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“Women and children last” and beware – new email scam

As Syrian mainly M*sl*m migrants pour into Christian Europe from perfectly safe M*sl*m Turkey, a cynic might wonder about a couple things:

1. Why are so many fit, young men of military age, who could be fighting for their country’s freedom, scarpering to safety in Europe? It’s lucky that in WWI and WWII British men stood up to the Germans and didn’t all also run away to safety in places like America, Canada and Australia

2. When things go wrong on migrants’ boats, the men always seem to fight their way to safety leaving the women and children to drown. With our M*sl*m friends it seems to be a case of “women and children last!”

On a more positive note, I thought I’d use today’s blog to warn readers of a new email scam.

Over the last few days, I’ve received emails supposedly from Next, Aldi, Boots and phone company EE. In return for completing a three-question survey or clicking on a link, I’ll apparently get vouchers worth anywhere from £250 to £500. I know this is a scam but I didn’t answer so I don’t know how it works.

Anyway, here are few of the emails I received. If you get something like this – delete!

1. Next

Thanks for your recent visit to Next. We are reaching out to our most valued customers to learn more about their recent experience. The information you share from this short survey will remain confidential.

Please help us to improve our services by answering our one-minute survey. As a sign of our appreciation for the completing the survey, we will give you a Next voucher worth 250 GBP.

We appreciate your feedback on this brief survey. We look forward to reviewing your responses and turning your input into more improved service and meaningful product development at Next.
Thank you,
Product Development


2. EE

We are reaching out to our most valued customers to learn more about their experience with EE Telecom. The information collected from this short survey will help us provide you with a better service. As a sign of our appreciation for the completing the survey, we would love to give you a voucher worth 1.000 GBP.

The 3 question survey will take no more than 2 minutes, and all answers will remain confidential.

Take the survey here.

We appreciate your feedback and looking forward to create a better experience for you and for all of our customers.

Thank you,
Promotions Manager


3. Aldi

Hi davidcraig

Thank you for agreeing to take part in our market research survey! We are conducting this survey in an effort to better understand our customers. Your participation does not obligate you to purchase anything.

Just answer the question below and you can get the Aldi Customer Reward Card worth up to 500 GBP as thank you for your time.

Thank you again in helping us better cater to you!


4. Boots

Finalists Revealed for 500 GBP Boots Voucher

Hello davidcraig,

We congratulate you! You’re invited to shop in Boots with this special gift card offer. Take advantage of this offer until September 30, 2015 and receive up to 500 GBP worth of Boots voucher.

This is strictly limited and available only to selected people. When you are ready to receive your Boots voucher, click here.

Daniel Smith
Boots – Customer Service

6 comments to “Women and children last” and beware – new email scam

  • Chris

    The photo of a dead drowned child on Bodrum beach and creative emotive reporting has forced Cameron to U turn on allowing in Syrian refugees.

    However, the real story is not what is being propagandised.

    This family lived in Istanbul. Not Syria. The man was a barber and working. They had tried to emigrate to Canada but were rejected because they did not satisfy the criteria to be classed as refugees.

    The man’s wife and children could not swim but he could.

    The man persuaded his reluctant wife to go with him and the children to the Turkish holiday resort of Bodrum to pay (a large amount) to a people trafficker to take them to Kos on a large overcrowded dingy in rough weather. This was their third attempt.

    They were therefore leaving a safe place where they were not persecuted or in any danger.

    The man had no money left (or was irresponsible) to buy life jackets and the dinghy had none.

    The people trafficker abandoned the dinghy (how?)leaving the man to deal with the dinghy. It capsized and he let go both his children. He says he let go of one to save the other!

    He swam to the beach but only realised his children were missing when he got there.

    He found one child and went into Bodrum town to look for the other. (not very realistic) Apparently he was too scared to raise the alarm.

    His other child was later found on Bodrum beach by a local bar worker who “closed their eyes” but left him to be photographed. (strangely the photos show the body in two locations)

    He is now taking his dead family back to Syria to be buried.

    Who on earth would do all of that?

  • Mike Roberts

    So where did it all go wrong. Our Liberal Elite leadership think given the chance everybody in the World will live together Happy Clappy, like good little Liberals they think we are. You know the thinking like local Council vans sporting natty little statements of propoganda like ,” Everyone different every one the Same” and other such nonsense , that sort of Kindergarden rubbish espoused by the condescending BBC drivel.
    The idea is given chance they will all be good little Liberals, you know David Cameron sending in our bombers fro the toe of Italy to free the Libyans, didnt realise he had lifted the lid on Pandoras box, how dim of him.And Oh yes they coined the phrase the “Arab Spring ” i dont think they meant they would all Spring over here, are maybe that ws their intention after all, Cameron doing the bidding of his Bilderberg ,Euro Bankster bosses such as Peter Sutherland out to destro Europes Nations in order to build a new one to their liking, nice little grateful Debt Slaves.
    What happened to all those other catchy little Acronyms and phrases , you know WMD. Regime Change, The Orange Revolution in Ukraine, disasters all where they interfere , but they never learn, it would be laughable if lives were,nt lost and countries and peoples destroyed, looks like ours being destroyed this time.

  • joe schmo

    Hi Chris,

    You put forward some of the many unanswered questions that I have too.

    At one time, the press may have considered these and investigated the matter. I think it was called investigative journalism. Now it is so much easier (and especially with emotive photographs) to publish and re-act.

  • David Thomas

    There are a billion people in Africa, another billion in India, and in China plus nearly that in the Middle East. Eventually, Merkel will have to say “Enschuldigen, full up” – what do you think will happen? Do you think the flow of migrants will stop on cue? Discuss.

  • Mike Roberts

    Discuss? This will be the country to flee soon .

  • norma


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