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Do “Black Lives Matter” in Sadiq Khan’s blood-soaked London?

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Do “Black Lives Matter” in Sadiq Khan’s lawless London?

On Friday there were another couple of stabbings in London leaving one teenager dead and another badly injured. But is this really news? After all, under the (IMHO) greasy, second-hand car salesman lookalike mayor, Sadiq Khan, knife murders seem to have become the most popular sport for the unbelievably multi-culturally enriched inhabitants of our wonderful capital city. If stabbing were an Olympic sport, London would definitely be one of the favourites to win.

Here are just a few of the 135 murdered in Khan’s London in 2018:

And here are just a few of the 149 murdered in Khan’s London in 2019

Yup. Very few of those killed seem to be white ethnic British. The picture is similar for murders in 2020 so far.

Here’s a breakdown of the race of the murder victims and suspects up to November 2018:

Although our black friends only make up around 13% of London’s population, 44% of those murdered in 2018 were Blacks and 48% of murder suspects are Blacks. The other 21% of victims and 28% of murderer suspects were from other enriching ethnic groups.

In total (up to November 2018) 65% of murder victims and 76% of murder suspects were from a multi-coloured enriching background:

Khan’s Gangs of London

While looking into the ever-increasing number of stabbings of mostly coloured ‘Londoners’ I found out something that I hadn’t known before. There are apparently between 200 and 260 gangs in London – all controlling their own territories and all well-armed to prevent any other gangs encroaching on their turf.

Here are just 65 of the larger gangs:

(To see the map more clearly, left-click on it once and then left-click on the map again)

1. DBG 2. 9th Street 3. 22GZ (Wood Green) 4. OFB (Broadwater Farm) 5. Sin Squad/ NPK 6. #900 7. #AP / GMG 8. CHINGBLOCK 9. DRIVE 10. #LEYTONSTONE, 11. 7th 12. 12th Manor Park 13. iLLMADE 14. 8910 15. Barking 16. 6th gang 17. Custom House Gang 18. 13th gang 19. 15th gang 20. #HOMERTON 21. London Fields 22. Holly Street 23. Lisson Green Mandem/ Edgeware Road Boys 24. ER 25. Harrow Road Boys 26. 1011 27. ICB (Ice City Boys) 28. SUSPECT GANG (USG) 29. 12World/12Anti 30. 3rd Set 31. N-GANG 32. Southall 33. Hayes 34. 37/OJB 35. 17/PriceyWorld/Wano Rd. 36. KuKu/BP 37. Moscow 17 38. AY gang 39. B-Town 40. Ghetto Boys 41. 10th (G-Town) 42.OCB/YCB (Cherry Boys) 43. Woolwich Boys 44. GS (Greenside) 45. AWB (Abbey Wood Boys) 46. Parkside 47. BSIDE 785 49. 23 #GMASH 50. AR (ARMED RESPONSE) 51. Monson Bloodset 52. Queens Road NM/23 53. PR15/NBR 54. Zone 2 55. 198 BLOCK 5 56. 410 gang 57. Cassava 58. MBlock 59. Claptown 60. 67 Gang 61. 417 Tooting 62. #Mitcham 63. CRO 64. CR7 65. M20/SMG

Around just one estate in North London, the Elmington Estate, there are at least ten gangs all fighting for rights to drug-dealing and to raping any girls in the area:

Apparently any girls refusing to have sex with multiple gang members or refusing to be filmed on a mobile giving a blow job to a gang member to be posted on social media to enhance that gang member’s reputation for being tough and attractive to girls risks a beating, stabbing and even death.

What does Mayor Sadiq Khan say? Not much!!!!!

London’s great mayor, Sadiq Khan, has been ever so brave when criticising US President Trump. But he hasn’t been quite so vociferous in explaining why ever-increasing numbers of multi-cultural enrichers are being murdered on the blood-soaked streets of Khan’s London.

But as most coloured murder victims in Khan’s London are being murdered by other coloured people, perhaps Mayor Khan isn’t too keen to mention them. Perhaps (as is the case in the USA) when Blacks are killed by other Blacks, their black lives don’t matter at all. In fact, when Blacks are slaughtered by other Blacks, they are an embarrassment to the Black Lives Matter protestors. Apparently only the lives of Blacks killed by Whites matter.

And here, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, is a short video I made last year about “Khan’s blood-soaked streets of London”



14 comments to Do “Black Lives Matter” in Sadiq Khan’s blood-soaked London?

  • PeterW

    There are none so blind as those who will not see. Sadiq and Cressida seem blinded by ideology to the exclusion of reality and practicality in the management of crime

  • A Thorpe

    There’s nothing like pointing to problems in another country to avoid dealing with our own problems. The gun control lobby in the USA points to the UK to claim that gun control here results in fewer murders. It is not true and the great Thomas Sowell has presented statistics to prove this. He also pointed to UK statistics that show when gun ownership was tightened up that crime increased. We seem to be living in an era when facts do not matter, especially to the media and politicians, and to the mob who Douglas Murray accurately describes as being educated into imbecility.

    An important factor in the increase in crime is the leniency shown to criminals.

  • twi5ted

    Much easier to blame Thatcher and be prevented from sorting out the mess by racism than actually do something about it.

    London seems to operate on many levels and you see little of this other than when it rarely pops out into the open like the murder on a train in Guildford. I have just come back from Sunday morning ride along the river and its a picture of suburban life everyone enjoying themselves. I did not see gangsters and have to say not many non white people.

    So i guess this all goes on in pockets which should make it even easier to police. But unless the police look to prevent crime rather than respond to it then nothing will change and as demonstrated here it is poor black people who are the most impacted by it. Broken windows policy works and New York was transformed in the 80s with vast numbers of police on the street.

  • William Boreham

    The London we threw away, a capital city home to 100% Londoners.

    I notice the recent congratulatory articles in the MSP regarding the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.
    I also noticed that none mentioned that it is now unavoidable that in 80 years time the English people will number less in what was once their own country than the percentage of white folk in South Africa right now – and suffering a similar or worse fate.

  • Stillreading

    Not all black families are a disaster. Yesterday on TV I watched with awe the six Kanneh-Mason youngsters, father from Antigua, mother I think Syrian, all of whom play musical instruments to an astonishingly high standard. The eldest son was Young Musician of the Year a few years ago and has played his cello at a Royal wedding. Furthermore, they are good-humoured and articulate and very evidently a close, loving bond exists between all the members of the family. They are what a family should be. Obviously they are cvery comfortably off financially, but that is not an absolute prerequisite for good family values. As a society, we have largely lost these. Women have been told for decades that unless they discharge the responsibility for the upbringing of their children to third parties while they return to paid work, they are somehow second-class citizens. It is far too easy for fathers to walk out on their wives and children, hitch up with another female, and start the whole process again. The Courts and the Legal System seem to allow this with impunity. A local news item only last week showed a young white mother who was describing how she is going hungry herself and has lost weight because she cannot afford to feed herself as well as her three children. These children were clearly of mixed race. Where is their father? Why isn’t he meeting bis responsibilities and paying up? It may be more common in black families, but it’s widespread too in our indigenous population. If every father, black or white, who has run out on his kids, abnegating all financial and social responsibility for them, were to be hunted down and forced to meet his financial responsibilities, that would be a start. It’s easy enough now with DNA to identify parentage and it might at least be a deterrent to such widespread dissemination of disastrous genetic material. Meantime, youngsters act by example and it’s a requirement of human nature to have a sense of belonging somewhere or to someone, so it’s hardly surprising that entire neighbourhoods with a high proportion of fatherless families are governed by gang membership. None of this of course in any way excuses the feeble Khan/Dick their inadequacies and ineptitude. Great song by the way!

  • chris

    Off topic I know but this video shows the real danger of wearing face masks.

  • Brenda Blessed

    I have come to realise from experience that this blog censors perfectly reasonable comments – just like the mainstream media. I prefer, which does not do that. This guy, Craig, has his hobbyhorses – scams, Islam and immigration – but perfectly reasonable anti-feminism, as propagandised by the BBC incessantly must scare him. He obviously wants to avoid being called a misogynist at all costs. I notice that none of his books tackle feminism or, for that matter, even immigration or Islam, just scams. Not attacking feminism while obsessing about immigration is like clapping with one hand. Feminism has done more to wreck this country than anything else. The entire education system was dumbed town in order to serve it. And the dumbed-down education system was used as an excuse to bring in immigrants. We don’t have enough well-educated people to serve the economy.

  • David Craig

    I write about subjects where I (probably misguidedly) hope I have a little knowledge or can do some research. I know nothing about feminism. I don’t understand females. And the only thing I know about females is that they remember every stupid thing one has ever said and are thus well-armed to win every argument.

    So, I’m afraid I’ll continue “clapping with one hand” as you write.

  • A Thorpe

    An interesting video Chris, but is this science? By discussing this in parts per million the figure sounds high, but highest percentage discussed is around 1%. The air we breathe out contains about 3% of carbon dioxide so I would expect a high value. The instrument is unlikely to be sensitive enough to detect the difference in CO2 between the air entering and the air leaving.

    In submarines the CO2 content of the air is between 2000 and 5000 ppm and I have not read of any health problems. I did a quick look to find out what the problem is with high CO2 but all I found was effects as discussed in the video but no explanations about the cause.

    If this video is valid, we should all be very worried about having an operation!

  • chris

    U-tube has now removed the video, nuff said!

    I think the point is that CO2 displaces O2 under the mask so the wearer’s blood gradually becomes O2 deficient leading to poor cognitive function. This is exactly why asthmatic’s are excused. Wearing a mask for a short period might not be dangerous if you are shopping in an air conditioned shop. But driving a car/bus in a city with air recirculation on could lead to (at the least) drowsiness.

    Maybe the danger is theoretical but why place oneself in more danger? The virus has disappeared so there is now nothing to infect us or overwhelm the NHS. Second wave scaremongering is obscene and solely to allow time for a vaccine to be manufactured (incidentally, being of the tin foil hat persuasion, I suspect GSK/Wellcome etc already have the vaccine but need time to scale up manufacure). I also recommend reading Lockdown Sceptics and Vernon Coles.

  • chris

    Incidentally, the current percentage of atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa (based on 416 ppm) is .0416% not 3%. The readings under the boys mask reached 5000ppm !

  • A Thorpe

    Chris, you seem to have missed the point. The air we breathe out contains 3% CO2, and the readings in the video are much lower, so what are they actually measuring? Where is the evidence to support your statement about cognitive functions – submariners work in high CO2 concentrations and surgeons wear masks for hours with no obvious problems. There is an easy way to test the theory and that is by using a blood oxygen monitor and I am sure this has been done on submarines and with surgeons. Fake science is easy to propagate.

    What is a “theoretical danger”? I saw a report on the effectiveness of masks which referred to the results of randomised control trials which are the gold standard in medicine and there is no benefit to masks. This was done for seasonal flu and in hospitals, so perhaps not entirely equivalent to everyday activities. The newspaper reporting it, then went on to talk about “real world data”, just more unscientific nonsense, like the video, and all to spread fear.

  • chris

    A Thorpe, I apologise, I misread you.

    However I dont think it changes my contentions about the potential dangers of properly fitting face masks. I think you assumed I was saying that that a face mask wearer gets too much CO2. My point was that the volume of Co2 under a mask can be a good indicator of oxygen depletion.

    As you say, normal intake breath air has .04% CO2, and 20% oxygen (the remainder being inert gases/vapour). Exhaled air contains 15% oxygen and 4% Co2. So, roughly speaking 5% of the oxygen is stripped out on the first breath. If the mask permitted totally fresh air this pattern could continue without adversely affecting the wearer.

    Unfortunately, by wearing a tight fitting mask, normal fresh air input from the enviroment is reduced and so the wearer has a progressively reducing volume of available oxygen. The more effective the mask the speedier will be the oxygen depletion. There is also a pro-rata increasing volume of CO2 which can be used as an good indicator of oxygen depletion. (As in the video).

    So, inevitably, the mask wearer progresses towards hypoxia. The effects of hypoxia are, of course, debateable but I see that athletes invariably use adhesive nose strips to increase oxygen intake.

    From personal experience, and to distinguish the situation with masks, I know that submarines do have a slightly lower, but importantly, very stable and consistent oxygen content. In no way does this imply a high CO2 content because CO2 is specifically and precisely extracted using chemicals. I repeat that the level of CO2 is only a useful indicator where it is commensurate with oxygen depletion. As for surgeons using face masks, I do not know how they are affected.

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