December 2022
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Allah made Arabs as our superiors to guide and lead us

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

There seems to have been nothing but bad news in the media over the last few months.

The main story has, of course, been the Chinese Covid-19 plague which accidentally leaked from a research lab in Wuhan and was then allowed to spread throughout the world by the Chinese Communist Party wrecking Western economies and allowing Chinese companies to buy up Western companies and real estate at bargain-basement prices.

In addition, we’ve been bombarded for months in the mainstream media like the BBC and C4 News by all the hypocritical crap from the West-hating, free-speech-loathing, pig-ignorant, self-regarding, virtue-signalling Black Lives Matter fascists who actually couldn’t give a monkeys about the 99.99% of Blacks who are killed by other Blacks but who explode in uncontrollable, mouth-frothing fury over the tiny percent of (usually dangerous, violent, criminal, drug-addled?) Blacks killed by us evil, racist Whities.

So I thought I’d use this blog to cheer everyone up with some of the latest good news stories from our friends from the religion of total peacefulness.

In this blog I present the views of just three leading members of the world’s most wonderfullest religion. These three men – it’s always men as women are considered to be subhuman by that great religion – are so reasonable and so tolerant that I really wonder why we have any wars at all between the followers of the religion of peace and pretty much every other religion you can imagine – Buddhists (Thailand and Myanmar), Christians (Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and most of Africa), Hindus (India), Sikhs (India) and Jews (Israel). And when our chums from the most peaceful religion can’t find any other religion to fight against, their favourite national sport seems to be slaughtering each other in Third-World cess-pits like Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco etc etc:

It’s all very strange.

Allah made Arabs as our superiors to lead us

Here’s just one of the many geniuses produced by the Arab world. In this short (1.55 minutes) video the gentleman explains how Arabs have been created to lead us non-believers. Therefore we should work while they provide guidance for us:

“When the Arabs received Islam, it came with the idea that they are the masters of the world. Today, some people want us to manufacture planes, cars, and trains and then compete with Europe and America, but this is not the purpose for which we were created. When Allah created us as ‘peoples and tribes’ [as the Quran says], He endowed us Arabs with thought and guidance and He created the other peoples as students who follow our guidance. They are the ones who should work”

Are the Jews are responsible for everything bad in the world?

And here’s another enlightened gentleman from our favourite, most forward-looking and tolerant religion explaining his views on Jews:

“Millions of people were killed, all because of these Jews, who ran wild, tyrannized the world and spread corruption in it. Their corruption affects all walks of life. Look at the poverty all over the world. Look at the blood that is being spilled all over the world. Look at the honor of women being violated all over the world. If you check, you find that it is the Jews who are behind all that. They are the ones feeding all corruption on earth, and they are the ones financing it.”

Are Jews responsible for drugs and guns in black neighbourhoods?

And finally, an explanation from another great religion of peacefulness leader about how Jews are responsible for all the crime, mayhem and murder in Afro-American communities in US cities:

On July 4, 2020, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan delivered a three-hour-long speech that was streamed live on the Nation of Islam’s YouTube channel. In his speech, Farrakhan said that Jews poisoned him with “radiated seed” to test if he is truly a man of God, and that his survival is proof that he is. He said that prominent Jewish figures such as Alan Dershowitz are Satan, and he emphasized that it is his job to expose Satan so that every Muslim picks up a stone against him like they do during the pilgrimage rituals in Mecca.

Farrakhan also said that the reason Jews hate him is because he represents the end of their civilization and because he reveals their wicked ways. In addition, Farrakhan said that he is the one who exposed those who “suck the blood” of the poor. Urging American mayors and governors not to allow their police forces to train in Israel, Farrakhan claimed that Israel is the reason that there are guns, drugs, and counterfeit money in black neighborhoods. Farrakhan added that Israel will suffer from divine retribution and that it will not last long

6 comments to Allah made Arabs as our superiors to guide and lead us

  • A Thorpe

    I make a point of not listening to TV or radio news if possible but this morning I unfortunately heard Matt Hancock. In comparison the comments here seem almost sane. It is my government I am concerned about not the what the Muslims think. I thought some of the quotes could be changed “Boris was poisoned by the virus to test if he is fit to lead us and his survival is proof. During this period of enlightenment he was shown the way to lead his people into a new age of socialism and obedience to the commands of the anointed one.”

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Talking about TV news – I no longer have a television, having decided two years ago that I was no longer prepared to subsidise the BBC’s leftist propaganda with my own money.

    However, yesterday I caught the ITV news on my partner’s television set. I say ‘news’, but all it consisted of was a bit of stuff about the WuFlu situation, and five minute or so interviews with successive representatives of various ‘woke’ charities and pressure groups.
    There was nothing, zilch, about – for instance – the rapidly escalating conflict in Libya, the looming threat from China, the Leicester slave labour scandal, the Bastille day riots in Paris, the machete murder in Wolverhampton, the dispute over Erdogan’s decision to turn Hagia Sophia back into a mosque, the refusal of the High Court to deport a foreign organized crime boss. Or about anything else of any real-world importance.
    Instead, there was a series of interviews with obviously leftist pressure group functionaries of whom I have neither heard nor read previously, with the ‘newsreader’ coaching them through these slots by means of leading statements of her own opinions.
    It seemed clear that ITN has now followed the BBC/Ch4 fashion of ‘cancelling’ all news and information that doesn’t fit the narrative, and replacing it with ‘woke’ propaganda.
    I am very glad that I don’t subject myself to this drivel in my own home.

  • Ed P

    It’s wonderful to have such scholars to guide us away from bad thoughts and actions.
    Now that I know all the world’s problems are because (a) I’m not a Muslim & (b) my inventive, engineering ability should be a gift for my betters.
    What a delightful, peaceful world it will be when everyone understands their true place, subservient to the Arabs and their prophet. Hooray!

  • william boreham

    “We have started down the road of submission to sharia law and to tyranny. We all have been covering up our supposedly “blasphemous” culture with burqas to avoid offending people who do not seem to mind offending us.”


  • Robby

    “it’s always men as women are considered to be subhuman by that great religion ”

    They aren’t viewed as subhuman. They have a place subservient to men. There is a huge difference. The west was destroyed internally by the cancer of feminism. All the stories of acid attacks, abuses, etc. aren’t condoned by Islam. I’m not denying that such atrocities occur. Rather, to characterize such incidents as the teachings of Islam is blatant j****** propaganda meant to lull you into a blind rage so that you overlook the true vision of gender relations that Islam promotes. A vision that would undoubtedly cure the cancer of feminism in your society…

  • David Craig

    If you are so happy about how Islam treats women, I humbly suggest you watch a few videos of women being stoned (always by men) in Afghanistan and similar countries. You would probably enjoy them. But I think most people would find them deeply disturbing.

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