April 2024

Dear migrants – please, please come to Benefits Britain

We all know that immigration is good for us. Right? So countries have to fight hard to be the destination of choice for the incoming (mostly young M*sl*m men) hordes.

Germany and Sweden are doing a great job in attracting the most migrants. Migrants get tons of benefits, free housing, money, food and are allowed to rob and/or rape whoever they want without any fear of punishment as the German and Swedish police have been instructed to neither investigate nor record any crimes committed by migrants in case ordinary people get the wrong idea about the types of subhumans flooding into their countries.

And, of course, in Germany migrants (always apparently men) get the chance of a selfie on their smartphones with none other than the idiot Merkel who has inflicted the migrant catastrophe on Europe with her invitation to 20 million Syrians (and another 20 million pretending to be Syrians) to come to Europe

merkel selfies

But just look at what we give them when they come to Benefits Britain:

According to official Home Office guidance, Ashford Borough Council will have a duty to provide every refugee who arrives in the borough with the following…

1. A cash/clothing allowance of £200 – to ensure they have sufficient funds to live on while their claim for benefits is being processed

2. Accommodation which meets local authority standards and will be available on their arrival and is affordable and sustainable

3. Accommodation which is furnished appropriately but not including luxury items. This means food storage, cooking and washing facilities can be provided but the facilities should not include the provision of other white goods or brown goods, i.e. TV’s, DVD players or any other electrical entertainment appliances

4. Registration with utility companies and arrangements for payments

5. A support plan for each family or individual for a 12-month period to facilitate orientation into their new home/area

6. Provision of English language classes which refugees can access within a month of arrival

7. Interpreting services throughout the period of resettlement

8. Assistance with registering for mainstream benefits and services and signposting to other advice and information giving agencies – including:

9. Assistance with registration for and collection of Biometric Residence Permits following arrival

10. Registeration with local schools, English language and literacy classes

11. Attending local Job Centre Plus appointments for benefit assessments

12. Registration with a local GP

13. Advice around and referral to appropriate mental health services and specialist services for victims of torture

14. Assistance with access to employment

we've ruined our countries

And of course, provided the migrants gang-rape, gang-sodomise and torture fewer than 1,400 girls in any one town, local politicians (usually Labour), social workers (Labour voters) and the politically-correct police will let them get on with it as it’s part of their culture.

Perhaps we’ll all soon have to move to Eastern European countries like Hungary and Croatia as they seem to be the only ones to realise the disastrous consequences of our politically-correct rulers’ desperately rushed attempts to *sl*mify as much of our continent as they can?

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