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Wondrous week for useless, overpaid, over-pensioned NHS burearistocrats

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I thought it worth quoting the latest review of my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS posted on Amazon:

Thankfully, this author’s type of blinkered attitude is now going the way of the dinosaur.
But he has such a deep level of misunderstanding that I doubt he’ll ever realise.

I find this review odd. I don’t mind people criticising the book for being badly-written or poorly-organised or boring. But the one thing I really focus on in all my books is being factually correct and avoiding unfounded opinions.

If a climate-change-touting supposed ‘journalist’ claims that 10 million acres of forest in the U.S. being destroyed in wildfires is a record and I find an article from the very same newspaper from 50 or 60 years earlier reporting that 21 million acres had been destroyed, then to me that is a fact. It’s not an opinion. Similarly, if I document a U.S. Government report from 1999 showing that the scorching 1920s and 1930s were much hotter than any recent years and then show a report where temperatures have been altered to supposedly ‘prove’ that recent temperatures are hotter than the scorching 1920s and 1930s, for me that’s a fact, not an opinion.

Yet this reviewer doesn’t dare question any of the facts in my book. They only lambast my ‘attitude’.

Could it be because the reviewer has no answer to the facts and data I present?

Paradise for the NHS penpushers

What a wonderful week it has been for the useless, overpaid, over-pensioned NHS penpushers. Our socialist government has decided to tax us all ever more to flush billions of pounds more into the bottomless pit of the NHS.

No doubt, you’ll all have heard that the first and most immediate result of our enforced financial largesse will be the creation of 42 new apparatchiks all being a paid an average of over £220,000 a year. Just so you can enjoy seeing where your money is being squandered, here’s a link to the website advertising these new desk-jockey non-jobs:

But remember, the salaries of over £220,000 a year are just the proverbial tip of the proverbial iceberg of money these worthless nonentities are going to cost us. You have to add in National Insurance and pension costs. So that probably takes you close to £300,000 per penpusher.

Then each of these CEOs of Integrated Care Organisations will need offices and probably a Deputy CEO, two administrative assistants, several liaison officers, a finance team, a publicity team, an IT team, an HR team. And travelling and subsistence expenses, and training.

So, I reckon each of these 42 ‘key’ individuals will cost us at least £1m per year

As one NHS insider wrote on a newspaper website: ‘As for NHS bureaucracy, the vast bulk of this money will go on overtime for staff and hiring people to “manage” how this money is spent, usually on high salaries.  But that is no different from a normal day in the NHS, it is a voracious hirer of managers. Basically, what will happen is this, jobs will be advertised, the posts will be filled internally, so everyone gets a promotion and pay rise. More staff means more HR, Health and Safety and “Diversity” managers.  If you’re lucky, the Surgical and Medical teams will agree to put on a few more clinics and a few more theatre sessions. Usually defined in theaters by whether anesthetists get OT for doing it.  The Consultants will blackmail the “management” by demanding they buy the latest toys or it’s no deal.  That is how it works, I’ve been there.’

Here’s a comment from another NHS insider: ‘I’m willing to bet that the people appointed to these new roles will already be employed in similar roles within the NHS. They just create a new role, needing a new department which will need a bigger budget than the last one, so they are thus more important and so should go up a pay band. End result is more money spent on non clinical activities and no improvements to patient outcomes. It’s always been like this…’

Ever fewer beds need ever more managers

In my 2009 book SQUANDERED: How Gordon Brown is wasting over one trillion of our money I pointed out how under New Labour the number of NHS hospital beds had dropped from around 200,000 when there were about 25,000 hospital managers (8 beds per manager) to about 140,000 hospital beds overseen by over 40,000 managers (3.5 beds per manager):

Welcome to ‘Gammon’s Law’

We all know about Parkinson’s Law – the adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. It is usually applied to the growth of bureaucracy in an organisation.

And we all know the Peter Principle – the concept in management developed by Laurence J. Peter which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their “maximum level of incompetence”: employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another.

When admiring the NHS bureaucracy we can also add Gammon’s Law. Gammon’s Law is what Milton Friedman has named the “Theory of Bureaucratic Displacement” developed by Dr Max Gammon after studying the British National Health Service. In his words, in “a bureaucratic system … increase in expenditure will be matched by fall in production ….” Such systems will act rather like ‘black holes’ in the economic universe, simultaneously sucking in resources, and shrinking in terms of ’emitted’ production.

Under Gammons’ Law – input (money, resources or whatever) goes up while output goes down.

So, in a couple of years, when tens of billions more are sprayed all over our ever more prodigal NHS without any visible increase in outputs and we’re yet again hectored into spraying tens of billions more, remember Dr Max Gammon. He warned us that we would get precisely nothing from shovelling an endless torrent of our cash into the gaping jaws of our ‘envy-of-the-world’ NHS.

9 comments to Wondrous week for useless, overpaid, over-pensioned NHS burearistocrats

  • Hardcastle

    The NHS is not primarily a health service as the past 18 months have clearly shown to those with their eyes and brains clearly focused.It is a socialist,self promoting,insidious and frankly dangerous cancerous growth which will soon consume all the wealth produced by the private sector.Only then and perhaps we are there already,will the economy collapse and the true extent of the financial criminality be exposed.This could well be the intention anyway,the big re set we have been told about,where it will all be “rebuilt better”.

  • twi5ted

    I think the NHS was amazingly efficient sausage factory which handled most medical treatments via a system of rationing not need. But like a huge factory it was inflexible and could not switch production quickly. It was focused on costs but carrying the extra burden of the favourite political preoccupation of the day be it diversity, green ideology and now crt. I would also argue, like the public sector generally, its not a meritocracy but a political network where insiders flourish regardless of ability.

    Throwing money will lead to higher salaries for the bureaucracy. Its lazy but who will be brave enough to challenge this. Given the government has killed off a lot of the sick and vulnerable due to lockdown its likely with lower mortality and less flu, due to endless jabs, it will more than likely enjoy a golden period and the opportunity to reform will be lost for decades.

  • A Thorpe

    I agree fully with your view on the criticism of your book. The problem is not understanding the science which is absolutely clear. We are not changing the climate. The problem is to understand the attitude of people, not just about the climate but almost everything, such as the dreadful NHS, now worshipped by many. There is a new book waiting to be written.

    There’s nothing new about this attitude and philosophers have been discussing this for centuries. It is perhaps best described as a mass psychosis, probably always present in humans but occasionally rising to an extreme. A past example is the belief in witchcraft, and appropriately they were accused of weather cooking. I don’t know how widespread it was, but at that time ideas did not travel as quickly and as easily as today. I have never seen anything about how it ended, perhaps the witch finders finally realised that none of the supposed witches they were burning and drowning managed to save themselves.

    Somebody posted a link to a video from the Academy of Ideas and there is a lot from them about the idea of mass psychosis mentioning Carl Jung and others. I recently discovered Etienne de La Boetie a 16th philosopher. He wrote a piece called “The Politics of Obedience” and there is a analysis by Murray Rothbard, with the original text, which is worth a read. Gad Saad wrote a book recently called the Parasitic Mind in which says it is as though a virus has infected our minds that prevents rational thinking, but he doesn’t say how we can deal with it..

    Bringing this back to the original point about the book critic and attitudes that also infect politicians, the philosophers propose civil disobedience. This needs a sufficient number of people opposing the government and the philosophers say the way to do this is by rational discussion with the deluded, like the critic, but that means they have to be willing to participate in a rational debate. That does not seem possible, and as David points out, it is not just the science which is perhaps difficult to understand, they will not accept easily understood empirical evidence. The philosophers I am referring to all lived before modern communication and I wonder if they would consider it was easy to change minds in our present times of continual nonsense from MSM and social media. They also did not live in a time when science had been corrupted.

    I can only conclude that there is no chance of bringing about a controlled change to common sense and rational thinking. We will have to wait for our lives to become so bad as a result of government policies that people will be forced to wake up to reality.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Quote: “No doubt, you’ll all have heard that the first and most immediate result of our enforced financial largesse will be the creation of 42 new apparatchiks all being a paid an average of over £220,000 a year.” – Considerably more than the PM.

    In the 2020-21 financial year, the Prime Minister will receive £81,932 for being an MP and is entitled to an additional £79,469 for his role as PM.

    It would be extremely interesting to see how many of those 42 jobs and the jobs that are created to support them will go to women and non-whites. No doubt most of them.

    Boris Johnson told world leaders that he wants to build back from the Covid crisis in “a more gender-neutral and perhaps more feminine way” in his opening speech at the last G7 summit.

    Just before I came on to read this blog, I was channel-hopping. On Channel 4 Countdown was a completely black version of the show described as: “Sir Trevor McDonald hosts the iconic quiz show. Marverine Cole joins Lemn Sissay OBE in Dictionary Corner, and Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE looks after the numbers.”

    Seeing that made me realise that I had never seen any black people on Countdown when I used to watch it. The woman doing the numbers was so hesitant that she might have been getting the answer supplied to her through her headphone. You can watch it on catch-up.

    These liberal decadents, who are now our masters, have obviously made everything sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic and bigoted in order to be able to divide and rule, but also to be able to be as sexist and racist as possible themselves. The target usually being the white male. The doctrine: less white, less male.

    No one will complain because no one wants to be called one of those damning names and even if they made comments in newspapers that expose that state of affairs, they would probably not appear. So, its a win-win situation for them.

  • It looks as if the state-owned Channel 4 is becoming a black channel.

    I don’t watch it, but Brenda’s comment about a black version of Countdown on this afternoon made me look at the rest of the Channel 4 programme schedule for today.

    Maybe Friday is black day or maybe Channel 4 is actually turning into a channel for black people. I have received petitions aimed at stopping the channel’s privatisation.

    All of the following programmes ran one after another.

    The Great House Giveaway – Tayo Oguntonade gives dance teacher Yolande and maintenance engineer Patrick just months to renovate a dated house.

    New: Love It or List It – Features a black couple of property developers.

    New: Celebrity Gogglebox – Famous friends and Gogglebox families take to their sofas for this week’s top TV. Including Mo Gilligan, Jourdan Dunn, Ashley Banjo, Michael Dapaah, Eddie Kadi and Perri Kiely.

    New: Highlife – Docu-ality series following the lives of successful British Nigerians and Ghanaians. Musician Tomi and songwriter fiancée Kamille plan their wedding, but Kamille has a lot to learn.

    New: Big Age – Bolu Babalola’s comedy about four Black-British friends. Sade’s 25th birthday gets off to a rocky start when she quits her job. So her best friend prescribes a day of decadent distraction.

    New: Unapologetic – A late-night topical discussion programme that doesn’t hold back. Yinka Bokinni and Zeze Millz host as Black guests talk freely about Black Lives Matter, racism, football and social media.

    Moonlight – (2016) Oscar-winning drama. An African-American man deals with parental neglect, bullying, drugs and sexuality. Strong language from the start, including some that may offend/sex/drugs.

    I Am Danielle – [Black] Female-led drama anthology series of stand-alone programmes. Career-driven Danielle (Letitia Wright) falls for model Michael (CJ Beckford). But then Danielle discovers a disturbing secret.

    Several editions of Come Dine with Me featuring black people. – The first one – North West 1/6: Recruitment manager Julia hopes to bowl over her guests with spicy cuisine inspired by her Jamaican heritage and a bit of cricket on the lawn

  • Loppoman

    I didn’t watch ch4, but from what Brenda and Eric have reported, let’s all stop watching it. The advertisers won’t be pleased.

  • Loppoman

    Hi guys, I’ve figured it out.
    CH4 was as normal – just had to reduce the contrast and increase brightness. Sorted.

  • Loppoman

    Regarding comments on your book David – it’s head in the sand stuff.
    The same on twitter. I pushed your book a couple of times but, as they say, you can take a horse to water but can’t make it drink.
    It’s difficult to convert brainwashed individuals.

  • Stillreading

    Has Nigel Farage received a copy of your book? He’s been talking some good sense this week on GBNews regarding the obsession of the climate change afficionados with CO2 to the almost total exclusion of other factors – including of course the burgeoning world population, up from 2.5 billion less than 60 years ago to almost 8 billion now, as well as gigantic natural events such as volcanic eruptions and sun spot activity over which we insignificant human ants have no control at all. He also made the point that although the Arctic is undeniably warming, ANTARCTIC ice is actually increasing and encroaching into the Southern seas. Farage is a man who doesn’t mind saying what he thinks when it goes against accepted doctrine, as he has demonstrated time and again, and there’s reason to think that his one-hour slot most evenings on GBNews will attract increasing numbers of viewers. It’s already popular with quite a few people I know.

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