May 2024

Making Africa the world’s wealthiest continent?

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We need to help poor Africa?

In my last blog I unkindly suggested that the $100bn-a-year fund to supposedly help supposedly poor countries supposedly fight the supposedly terrible effects of supposed climate change or climate crisis or climate breakdown or climate emergency or whatever it’s called this week might magically disappear into the offshore bank accounts of already billionaire Third-World rulers. So I started thinking of how we could transform the world’s poorest, most cess-pit, poverty-stricken, hopeless hell-hole – Africa – into the world’s wealthiest and most successful continent. And I came up with a cunning plan.

Here it is:

The transformation of Africa?

My plan is very simple. We just need to move the whole population of Europe to Africa and the whole population of Africa to Europe. Given Africa’s massive resources of minerals and agricultural land, within 30 or so years, the Europeans would have completely transformed Africa. There would be new roads, railways, airports, factories, hospitals, schools, universities and much much more. There would be democratic governments and more equitable societies. There would be a new, flourishing Africa.

Simple but brilliant, huh?

The transformation of Europe?

As for Europe – surely the arrival of so many hard-working, highly-educated, highly-skilled, ambitious Africans would provide a rejuvenation of tired, flagging, flaccid Europe? Just imagine all the enrichment that the new arrivals would bring with their vibrant, diverse cultures! This would surely be a new golden era for our declining continent?

The destruction of Europe?

Of course, there will always be miserable, pessimistic cynics who might cast doubt on how glorious the Africanisation of Europe would be. Such evil people (I imagine) might think that Africanisation of Europe might not be a magnificent success. Such despicable people might (I imagine) even envisage the Africanisation of Europe might lead to Europe being utterly destroyed in four main overlapping but clearly distinguishable phases:

Phase 1 – Breakdown in utilities

As various African tribes took over power in each European country, they would naturally appoint members of their own tribe to run utilities such as electricity, gas and water. So the people running these vital services would owe their positions to their membership of a tribe rather than their knowledge or skills. Any ideas of doing maintenance would be abandoned and there would be corruption at all levels as everyone sought to enrich themselves. Essential spares would be sold off to make money for managers and workers at all levels and power cuts and water supply problems would become daily occurrences.

Phase 2 – The rise of a criminalocracy

Criminal gangs would soon take over every area, neighbourhood, street and even every apartment building. These gangs would live off theft, extortion, drug-dealing and control of things like gambling and prostitution. There would be constant gang warfare as rival gangs fought over the most lucrative territories:

Tortured, dismembered bodies would be left in streets or hanging from bridges as a warning of what happens to anyone resisting the gangs’ rule or straying onto a rival gang’s territory.

The few people with proper jobs would lock themselves in their homes every night to avoid the mayhem in the streets. But even there they would not be safe as gang members would go from home to home extorting protection money. Any young, attractive girls would be taken by gang bosses to be raped by them and leased out to gang members. To understand how this would look, I recommend the recent (February 2021) novel – AMERICAN DIRT by Jeanine Cummins –  describing the joys of gang rule in South America:

Phase 3 – The collapse of public services

The main public services – healthcare, education, social care etc etc – would undergo the same fate as utilities like water, gas and electricity. Most positions of power would be occupied by people appointed for their tribal affiliations rather than their abilities or qualifications. There would be corruption at all levels. Money intended for hospitals schools and universities would be looted. For example, a few years ago tens of millions of dollars were give to South Africa to buy school textbooks but all the money mysteriously disappeared without a single book ever being bought. Gradually most hospitals, schools and universities would cease to function and only members of the ruling elites and their families would have access to healthcare and education.

Phase 4 – Civil wars

In many countries, the ruling tribes would oppress other tribes by excluding them from the lucrative positions in government, public services and industry. This would cause resentment and anger which would lead to oppressed tribes staging violent coups to overthrow the ruling tribes as they followed the motto of most African coups – “It’s our turn to feed”.

The new rulers would then install their members to the most lucrative positions and loot whatever remained. And so would begin a seemingly endless cycle of bloody, armed coups followed by mass looting and destruction of each country’s resources:

The future is wonderful

Of course, being one million percent politically-correct, I totally reject this pessimistic view of a four-phased breakdown of civilisation and then destruction of Europe that would ensue from my great plan.

The future is bright. The future is wonderful.

7 comments to Making Africa the world’s wealthiest continent?

  • Bad Brian

    It’s good to see that the Africans have taken the initiative on this smashing idea and are already invading Europe in large numbers to make room for us Europeans when we finally get off our lazy backsides and start going over to take up residence in Africa.

    The Africans are infact years ahead of us Europeans in this project and we should be ashamed of the lethargy of our governments that have been tardy in extreme when it comes to policies to encourage our white populations to relocate Africa wise.

    What is needed is for someone like Boris to come up with a nice catchy slogan like “The more going back the better” or ” Come to Africa, a real swell place to raise your kids up”

    if this does not work out it will be the fault of white racists who refuse to set off on the first stage of the journey from kent to France in rubber boats, but insist of flying first class in luxury jets while sipping ice cool drinks, as the rest of us are left licking door handles to raise money to battle against climate change. Tory scum indeed !

  • A Thorpe

    China has a better plan. Stay well away from Africa but buy up rights to all their minerals.

  • Loppoman

    The Africans are making good progress. They have already taken over our TV channels.

  • Stillreading

    Some years ago I was in conversation with a retired English Primary School headmistress who had run an excellent school in the UK and who, on her retirement, decided to go to Africa for several years to head up a primary school for African children. She loved the country, its climate, its people on an individual day-by-day basis, but they were, in her words “hopeless”. She told me she’d seen first-hand how Western money and expertise on the ground built schools to educate the children, hospitals to provide health care, constructed roads and provided motorized transport for the native population to travel for work and education and medical care, and that this largesse was joyfully received. But, she told me, there was no concept of ongoing care and maintenance of what had been provided. She described to me vehicles whose engines had been driven to destruction for want of oil or coolant, then abandoned at the sides of roads to rust into oblivion. The surfaces of the roads themselves, once they were no longer in regular use and were devoid of essential repair, gradually crumbled, surrendering themselves to colonisation by vigorous uncultivated vegetation. The native population seemed, I was told, quite content then to revert to centuries-old means of transport – Shank’s Pony or, for the slightly more fortunate, a donkey. I cannot verify any of the above of course, never having had the pleasure of visiting the African continent, so it’s quite possible that my interlocutor was displaying a deplorable absence of empathy for a grossly deprived and exploited sector of the human race, and was guilty of articulating the her appalling inherent Western racism and prejudice.

  • David Craig

    Sounds like your friend was a white supremacist as she dared use her first-hand experience of Africa to make a well-founded judgement on why Europe had developed and Africa hadn’t.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Stillreading’s retired English Primary School headmistress is quite correct about what happens in African countries to the aid.

    It proves that culture is something that builds up over centuries. That it is not something skin deep that people who have no history of it can take up just through education. Zimbabwe has one of the best-educated populations in Africa but suffers from mass unemployment due to the lack of job creation.

    I was born in Rhodesia which was a British colony before it became Zimbabwe. I left in 1980 when Robert Mugabe took over from Ian Smith, the last white PM.

    Smith declared independence from the UK in 1965 and stayed in the country until his death in 2007. He challenged Mugabe to come into an African township with him, saying that he would be the only one who would come out alive.

    Anyhow, I went back for a visit in 2007 and couldn’t believe how run down the place was. More potholes than road in roads that were not main roads between towns and cities. Both my junior and senior schools looked like derelict places but were still in use. Windows were broken, no gardens, trees gone, buildings unpainted for years, etc.

    Here is a current article in The Herald, Zimbabwe’s main newspaper. The Square in the centre of Harare was once a magnificent spectacle with magnificent jacaranda trees. The link allows you to read other current articles.

    Vandalism, neglect ruin Square –

    Here is how Cecil Square used to look:

  • A Thorpe

    Yesterday the BBC treated us to Global Citizen Live. All the celebrities were out in force determined to end poverty. How quickly they have forgotten the failure of Live Aid. There were endless promises of money but no details of how it would be used to end poverty. I thought the one person missing was David, telling these idiots where the money would actually go. His book would also educate the celebrities and BBC about climate alarmism.

    Interesting comments about Africa. It reminded me of what happened in Britain when the Romans arrived. They brought their advanced civilisation for the time and when they left it all fell into ruins because the British had no ability to maintain it. I think it was Cicero writing about British slaves taken to Rome. He advised not to buy them because it was impossible to train them to do the simplest of tasks. If the stupid British can learn then so can Africans with the right leadership. Britain is again showing how decline can set in quickly with the wrong leadership.

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