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Beware the “net migration” con

When telling us about immigration, the Government likes to use ‘net migration’ figures. ‘Net migration’ is, of course the number arriving in Britain minus the number leaving. Net long-term migration to the UK (immigration less emigration) was estimated to be 318,000 in the calendar year 2014, a statistically significant increase from 209,000 in 2013.

Ooops. Not quite the cut to “tens of thousands, no ifs no buts” that Cast-iron Promise Dave pledged!

The Government uses ‘net migration’ figures because it knows that most people have busy lives and short attention spans and so, when thinking about immigration, will just remember the 318,000.

For us ordinary people there are two problems with the Government’s use of ‘net migration’:

1. It hides the real number of people flooding over our apparently non-existent borders

2. It says nothing about the quality of people leaving compared to the quality of people arriving

So, let me try to deal with these two issues today:

1. The number of people flooding in

Despite the Government never mentioning how many people are descending on Britain, we fortunately have statistics for the number of National Insurance number issued (click twice on chart to see more clearly)

immigration ni registrations

These show that 641,000 people immigrated to the UK in 2014, a statistically significant increase from 526,000 in 2013. But the rate of arrival is shooting up and is now running at an extraordinary over 800,000 people a year – 66,000 a month, more than 3,000 every working day – arriving in Britain.

This is not immigration! This is an invasion!

2. The quality of people leaving

An estimated 323,000 people emigrated from the UK in 2014. Overall emigration levels have been relatively stable since 2010.

Here are the reasons people are leaving (click twice to see more clearly)

emigration reasons

Around 200,000 of the 323,000 people leaving are going abroad to work. This rather suggests that we are losing our brightest and our best. Meanwhile pictures of the 2015 migrant swarm give us some idea of the kind of people now trying to come here:


So, beware the ‘net migration’ con. Be aware that although 641,000 people came to Britain in 2014, immigration is now running at a rate of over 800,000 a year. Moreover it is far from certain that the quality of the people arriving in our country is anywhere near the quality of people leaving.


8 comments to Beware the “net migration” con

  • this is the reason for spending a lot of time in France it is not the love of the french but the size of the country no cluttered roads oversubscribed schools or abused social money real students influx in the uk is OK but as a way in to work no way they cant even agree to like each other while waiting for visas they fight amongst themselves silly bastards and they still want to live by their own hostile rules shari law no thanks

  • Mike Roberts

    Yvette Cooper: UK should take in 10,000 Middle East refugees.
    I hope they go to live in her back yard.

  • Mike Roberts

    About those spurious Government Migration figures, it’s nothing new, but still just as unacceptable.

    “Half the work that is done in this world is to make things appear what they are not.”
    Elias Root Beadle
    (10/13/1812 – 01/06/1879)
    US minister

  • keep em out living in france because of its size no overcrowding these silly prats canteven agree with each other waiting for visas a few real students is ok but country entry via the back door should be stopped

  • Mike Roberts

    We cant afford it…

    At the end of 2014-15, the real national debt stood at £8.6 trillion, over £320,000 for every single household in Britain
    Since 2009-10, the debt has grown by £1 trillion, and now sits at around five times Britain’s GDP
    The official national debt – the one quoted by the Chancellor in his budget – hugely understates taxpayer liabilities. The real national debt is almost six times larger than the official national debt.

    Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:
    “Despite the clarion calls of vocal protesters, the Chancellor must push ahead aggressively with his deficit reduction plan so that we can finally begin to pay back this extraordinary debt.
    “There is no such thing as borrowed money, just deferred taxation. It would be nothing short of immoral for today’s politicians to simply hand over this eye-watering credit card bill to the next generation, and they must push on with spending reductions so that Britain might live within its means once again.
    “This Government was elected on a mandate to balance Britain’s books. As this remarkable research shows, it is imperative that they don’t waver from the task.”

    Wake Up Britain we have never been in so much debt not even in war time Debt to GDP Ratio. Politicians dont talk about it because they dare not , it is so bad.They say it is £1.5 Trillion only by omitting PFI and Public sector pensions liabilities, so what are they saying, that these Pensions of Fire Persons, Police , NHS workers, Council workers ,Civil Servants, Politicians wont be paid?

  • John Fields

    I have come to the conclusion that commenting and worrying about the future is futile.
    It seems that our leaders are determined to take us down the path to an Islamic hell.
    Just imagine what our England will be like when they have the power to enforce
    Sharia Law!

  • Mike Roberts

    Yes Sharia Law, do our Liberal leaders know what that entails, for example:

    Islamic Shari’ah law is extracted from both the Qur’an and Muhammad’s Sunnah (found in the Hadith and Sira). Islamic jurisprudence are expansion of the laws contained within them by Islamic jurists. Therefore, they are seen as the laws of Allah. You need only look to the rulings under Shari’ah to see the accepted mainstream interpretation of Islam and its commandments to its followers. Homosexuality under this law, is not only a sin, but a punishable crime against God.

    Some scholars, based on the Qur’an and various ahadith, hold the opinion that the homosexual should be thrown from a high building or stoned to death[1] as a punishment for their crime, but other scholars maintain that they should be imprisoned until death.

  • NoMore

    Predictably the Prime Blancmange caved under the pressure of the dead child on the beach propaganda being shoved out relentlessly by the agenda-driven MSM. The poor kid was safe in Turkey one of the vanishingly few comparatively functional M*sl*m countries but the welcome mat put down by über-virtue-signaller Merkel proved too much of a lure for the father.

    In other news some Oscar winning performances in Hungary today.

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