February 2024
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Have Cameron and Hague got the excuse they want to start another war?

What does a government do when they are despised by most people, when their economic policies are in ruins, when their banker friends have been caught stealing billions from us and when they are widely believed to be totally incompetent? That’s the question facing Cameron and his useless thieving cronies. Somehow they have to distract the country’s attention away from their own uselessness and unite people in some common cause. Of course, we have the Olympics – that massive waste of around £9bn of our money that will make Mr Coe and the other olympocrats even richer than they are already. But much better would be a war, preferably against a pantomine villain. Sadly Gaddaffi has gone – he would have been perfect for the role. So Cameron and the Cowards need someone else.

Thankfully they’re got the clown masquerading as a president – Assad of Syria. Syria’s shooting down of a rusting old Turkish military jet may have given Cameron and the Cowards the excuse they need to start yet another war. At this week’s NATO meeting, our cowardly, self-serving, expenses-fiddling leaders will try to convince us that Syria’s shooting down of the Turkish plane was ‘an attack on all of NATO’. They will then use this as an excuse for a bit of sabre-rattling and may try to provoke Syria into further supposed ‘aggression’ against NATO. Turkish armour is already heading towards the border with Syria. With any ‘luck’, a couple of Turkish tanks will stray into Syrian territory, Syria will blast them and Cameron and the Cowards will then have the excuse they want to escalate the situation into yet another pointless Middle East war.

When are our lying, cowardly, self-serving, thieving leaders going to realise that killing each other is the national sport of many Arab countries. We should not be intervening, We should sell them the weapons to create a few British jobs and let the Arabs get on with it.

Please Mr Liar Cameron – we don’t want your pointless war – let the Arabs slaughter each other, it’s what they seem to enjoy.

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