July 2024

Why do we chickens keep inviting more foxes into the henhouse?

(Weekend blog)

There have been many responses to the Muslim London attack. But I think this is one of the best.

I normally don’t recommend any video lasting more than 3 minutes. However, this one – London Has Fallen – is brilliant even though it is about 7 minutes long.

It perfectly describes Britain’s (and the West’s) civilisational suicide and the cowardice, treachery and hypocrisy of our Islamo-sycophantic rulers.


3 comments to Why do we chickens keep inviting more foxes into the henhouse?

  • Izzy

    And what are you going to do about it?
    You’re going to sit back and keep typing about it in this obscure lonely blog.
    Nothing gets done. Nothing changes. You’re better off just learning Arabic and ways to live off of Islam’s believers.
    They’re not going anywhere so you’d might as well accept it and enjoy it.

  • zx80

    Sorry Izzy I dont think most sane people in this country fancy being anally raped by followers of the religion of peace, or beheaded because they wont let some bearded psycho touch up their pre pubescent daughter, maybe your family will embrace and “enjoy” ( your word) the attitudes Isis display openly in such shitholes as syria?

    As for what can be done about it, thats an easy one, make your leaders know youre not going to go along with their mentally deranged islamaplan and insist they cease and desist.
    They rule with consent, its time to remove it if they wont do whats needed.
    Civil disobedience on a grand scale will rectify the issue.

  • Izzy

    You missed the point. Again, what are you going to do about it? I’ve been complaining to “your leaders” for a long time now. They don’t listen to me. I’d might as well complain to the sky every time it rains on me!

    The bottom line’s that you’re going to have to accept the muslims or get out of Their country.

    BTW the leaders will soon be all muslim if they keep breeding and getting the votes and voices they need.

    So all this talk and blog is about as handy as writing letters to Santa.

    Nothing’s gong to change.

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