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Why are so many non-blacks employed? Why are so many blacks unemployed?

Monday/Tuesday blog

The perpetually outraged are outraged yet again

There was a brief burst of outrage last week by those who spend their lives trying to find something to be outraged about. The reason for the outrage was a new report on levels of youth unemployment by ethnicity from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

“Black youths three times more likely to be unemployed” screamed the Independent

And the BBC and C4 News and the Guardian and ITV and the TUC and others of their ilk all piled onto the story. After all, here was supposedly yet another documented example of how appallingly racist we Brits are and how hideously we oppress black people.

(Though given how supposedly ‘racist’ we are, it’s surprising that most of the cesspit Third World still seems to want to come to Britain ably assisted by the grovellingly politically-correct RNLI and Priti ‘Useless’ Patel’s free luxury ferry service from French beaches to 4-star hotels in the UK)

But I looked at the original figures published by the ONS. And I found that the ONS report detailed youth unemployment by ethnicity. Not just blacks versus whites.

Here are the original data:


  White Mixed/ Multiple ethnic groups Indian Pakistani Other Asian background (inc. Bangladeshi and Chinese) Black/ African/ Caribbean/ Black British Other ethnic group
Jan-Mar 2019 9.4 16.4 14.3 16.3 17.6 21.5 10.5
Apr-Jun 2019 9.7 13.6 23.2 25.9 17.6 28.1 15.5
Jul-Sep 2019 11.6 24.1 16.9 32.4 19.2 23.4 24.2
Oct-Dec 2019 10.1 17.3 9.8 22.5 12.5 24.5 17.6
Jan-Mar 2020† 10.6 11.8 15.6 15.3 17.8 25.3 15.0
Apr-Jun 2020† 11.5 16.3 13.1 28.5 20.8 28.5 6.4
Jul-Sep 2020† 14.7 21.2 20.0 29.8 22.9 33.5 26.0
Oct-Dec 2020† 12.4 20.6 23.9 31.5 22.9 41.6 15.8


It seems ‘odd’ to me that the outraged howling about how many blacks youths were unemployed compared to whites didn’t mention unemployment rates amongst other ethnic groups.

Though, if they had mentioned other ethnic groups, then that would have raised some potentially uncomfortable questions such as:

  • if we Brits are all hideous racists, why is unemployment amongst Indians (mostly Hindus and Sikhs, I imagine) so much lower than unemployment among black youths?
  • why is unemployment amongst Indians (mostly Hindus and Sikhs) so much lower than amongst Pakistanis (mostly from the world’s most wonderful religion)?
  • why is unemployment amongst blacks so much higher than amongst every single other ethnic group apart from Pakistanis?

There was also another oddity with this report. In ONS reports of adult unemployment, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis (both from our most admired religion) are grouped together. But in this report on youth unemployment Bangladeshis are grouped in with other Asians like Filipinos and Chinese. I wonder why that could be? I would have also liked to see unemployment levels amongst Chinese youth as I suspect these would be close to zero. I also suspect unemployment amongst Jewish youth would also have been close to zero.

The lying mainstream media misleadingly chose to only focus on black versus white levels of unemployment as this fed into their narrative of us whites being rabid, unreformable anti-black racists. But had the media done what I have done and looked at differences between various ethnic groups, then a quite different story emerges – most other ethnic groups have been much more successful at integrating into our society than blacks and Pakistanis.

  • Ooops, that’s possibly due to cultural differences rather than white anti-black racism
  • Ooops, those cultural differences could touch on how different ethnic groups value things like education and getting good jobs
  • Ooops, that’s something nobody wants to discuss
  • Ooops, that could even suggest that the fault for high levels of unemployment amongst UK blacks and Pakistanis lies with them and not with us whites being horrible racists.

I rest my case!

8 comments to Why are so many non-blacks employed? Why are so many blacks unemployed?

  • Bad Brian

    David, I find your conclusions difficult to agree with based on a small survey I myself carried out which focused on Channel 4 news readers and other TV stations.

    I found much the same when it came to presenters of television programmes directed at yooff’s and commercials advertising whatever rubbish we are expected to spend our money on.

    Actual television programmes themselves were generously endowed with parts for black actors and hithero I had not been aware that the court of Catherine the Great was almost exclusivly black and that Henry the eigth had ever married a negro, although it didn’t last.

    Unemployment amongs young blacks could also be reduced in TV programmes such as Crime Watch if the programme would only show the faces of the criminals without smudging the faces out and describing suspects as “a big bloke” when the police appeal to the public to identify perpetrators of violent crimes. Perhaps if the TV channels paid these induviduals proper royalties for their appearances, this could be classed as employment and the induviduals concerned could go on to stardom as gangsta rappers.

    In my youth, there were many tv programmes that featured black butlers that were not only very loyal to their employers but were much better spoken and always very wise which enabled them to look after their employers who were invariably hideously white and very stupid, and if it was not for their black butlers getting them out of different scrapes each episode, we could only wonder what would become of them. Why not train black youoffs to be butlers ? perhaps Tony Blair’s son could take note ?

    I would add that these black butlers alway acted with the utmost discretion and good humour despite their humble backrounds which only highlighted how stupid white people are in comparison.

    The other solution to unemployment amongst black youths could easily be solved with one of these clever Japanese gadgets that instantly translates any language into English. This might help many a black yooff at the interview stage.

    A government gift of one of these gadgets along with an alarm clock in exchange for participating in a sterilisation programme would go far to solve the problem of black yooff unemployment.

    This worked in India where the government was handing out free transistor radios on the same basis.That’s why “Educating Archie” was, and still is so popular in Mumbai.

  • twi5ted

    Selective reporting seems so self defeating. Climate, covid, brexit we are bombarded with one side of the argument and opinion / ideology presented as facts. But the truth slowly rises and like Boris and his government trust is lost for ever.

    Drilling into the white figure may reveal some similar poor figures for working class poorer backgrounds often very comparable circumstances to black.

    But as Dominic Frisby says the most discriminated against is ugly people. And nobody notices or cares.

  • A Thorpe

    What is the government doing about this? All I hear is the economy improving and there are lots of job vacancies. The government never looks at the details to identify the real problems. Working class white boys are said to be the lowest achievers in education, so why doesn’t this show in the unemployment figures? The other issue is who is supporting them?

    I turn to Thomas Sowell for answers but he is talking about the USA, but I am sure there is a common element. He is 91 years old, black, and was born in the south, but was adopted by other family members and moved to New York. He claims he got a far better education there in the 1930s than black children are getting now and he puts the blame on the black community leaders and other politicians claiming to help. His view is supported by the past lower unemployment and higher income compared with today, and importantly in his view fewer single parent families in the past. He also supports Charter Schools which are independent but state funded and he claims they are able to meet the specific needs of the children. Biden wants to bring them under state control, much to Sowell’s disgust.

    It is Sowell’s belief that community leaders of all ethnic groups are the cause of the problems. They claim to be working to improve the life of the group but evidence shows they are not achieving anything and it is because they are using the group as a power base for their own benefit. They have to keep the group oppressed or believe they are being oppressed by the white population to maintain their importance. The person Sowell names as a master of this game is Saint Obama. In Sowell’s view Obama did more to stir up racism in the USA than any other and look what he gained from it.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Bad Brian, you are indeed wicked.

    It beats me why the media has not accused Henry VIII of racism and homophobia for having his adulterous black secretly LGBTQ+ wife, Anne Boleyn, executed.

    It would be very interesting if the vaccination data could be matched to the unemployment figures.

    Unvaccinated compared to unemployment figures.

    I suspect that they would coincide beautifully, thereby proving that the ethnic groups with the highest youth unemployment are not as uninformed as they appear to be. If that proved to be the case, they obviously wouldn’t be relying on the mainstream media for their information, which, I would say, is a definite sign of high intelligence.

  • Travelling Man

    I work for a large furniture delivery company. We employ drivers. The drivers mates come via an agency and we have a cross section young, old, Eastern European, Black, White, Asian etc etc. Most only last a short time as it’s physically demanding work. Generally the whites, Asians and Eastern Europeans find permanent roles elsewhere.

    Now the B**** drivers mates are really special I have released some for urinating in a lift, spreading faeces around a customer’s toilet, stealing wallets, sleeping whilst travelling between deliveries, drinking alcohol (He thought it was OK as he was on a break). One even stole equipment from the CCTV covered warehouse

    Every time I contact the agency to release one I get the same question IS IT COS I’M B****?

    Very few actually want to work and those that do are great guys however they are as rare as rocking horse manure.

    It’s cultural they don’t think it’s wrong

    No its because you can’t do the job

  • bad brian

    You should be called Travelling “WACIST” Man.

    I have just spent over an hour trying to report you to the police, but being a rainy Monday night , the recorded message is that they are very busy right now.

    I’m going to tell my mum on you insteadand get you banned from Book Face !

  • Brenda Blessed

    Well, at least the advertising industry and the TV programme makers can’t be accused of not doing their bit to reduce black unemployment.

    Now, almost as soon as you switch on your TV you are inundated by black faces in commercials for anything from expensive German cars to the banks, supermarkets and fast-food restaurants.

    Apart from the normal commercials that just sell products in the old-fashioned way of appealing to their markets, those that propagandise female empowerment appear to be the next most numerous.

    For seemingly commercially perverse reasons, the advertisers have decided to be increasingly represented by the most socio-economically deprived people, a small minority instead of the people with the most disposable income.

    Bear it in mind that the results of the 2011 census say that there were only 1.9 million black people living legally in the UK, 97% of them living in England. Over a million were living in Greater London. Also bear it in mind that the government asked the estimated 1.3 million people living illegally in the UK, no doubt most of them in England, to visit GP surgeries in order to be vaccinated.

    I am looking forward to the results of the 2021 census to find out how much has changed since the previous census in 2011.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    A bit of vaguely relevant social comment here.

    I read today that an Afro-Caribbean ‘gangsta’ somehow managed to lose a hand yesterday, while working in a gang attempting to mug Asian teens at machete-point in Tower Hamlets. Hmmm…

    I remember back in the 1980’s a crime phenomenon on the London Underground known colloquially as ‘Steaming’, where gangs of BAME youths would board underground trains and rob passengers en masse.

    And I recall gigging with a band one night back then in the Union Tavern in Camberwell when a large crowd of young Irish football supporters came in after an international at Wembley, looking inordinately pleased with themselves. And this was not entirely due to the result of the match.

    It appeared that there had been an attempt to ‘Steam’ the underground train that the Irish footy fans had been travelling on. And this had turned out to be a particularly unfortunate career move for the youths involved. The BAME’s suddenly found themselves bouncing off solid items of station furniture all over the Northern Line, while the footy fans had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

    Strangely enough, the ‘steaming’ phenomenon immediately ceased, for some unknown reason…..

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