday, the director-general of the environment ministry’s climate change department, Mr Li Gao, said that new coal-fired power plants provided a source of employment and helped stabilise the grid with a predictable source of energy. “They mainly help guarantee people’s livelihoods, and guarantee the flexibility and security of our energy grid,” he said, adding that such plants may not run at “full capacity”.

    Guarantee people’s livelihoods? Don’t the Chinese know it’s far more important to act like us in our ‘democracy’ who are ’willing’ to destroy our prosperity and economy and go back to the Stoneage to stop Planet Earth’s climate from changing for the first time in its 4 billion year history?

  • A Thorpe

    The Global Citizen event showed that the lovies are now more concerned about poverty. We have to pay for their dreams but they never say how much of our money they feel entitled to take from us. They seem to think they can return the Earth to the wonderful days of the Garden of Eden. Perhaps God has forgiven Eve for eating from the tree of knowledge and taken our accumulated knowledge away. It looks that way. Together in Stupidity should be their slogan.

    They have no more understanding of poverty than they do of physics. Their claim is that poverty is not natural and is created. It is exactly the opposite. Poverty is our natural state, we have to work to create wealth.

    The SkyNews video is interesting. It shows how easily children can be brainwashed and Australia is leading the way on climate change education in schools. I don’t have any family but I notice that people with children and grandchildren have serious concerns about their future. (Not surprising, and I think it is because change is happening too quickly. Not that many years ago the future was no different to the present.) Most that I know think that it cannot do any harm to reduce carbon dioxide emissions even if it doesn’t work. They are blind to the consequences of the proposed policies. I think we will have riots because people will not accept a reduction in their standard of living and the young are already concerned about theirs. Job losses, shortages, price rises and power cuts will be the factors. It is just a question of which happens first.

    I don’t agree that Arctic Ice is at record levels – compared to when? But I think that recent years have seen more ice added. I also believe that sea levels are rising, but very slowly, and the movement of land is a big factor. Missing from the list is the Barrier Reef which seems to be quite healthy and going through normal changes.

  • Here is another very interesting video of Bolt on Sky News Australia that shows yet another agenda aimed at relieving the majority whites in New Zealand of political control.

    Notice how there is always no debate on these woke agendas in government or the media in the West. Obviously because they are in collusion.

    Apparently something similar is happening in Canada.

    The plan in New Zealand is to give the Maoris, who are 16% of the population, fifty percent political control of New Zealand and to rename it its Maori name, Aotearoa.

    It looks to me as if something similar appears to be happening *symbolically* in the UK with the 3% minority of black people appearing in large numbers in many TV programmes and most TV and web commercials. That state of affairs is growing. Maybe the intention is to make the migrants feel at home in their hotel rooms, but somehow I doubt it.

    Bolt: Ardern’s ‘woke politics’ leading New Zealand towards ‘a form of apartheid’ –

  • Brenda Blessed

    And that great replacement agenda is admitted by Biden when he was vice president. That is, before he started going senile.

    Why would Biden do this to his own country –

  • Hardcastle

    The arrogance of man knows no bounds and we are seeing perhaps it’s peak,leading to? Sea levels are relative and change slowly in terms of human existence on this planet.Raised beaches in Scotland,the result of isostatic uplift from the release of Ice pressure 12,ooo years ago and the subsequent sinking of Southrn Britain,testify to the constant change to the surface e of the planet and man’s inability to influence events.We are a mere blemish,not even a pimple on the backside of the history of the planet and we could just be nearing the end of our ever so brief tenure.

  • A Thorpe

    Have you seen the latest outburst from Greta? The UK is a climate villain because the climate crisis started in the UK during the industrial revolution. We are apparently also building coal fired power stations, but she knows nothing about China. Her latest catch phrase is “blah, blah, blah” – the most intelligent thing she has said.

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