May 2022
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It’s difficult parking a car with a bag over your head!

(Friday blog)

Why do our judges hate us so much?

I couldn’t watch the news yesterday. I just couldn’t face hours of smug, UK-hating, Globalist-loving, Izlumophiliac newsreaders gloating over the fact that three dumbass judges have decided that the (IMVHO) West-loathing, terrorist-loving, maniacal, head-bag-wearing ‘Izlumo-whore’, Shamima Begum, must be allowed back into Britain:

(I was going to put a picture of the Begum thing here but didn’t as I can’t stand the sight of her (IMVHO) stupid face)

Incredibly, these three judges decided that something they called ‘fairness’ was more important than UK national security. For them, if the (IMVHO) ‘Izlumo-whore’ came back and blew up a few innocent British citizens, that would be a price worth paying for her yuman rights to be protected.

But, of course, the judges and the (IMVHO) ‘Izlumo-whore’s’ lawyers are brazenly lying to us. They know that once Begum is back in Britain, they’ll always be able to find some yuman rights excuse to prevent us from ever deporting her. That’s their real agenda – get her back into the UK under some specious excuse and then we’ll never be able to get rid of her.

And what will this creature do when she’s back in Britain? Will she study to become a doctor or engineer and make a huge contribution to British society? Or will she continue to open her legs to every snackbar-screaming bearded lunatic who comes within one hundred metres of her and thus end up producing a brood of mini-Jihadis whom she’ll teach to hate us and kill us?

Talking of people who consider it necessary to wear bags over their heads, here’s a bit of light relief:

It’s difficult parking a car with a bag over your head

Here’s a short (2 minutes) video from one of Britain’s multi-culturally-enriched cities. Perhaps it’s Leicester where the high level of multi-cultural enrichment from South-East Asia has caused a massive new Chinese Covid-19 plague outbreak?

The video features two ladies with bags over their heads trying to park a rather small car in a relatively generously-sized parking space.

The first minute is a bit slow. But it’s worth watching all the way through to enjoy yet more of the benefits that open borders and mass immigration of often low-IQ, often illiterate, often congenitally-stupid human flotsam from the world’s worst cess-pits are bringing to our once great country.

When watching this short video, please remember my blog from Wednesday/Thursday this week – although white people have been responsible for every scientific, medical, technical, cultural, political and societal advance the human race has made over the last 2,000 or more years, our friends from Allah’s favourite and most peaceful religion are our superiors sent to this world to guide us and lead us.


4 comments to It’s difficult parking a car with a bag over your head!

  • Hardcastle

    Is it just possible that she has never taken a test,possessed a licence or insurance? A different universe and set of rules for them,but not for us,we just subsidise them.Then of course there is the fraud,slavery etc.

  • A Thorpe

    I take a different view on this. I don’t know the details of this case and I am not prepared to spend time finding out. But my view is that nobody should be made stateless and she was born in the UK. If she has dual nationality then she has another home. I also don’t believe it is right that we should expect other countries to accept UK born terrorists or criminals because we don’t want them back.

    In the case of the video we must question the standards of the driving test, assuming as pointed out, that the driver has taken a test.

  • I know only too well what you mean by that face. – I thought that I didn’t have a sadistic bone in my body, but whenever I see Shamima Begum’s face I feel like beating seven colours of you-know-what out of it.

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