June 2024

Our useless politicised police are more interested in ‘thought crimes’ than real crimes

Many readers will be aware that some puffed-up, management gobbledigook-spouting, pea-brained top cop, Chief Constable Sara Thornton, head of the new National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) has announced that the police are far too busy doing important things and so in future won’t bother even turning up if your home has been burgled:

Chief Consttable sara thornton

But what are these ‘important things’ that are keeping Plod and company so busy. Here’s Ms, sorry I meant Chief Constable, Sara Thornton’s explanation “We need to move from reacting to some of those traditional crimes to thinking about focusing on threat and harm and risk and really protecting the public”.

That’s helpful.

But perhaps I can be of assistance to Ms, sorry I meant Chief Constable, Thornton in shedding light on how our police spend a good deal of their time. Here’s an announcement on Twitter from the head of the Scottish police:

At first you probably thought this is a spoof. But it seems to be genuine.

I recommend that readers click on the link below to the Scottish police’s Twitter message to see the reaction of the public to this threat from the Scottish police who would apparently rather spend their time surfing the Internet to find people committing ‘thought crimes’ than cruise our streets  chasing people committing real crimes

The problem is that under the Labour Governments of 1997-2010 the police were totally politicised and subject to abiding by political correctness so much so that they are just not fit for purpose, at least the purpose most of us who pay for them want.

The police are now part of the parasite public sector, existing to spread and entrench multiculturalism and to punish those who oppose it.

There are probably some decent types in the police, who want to do an honest job, and they have my sympathy for having such worthless bosses. But I have no doubt that the only way to get along in the police force is to be seen to support diversity and especially to be tough to the point of a police state in suppressing supposed racism, *sl*mophobia and homophobia – the unholy trinity of idiotic fetishes of our unaccountable masters. Anyone above the rank of Inspector is really just a political administrator.

Senior officers like Ms, sorry I meant Chief Constable,  Thornton have never been police officers in the accepted sense. They have been fast-tracked from university, through Bramshill Police College to high rank without ever seeing an angry man much less having been involved in dealing with hooligans and criminals. They all compete with one another to see who can come up with the brightest new gimmick to further their personal ambitions. Political correctness has become their bible. Spouting fashionable management gobbledigook has become their only way of communicating.

Fortunately there are still good police officers who uphold and follow the common law duties of a constable – the protection of life and property, the prevention and detection of crime and the prosecution of offenders against the peace. But they are being driven to distraction by the likes of Ms, sorry I meant Chief Constable, Thornton, as her latest absurd pronouncement indicates. Criminals are the winners and the law abiding public are the losers.

So, if you’re ever burgled, just say you’re black or M*sl*m or LBGT and that the burglar sang racist or sexist songs whilst doing your place over … the police will come a-running then.

7 comments to Our useless politicised police are more interested in ‘thought crimes’ than real crimes

  • NoMore

    “I’ve been burgled – I saw 3 white kids dressed as Golliw0gs running away from the scene.”

  • How do you know they were white?

  • MGJ

    Some relations told me the story of how they awoke to hear burglars downstairs. After calling the police twice and being told to get lost, in desperation during the third 999 call the wife lied that her husband had a gun and was going downstairs to sort them out. Loads of them turned up in no time.

    Sadly, as with the NHS, it is not need that determines whether you get the service you paid for but whether you are bright enough to play the system.

  • Col

    In this story, an innocent girl was harassed by police officers and after been found innocent, Ms Thornton refused to have her record cleaned off.

  • Stuz Graz

    Listening to Ms Thornton on the radio she said that part of the reason for this change of focus was out of neccesity because the number of burglaries were way down and these old fashioned crimes are falling almost non existent. She said that with a straight face and possibly even believes the crime figures although she would be the only person who does.

    Ironically, they fiddle the figures to remove real crime whilst inflating the new political crimes which I expect are so much more pleasant and safer to investigate. Lots of international conferences to discuss cyber crime etc.

  • Andrew Eaves

    Another way to get useless plod activated in a timely manner is of course to say “the seagull is going to seriously harmed). Of course saying you are going to use a shooter definitely gets a response.

  • “This is making cairetn that all of us, every single person, is treated equally before the law and to make cairetn that no one is above the law or could act in contempt of the law.”…..That statement is pure pipe dream material. The Canadian Code of Law is in dire need of re-writing. There are indeed people above the law,for example politicians,judges,police. They are liars who lie on Oath, yet they are not held accountable. It’s simply one law for them and another for us.You people put too much stock into anything you call Canadian Justice.

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