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Are there any lawyers reading this?

If there are any lawyers reading this, I have a quick question I need answering about whether a YouTube video I want to produce would risk me being sued for slander or libel or whatever.

I am thinking of making a short YouTube video called “The Charity Industry’s Five Biggest Lies”. To liven it up a bit, I was going to have a figure of the lovely Camila Batmanghelidjh (formerly of Kids Company) singing new words that I’ve written to the BeeGees’ song “Tragedy” – renamed “Charity”.

Obviously this would be a spoof. But I was wondering if the Fat Lady of Charity could sue me for damaging her reputation as the video could be interpreted as me claiming she is a liar? Anybody got any ideas?

A story the British media missed?

Meanwhile in Merkel’s Germany, around 100 hotel workers have just been fired without any notice as the German Government has decided to turn the hotel where they worked into a migrant reception centre.

Some Germans are being thrown out of their homes to make way for Merkel’s migrant invasion. Some are losing their jobs.

Fun times ahead for indigenous Europeans!

11 comments to Are there any lawyers reading this?

  • Caratacus

    I’m not a lawyer (try to be honest, you see) but is it possible further to damage something which is trashed beyond all repair?

  • I agree. But the Fat Lady of Charity lives in her own world and probably believes she is still widely admired. After all, she wants to start another charity.

  • david brown

    You can mock her and parody her .Question her motives. Just like Spitting Image

    If you made a specific claim say that she paid for a property using Charity funds you would have to be able to prove it. Assuming that she could fund an expensive court action.

  • martin jones

    Young German women shocked and frightened at what they see happening in the own cities. Nice one Merkel, you have managed to do what Bomber Harris tried but failed in WW2, Destroyed Germany.

    Meanwhile, in an average German city.

  • martin jones

    Meanwhile in that cultural tolerant haven of a UK town.

    Muslim gang attack a couple while children watch in a car this is BRITAIN 2015.

    Published on Jan 4, 2015
    A mother was taking a friend to the dentist as stopped she filmed this her children were in the back watching sickening is this BRITAIN 2015

  • Wonky Moral Compass

    Lawyers always say that free advice is worth every penny you pay for it, don’t they?

    So, how about going down the spoof 1970s style public information film route instead? You could have it narrated by the oversized, overstuffed and ridiculously gaudy Camilla the comfy couch.

    Know any animators?

  • David Craig

    Nope, I’m trying to find an animator. Regarding the legal advice, I’ve changed the storyline nad title so there’s no possibility of legal action from the Large One

  • peter hunter

    Well surprise surprise,if you play with fire what do you expect?

    Police in Germany have thwarted a planned Islamist attack after detaining a couple with suspected Salafist militant links, one of whom was seen along the route of a popular May Day cycle race in Frankfurt, officials said on Thursday.

    Public prosecutor Albrecht Schreiber said a search of their home had turned up an automatic assault weapon, 100 rounds of live ammunition, chemicals commonly used in preparing home-made bombs and a canister full of petrol.

    “Investigations by the police indicate that we have been able to prevent a terrorist attack,” Peter Beuth, the interior minister of Hesse, told reporters. “This incident shows that we must all remain very alert.”

    The 35-year-old man had dual Turkish-German citizenship and a criminal record, said Hesse police chief Stefan Mueller. His wife was Turkish and two young children found in their home by police were being cared for by social services.

    Police decided to detain the man after he was seen buying large amounts of chemicals which can be used to make explosives – using a false name. He was also seen along the route of Frankfurt’s May 1 cycle race, which attracts thousands of participants and spectators every year.


    Asked if he suspected the pair had been preparing an attack similar to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing which killed three people and injured more than 260 spectators, Mueller said:

    “Clearly since the Boston Marathon these security concerns have been part of the considerations of how to deal with that (danger) before every marathon race in Germany – and that is also valid for cycle races.”

    German newspaper Die Welt identified the couple by their first names and initial – Halil and Senay D. – and said they had links to the Salafist scene in Frankfurt and to the al Qaeda network. It did not identify the source for its report.

    Salafists advocate a puritanical form of Islam and Germany’s BfV domestic intelligence agency says their numbers are rising, as is the number of potential recruits for Islamic State.

    The BfV estimates that 450 people from Germany have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join radical jihadist forces.

  • peter hunter

    Junckers at it again, I wish they could dump them all in Luxembourg.

    EU lashes nations for foot-dragging on migrant pledges.

    The EU’s executive arm has drawn up plans to move 160,000 refugees from Italy and Greece over the next two years to ease their burden. “Nine member states have let us know that they can soon relocate 700 people,” Juncker said. “But let’s not forget that we have a decision to relocate 160,000 refugees in need of international protection.”

    Just wait for Cameron to jump in and volunteer to take them being a good Europhile that he is and volunteer a load of Taxpayers money to help them get here.And he seems to be a big buddy with Claude.

  • peter hunter

    Traitor Cameron says :

    David Cameron on Wednesday launched his most open defence to date of his country remaining in the European Union, telling Eurosceptics that EU outsider Norway was no model to emulate.

    Speaking in parliament ahead of a trip to Iceland where he is expected to make the same point, Cameron said he would “guide very strongly against” seeing Britain’s European future being akin to that of Norway, a successful economy that exists closely with but outside the bloc.

    “Some people arguing for Britain to leave the European Union … have particularly pointed to the position of Norway saying that is a good outcome, Cameron said.

    The sooner the EU collpases and breaks up, the better for every member country involved. They can all start to recover from the devastating EU experiment.Europe always prospered once it was freed from Tyrants that tried to take it over, until the next lunatics tried to take it over again.

  • Colin

    Whilest not a lawyer, I can refer you the reply that Private Eye gave to the lawyer of the Barclay Twins who complained about a spoof article “Barclaying up the wrong tree”. Private Eye solicitors point out that the law of libel recognises that statements made in jest are not actionable. Further points and cases are referred to in this context. I understand that the Barclays did not pursue this further.

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