July 2024

Yet again “Izlum has nothing to do with Izlum”

Now we know. The British police are totally mystified and have told us that we may never discover the motives for the Muslim terrorist attack in London. Obviously it had nothing to do with Izlum which is a religion of peace. Obviously it had nothing to do with killing unbelievers and infidels. Obviously it had nothing to do with anything, just like all previous and all future Muslim attacks will leave the authorities totally mystified.

After all, Izlum and Sharia law have made a huge contribution to Britain. Moreover, Izlum – murder of gays, murder of Jews, oppression and/or murder of non-Muslims, murder of apostates, suicide attacks, female genital mutilation, inferior status of women, women forced to wear Darth Vader costumes, gang rape of underage kuffar girls, polygamy (four wives per man), denial of free speech – is (as Theresa May has pointed out) “entirely compatible with British values and our national way of life”:

So, relax. There’s really nothing to worry about as our friends from the Religion of Peace, Hatred, Love and Tolerance take over our country.

Anyway, as my Internet isn’t working properly today, here’s the inimitable Pat Condell explaining that “Izlum has nothing to do with Izlum“:

4 comments to Yet again “Izlum has nothing to do with Izlum”

  • david brown

    The London guy seems more to have been a drug crazed headcase. i find myself in this agreeing with the Peter Hitchens case that we should be looking at the involvement of drugs both legal and proscribed in all these mass killing cases not just ones involving some convert to Islam.
    An average of five people a day die on UK roads- Texting will driving kills more than Muslim headcases.
    The real issue with Islam is demographic . Every ten years the Muslim population doubles via immigration and higher birth rates. They will become the majority in major towns and cities . How long before the block Muslim vote will determine the outcome of elections.

  • NoMore

    That pic of May submitting to the islumic male imperative says it all

  • Itsallovernow

    London Mayor’s Ties To Extremism Call Commitment To Fighting Terror Into Question.

  • Theresa O

    @David Brown True, more people die on the roads. We accept this because there are benefits to people and society of having a personal fast mode of transport. The benefits, society believes, outweigh the costs. What are the benefits of mass Muslim immigration? Are there any? Do they outweigh the costs?

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