May 2024

London attack – guilty man named!

Here he is – the man guilty of the Westminster attack:

Yup, it’s Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) – a man already known to both the police and security services for being a recidivist liar, war criminal, mass murderer, religious fanatic who was radicalised by his (IMHO) repulsive money-grabbing wife, and traitor who imported millions of pieces of inbred, low-IQ, violent, rapist, West-hating pieces of Third-World excrement in order to rub the faces of the British middle classes in ‘diversity’.

While all the politicians and media have been gushing about how the British “will not be cowed by terrorism” and the “heroism” shown by the police and “ordinary people” and how we will “not allow this crime to divide our society”, I seem to be the only commentator who has branded the solemn statements of our treacherous leaders as crocodile tears and lies from a ruling elite who have caused the problem.

Rather than writing any more about the filth in Westminster who have brought Muslim terrorism to Britain, I offer you two pieces by people much more intelligent than myself:

First, here’s Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail exposing the lies and hypocrisy of our leaders:

Secondly, here’s Nigel Farage wearily pointing out that he’s been warning us about this for years and has always been branded a racist and bigot for his warnings:

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10 comments to London attack – guilty man named!

  • Son of a miner

    British people’s response to another act of murder..candlelight vigil..bloody joke..the same old shite that it won’t divide us..silly left wing fools British society is already divided..if the bloody moslems feel aggrieved there out on the streets..I hope one day to see our folk give them the same treatment.but I really don’t think it will ever pisses me off when I see people in there shops.using there taxis..eating there dirty curry and family and I give them nothing.not a single penny knowingly..I only wish other people would do the same and give them nothing..I’m sure that it would have some effect.then the buggers might realise we biting the hand that feeds us..personally I’d send every single moslem back to there cultural homelands..all this bullshit “I’m a moslem I was born in the UK ” absolute bollocks.

  • William Boreham

    I rather like Delingpole’s comment with reference to Londoners are cowed comments, (by Katie Hopkins as well as Khan.)
    “And now, look, here’s the Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan, the guy who once called moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms” – come to reassure us with his consoling message.
    “Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism.”
    Oh they won’t, will they? Well if they won’t they are bloody stupid.
    Of course, they’re cowed. They’d be mad not to be cowed. Currently, they inhabit a culture in which the entire apparatus of authority – the police, the schools, the universities, the social services, local government, the media, the politicians, the Mayor of London – is bent on denying something everyone knows to be true but which you can’t mention aloud without fear of being accused of racism or Islamophobia or insensitivity.
    There’s a significant minority of our population which has no interest in integrating with our culture. And which would either quite happily kill us or applaud quietly (or not-so-quietly) when it happens because, hey, we’re not humans – we’re just kufar.
    Western liberal values are being pushed to the limit. One day, they’re going to reach breaking point.”

    Me – and as for that half-wit May’s statement, ‘they will not destroy Britain’s democracy’ – they already have! – there is no longer free speech in this country and many areas of this country now live under sharia law.

  • Joe Schmoe

    At times like this, I find that the politicians and media do not resonate with my thoughts. Why? Because they do not make sense. That is because they do not call a spade a spade and deal directly with the problem. Therefore if they do not address the problem, it will only get worse.
    Thank you for your website and Littlejohn and Hopkins and Farage speaking out, against the what at times must seem like impossible odds.

  • david brown

    The Littlejohn Daily Mail comments are moderated . Metro / The Sun / Mirror are not.
    An average of five people a day die on our roads among the safest in Europe.
    The real issue is not Terrorist attacks – have we forgotten the IRA ?
    The issue is Muslim demographics – now in England one eight primary school children
    The numbers are growing and at some future point the block Muslim vote will be able to decide the outcome of UK elections. Almost all Muslims who voted in the EU referendum voted to remain .

  • Longbow

    This attack can have had nothing to do with Islam because we all know that Islam is a RELIGION OF PEACE.
    When the candle-lit vigils are over, the Prime Minister will doubtless inform us of the wonderful contribution that Muslims make to our society. She might even confer a blessing on them as she did last year at the end of Ramadan.

  • John Fields

    Although this Islamic attack was homegrown, nevertheless
    we still have open borders to allow Isis terrorists to
    enter. Brexit will help close this door.
    I think that the Prime Minister should call a General
    Election to give her an overwhelming majority so that
    Brexit will run more easily.
    I am a socialist, but I will never vote Labour again as
    long as the leaders are friends of terrorists.
    Mr Corbyn has attended Hamas and Hezbollah parades has a
    guest on the main platform. Another Labour leader said
    that the IRA were freedom fighters. He should learn the
    Fidel Castro was a freedom fighter. He fought the military.
    Gerry Adams was a terrorist. He planned the bombing of
    the civilian population as well as the military.
    If we want to win this war against Islam we will have to
    be more ruthless. To start. Muslims will be deported
    for treason and sedition.

  • Chris

    I have attended a few evening receptions in the part of HOP used for private functions. In order to gain entry I was confronted with ‘machine gun toting’ police-men, had my bag searched, my photo taken, and walked through a metal detector. All of this in the grounds outside the HOP.

    So, how on earth did this person get into the HOP grounds at all? There are concrete walls all around the Parliament Sq frontage and massive gates. There are ‘machine gun toting’ police on the gates.

    How did he know a gate would be open immediately after abandoning his car?Is there more to this than is being admitted? Was he really acting alone?

    Why are armed policemen and military style vehicles being installed all over London when the armed police-men actually present at the HOP did nothing? Why was a man with a knife shot dead? Surely, Fallon’s bodyguard could have shot him in the legs.That way we could have gained valuable ‘intelligence’ from him. It seems attackers are routinely shot dead, why?

    I also remember the IRA attacks in London, especially Compton Street (1988 I think). I was in Covent Garden at the time. Police cars filled Leicester square and it was blocked off. Everyone stayed well clear of street litter bins. Armed police were not present even though bombers were obviously near. So why give mre firearms to police to respond to deliberate hit and run murdering knife attacker?

    In my view arming police is just window dressing at best or totalitarian at worst.

  • Duckegg

    I am a 77 year old man who served for three years in NI at the height of “the troubles” only to see that treacherous liar Blair release hundreds of murderers and give hundreds more immunity from prosecution so as to secure his place in history as the “man who brought peace to the region”.
    I then had the privilege of partaking in the Falklands war for the glory of the witch Thatcher (may she rot in hell).
    I now hold extremely moderate views towards our Islamic brothers and would propose that, in the interests of peaceful coexistence, we bulldoze every mosque in the country to the ground, (it would of course be a shame if many Moslems were in them at the time), I would happily give the rest the glorious martyrdom they crave and any survivors should be herded into Saudi Arabia. (I am certain that cradle of Islam would make them most welcome).

  • zx80

    I propose that the families of the dead launch a class action against ALL the players in this sick game of tacitly approved genocide and hit them where it hurts in their thieving pockets for starters.

    We need mass protests to demonstrate our opposition to the multicultural/ diversity bullshit plan that the likes of bastard blair and the rest of our england hating overlords have imposed upon us.

    We need to shun them wherever they may be, if a politician who supports this haters charter wants your vote, give them nothing, get them out and tell them why.

    Now im quite sure members of the PC police and other infected with headuparsesyndrome organisations would view these words as racist or some other trendy adjectives but heres the rub; I dont have an issue with indians/hindus/sikhs/buddhists/jews……french, spanish, poles, russians, japanese, israelis or eskimos (insert as required) because for one vital reason- Theyre not causing us any problems, by and large theyre behaving well, quite unlike members of the religion of special needs.
    Its first cousin marrying dipshits that are the issue, theyre the ones maiming and killing, raping and beating across the world, Why dont the media and politicians say it like it is then, whats the problem with telling the truth and dealing with this self inflicted nightmare?
    Because it goes against their own self imposed narratives of togetherness and lovey dovey all best of pals in it for the long haul-stronger together codswallop.

    The thing is, its not going to work and cant, we are diverse all right, a point thats promoted heavily with some kind of inane glee but the problem with that is the diverseness itself, we are TOO different for it to work, especially since in order for it TO work means we have to conform to their religious ideals and thats never going to happen, ergo conflict.
    Call it off while you can i say.

    Oh and one other thing. The sight of a british pm scurrying out the back doors to hide when faced with an already ended threat is somewhat sickening.
    Sir Winston Churchill would have stayed in place and likely taken his own machine gun out to sort the problem rather than run away like MaY did. Bad show indeed, you were never in any kind of danger, your decision just bolsters more of these scum to have a go because contrary to you bleating soundbites of not being “cowed” you were and you are, they got you running out the back door when there wasnt even the remotest threat to you, Thatcher got bombed in Brighton and didnt once show the same streak.
    Great leader eh? A big yellow coward and the terrorists know it. Bravo, you pissed your pants and ran away, what a message that sends. Pfft.

  • Colin Smith

    Blair stated his aim was nothing less than to ‘dilute our shared history’; which is just a fancy way of saying his goal was to destabilise Britain. Our own politicians have ‘radicalised’ many thousands by telling muslim immigrants that they are far more important than the indigenous British; indeed this has become nothing less than a mantra. Remember Cameron addressing a muslim audience and inciting racial & religious hatred with impunity by proclaiming muslims should not have to put up with a ‘sea of white Christian faces’. Our politicians are in a mad race to destroy Britain as soon as possible.

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