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The Wuhan lab leak – the smoking gun finally found?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Here’s a more than important story I suspect you won’t find in any of our ‘widely-respected’ British mainstream media.

It seems that journalists – I mean real journalists, not the biased, Trump-loathing, West-hating, migrant-hugging, climate-catastrophist garbage who produce most of our supposed ‘news’ – in the U.S. have finally found the smoking gun which proves that ‘Federal Funding’ through the EcoHealth Alliance was paying for dangerous ‘gain of function’ research on bat coronaviruses at the lab in Wuhan. This is, of course, something Fauci has denied and denied and denied with Fauci even calling a U.S. Senator, former doctor Rand Paul, a liar for suggesting that Fauci was funding ‘gain of function’ research at Wuhan.

Here’s a brief excerpt from over 900 pages of documents obtained in the U.S. under a Freedom of Information Act request about virus experiments in Wuhan funded by the U.S. :



I strongly recommend that readers left click on the image, wait a few seconds and then left click again to see it more clearly as it is absolutely damning and seems to me to completely contradict Fauci’s previous claims that no U.S. Federal money went to funding ‘gain of function’ research on bat coronaviruses at Wuhan.

Please notice a couple of key lines:

  • prior to further altering the mutant viruses, you must provide NIAID with a detailed description of the proposed alterations
  • if any of the experiments proposed for Aim 1 result in a virus with a phenotype of enhanced pathogenicity and/or transmissibility enhanced growth more than 10 fold when compared to wild-type strains …….. the recipient must immediately stop the work and notify the NIAID Program Officer

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand that this document proves U.S. taxpayer money was being chanelled to the Wuhan lab through the EcoHealth Alliance to enhance the pathogenicity and/or transmissibility of bat coronaviruses compared to their natural pathogenicity and/or transmissibility. Nor do you need to be Einstein to understand that the funder (Fauci) was aware that the experiments could increase the pathogenicity and/or transmissibility by more than 10 fold. If that isn’t ‘gain of function’ then what is?

I could write more on this  story, but I think the brief summary above tells us all we need to know.

Will the Biden Broadcasting Corporation or C4 News report this smoking gun?

Don’t hold your breath!

8 comments to The Wuhan lab leak – the smoking gun finally found?

  • twi5ted

    Hmmm very convenient timing. Pity Mr Trump, who previously admitted to be a germaphobe, never thought to question all this and maybe consult a wider group of experts.

  • david brown

    Posted this before – established over 75 years ago- its website-

    Mirror -newspaper online today- has article on Covid and North South divide uneven spread of infection. . Re coronaviruus a number of readers comments are about its spread among the Asian community in the north being a major factor. The Asian variant having arrived via people returning from flights via such as Pakistan.
    Readers here might consider commenting on the Mirror- and promoting this outstanding blog

  • A Thorpe

    It seems that the US is mainly concerned that Fauci lied to Congress. I’m not sure what else it proves. The gain of function research which involves creating a more virulent virus has been going on for at least ten years, as I understand it. Obama stopped the federal funding for the work in 2014 and several US research centres were receiving funds. Obama is said to have stopped the funding because he was concerned about the release of a dangerous virus. I haven’t been able to find out whether a dangerous virus had been created in the USA, but I assume it had because the research was about developing vaccines and the modification of a virus seems the easy part. Obama restored funding just before he left office, but I do not know why.

    There are apparently 4000 patents relating to SARS viruses, which Dr David Martin reviewed and these go back to 1998. Patents cannot be taken out for naturally occurring viruses. He claims Fauci is behind all of them and and that SARS is not a natural virus. There is a lot of detail in his reports but I can’t understand it, so I don’t know how accurate this is.

    The other name that crops up is Peter Daszak and he has financial ties with Wuhan and some say he had channelled money to Wuhan.

    There is also the Chinese whistleblower, I think called Yan, who claims that Cov2 cannot have occurred naturally. When viruses move from animals to us they are never very virulent initially and they become more virulent as they spread through humans and then less again in time. SARS has not followed this pattern.

    It isn’t who was behind this or where the money came from, it is the truth about the virus that we really want. I think the virus was created in the USA and transferred to Wuhan, where it could have been modified further and it was released there either accidentally or deliberately. This is what we need to know, but with the USA and China involved I doubt we will ever know. Neither will say anything about the other because they will implicated themselves, but I’m convinced Fauci knows everything.

  • david brown

    A Thorpe Fauci knows a lot but he might not know everything after the research was moved to Wuhan.
    Was the Chinese military involved in developing it as a bio-weapon as former head of M16 Sir Richard Dearlove told the Telegraph. Also my post above scientific website puts a case that the Chinese where developing it for just such purpose .

  • “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ~ Michael Ellner

    Academy of Ideas – How to Escape from a Sick Society –

  • A Thorpe

    @David Brown – I’m not convinced about the bio-weapon argument. If they were developing one then it must follow that it was at an early stage and an accidental release. It is not very effective as a bio-weapon considering the low fatality rate and that is mostly the elderly. I haven’t read anything about bio-weapons but I expect them to be controllable and not infect the developers own population and to kill the youngest, fit population.

  • david brown

    the Bio-weapon case is that its claimed by ex-head of M16 in Telegraph as being developed as -by Chinese Military -but leaked out by accident. He probably had access to other sources which can not be disclosed.
    Also the website I listed in above post, written by people with scientific background makes a similar claim. The Wuhan lab was an internationally funded research institute . Instead of saying the virus originated in a Wuhan fish and exotic animals market why did the Chinese government not say the Wuhan lab.?

  • Stillreading

    There’s little doubt that Thorpe is correct. There was some nasty “gain of function” stuff going on at Wuhan, the ultimate purpose of which is as yet unclear, indirectly funded to a considerable extent by the States. The virus escaped by accident due to poor bio security standards at Wuhan. The truth about the funding is gradually emerging. Some good stuff today, including discussion of the 900 page document, on the YouTube Fox News channel. Senator Rand Paul continues to be on Fauci’s tail.

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