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‘Single mums’ or thick, sexually-incontinent, lazy slags?

Over the past few days, while doing exercise, I’ve been watching a BBC programme called The Housing Enforcers. It’s about some journalist who goes around with local council housing officers.

The housing officers do some good work, for example trying to prevent (mainly Asian) landlords cramming up to 5 people in some dirty room with broken windows, no heating and mould all over the walls.

But I almost threw a brick at the TV when I saw how these housing officers threw our money at girls who were always referred to sympathetically as ‘single mums’ as if pregnancy was something that just happened rather than something which required your active participation.

One girl with a young child was given a council house with a large garden. She kept gushing about how “supportive” her family were. Sadly for us taxpayers, it seems the girl’s family weren’t quite supportive enough to give her somewhere to live. No. That was left to us long-suffering taxpayers.

And as for her large council house garden, of course she didn’t have time to look after that, she claimed. Though, as she was unemployed (and too stupid to be employable) and got free childcare, it’s far from obvious what kept her so busy all day (watching Jeremy Kyle? Smoking? Shagging? Getting pregnant again?). Anyway, as she clearly had no intention of keeping the garden under control, the housing officer generously offered to send people round from the council’s gardening staff to do the gardening for her. Yet more taxpayers’ money down the drain.

single mum

Another girl, probably aged well under 20, was pregnant but didn’t yet have any children. Nevertheless she was already being given a council flat because she claimed she couldn’t live with her mother as they spent the whole time “aguwin”. No problem, the housing officer, assured her. Don’t want to live with your mother? We’ll give you somewhere to live. After all, it’s only taxpayers’ money that was being wasted.

I’m not sure if either of these girls, nor the many others being housed at our expense, had the slightest clue which of their many shags had resulted in their pregnancies.

We are so generous to the lazy, useless, sexually-incontinent slobs in our society, it could make you weep.

It seems to me we need to tighten up the rules. Nobody under say 25 years old should ever get taxpayer-funded accommodation if they still have a living parent. Let their parents look after them. The thought that they and their child (or children) might have to live with their parents for a few years might dramatically reduce the number of pregnancies among single girls much more effectively than any known form of contraception.

10 comments to ‘Single mums’ or thick, sexually-incontinent, lazy slags?

  • Keen Reader

    If the slag’s parents refuse to pay up, cash for child support and provision of accommodation should be claimed from the baby’s father, either from what (if anything) he’s earning or, since he’s likely to be equally shiftless and unemployable, from what he’s getting in State handouts. No named father, no money for the slag and her sprog! There are plenty of couples longing to adopt who would joyfully accept a baby. But no – politically-correct, doctrinally lead Social Services dictate that babies remain with irresponsible mothers and a series of “step fathers” and half-siblings until they are so screwed up that, by the age of 6 or 7, they are ruined for life and are unadoptable(but that’s another story). If a slag doesn’t know which of her half-dozen screws may be the father of her child, tell her that unless she names all the likely candidates there will be no cash, then drag in and DNA test all the possibilities; that would sort out the paternity issue and the word would soon get around the male community that responsible contraceptive use might be a good idea! In my small town I see daily overweight, unemployed females, scarcely into their twenties, trundling around their buggies with baby, fag between lips, smart-phone to ear, whinging toddlers clinging to the side, older children trailing behind and moaning as they stuff junk food into their mouths. Family values? You must be havin’ a larf, Mr Cameron!

  • Dear Keen Reader. You should be doing your own blog. You’re a better writer than I am and clearly understand more about life in Britain today in your ‘small town’ than most of our useless, self-serving politicians ever will.

  • Simon

    The mistake I made was in voting UKIP. What I/we should have done was voted Labour. They would have opened the floodgates to more immigrants, sold off the remaining gold, INCREASED child benefits, increased public sector pensions & salaries & the country would have been bankrupt in a matter of months rather than this protracted death by a thousand cuts under the Tory half-wits who seem to think concreting over any remaining green space is a viable solution. Let’s be brutally honest, this country is toast, there is no redemption, no clawing its way back from the abyss we are finished. Only after complete collapse can we hope to re-build without making the same mistakes as before.

  • Joe Schmoe

    This is certainly something that IDS should be focusing on….do you know if he is?
    There can be no pride in your country, when given the choice between hiring local’s and hiring immigrants, that most of the time, the local’s are unemployable.
    I am retired and that gives me the pleasure of seeing all these unemployables in my town centre during the day…mainly young women with prams/buggies, and as Keen Reader says…the obligatory, cigarette and mobile phone. The only saving grace I have, is that I own shares in phone companies and tobacco companies, so maybe I am getting my own form of benefit from their vices.

  • mike mines

    Public sector job creation, digging holes today filling in tomorrow. No pun intended.

  • John Fields

    I could tell you of a couple of cases I know from personal experience, but I won’t
    bother because I am past caring. Mr. Craig, you have put your finger on another
    of the many reasons why we are Bollocked. We have just had a General Election, and
    for the life of me I cannot understand how the electorate could return this bloody
    shower to power!

  • Keen Reader

    Thanks David for your kind comments, but I’m afraid I can only be reactive. I – and I guess the majority of your readers – lack totally your ability proactively to identify, research and put in the public domain in condensed and readable form issues which concern so many of us. Most of us whinge and moan in private to friends and family but are too apathetic to take our concerns any further. Equally relevant perhaps is that many of us are, genuinely, afraid of repercussions if we speak out too publicly – which is why I and presumably others do not post under our recognisable names.

  • Whenever I read things like this, an episode comes back to me from several years ago.

    At the time, myself and my wife were living in a 2 bedroomed terraced house with our two young sons.

    We were sat outside one day with a young mum (I think she was 21 at the time and had three children… the father of at least one of them was her current boyfriend but he was in prison for some reason or another).

    Actually, I lie. She had two children and one “on the way”.

    Myself and my wife were both working full-time and our house was our own (mortgaged). This young lady was in receipt of every benefit going.

    Stroking her swollen belly, she asked my wife, “Wouldn’t you like to have more children?”

    My wife said, “Well, we would, I suppose but we’re not sure we can afford to. We’d have to get a bigger house for a start”.

    The next sentence blew my mind…

    “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. Just get down to the Social and tell ’em you need a bigger house”.

    The idea that this wasn’t even an option to the likes of us genuinely didn’t seem to even occur to her. I’m convinced to this day that she thought everyone just “went to the Social” for a house.

    I didn’t (and still don’t) hold any negative feelings towards the young woman – she was merely a product of “The System”.

    Give me five minutes in an empty room with the creator of this system though…

  • Thescroatdestroyer

    I have had a brain injury and unable to do my job as a insulation engineer, which was really good money. Upon awaking from a coma and learning to walk talk and eat again due to being half paralysed, I had to go into social housing. Now this place was a complete shithole.

    A three storey estate of flats where every individual flat smelt of canabis. I had single mums all around me with no thought of looking after their kids. The slag above me used to yell out of the window usually pissed up with some random scroat baby making machine hanging out the back of her at 11pm, shouting her four year old daughter who played out on the opposite side of the estate out of sight. All I’d ever hear was “Tilly, where arrrrreeee yaaaaarrrrrrr?. Complete slag. She was the estate prostitute and about 7-10 times a day her intercom would ring often echo’ing down into my home due to her flat being bare floors and lack of decoration apart from the empty bottles everywhere. Apparently she had three kids all together but social had taken two off her. She’d be up yelling at her 4 year old to go to bed at 3am. Then the following morning would be shouting. ” Tilly will yaarrr get out af fucken bed yav got ta go school”. Then the local alcoholic and druggy would walk past mine bang up the stairs, argue with the mum then take the kid to school for her and pick her up.

    These scroats need stopping. When I had to claim benefits because I was unable to work, I’d be constantly taking pay cuts due to there not being enough funding for people with disabilities. Now I’ve finally been paid out my loss of earnings and bought myself a house with the money.

    But heres where it takes the biscuit. I have a girlfriend who works full time who lives with me in my house. Because she works and lives with me even though shes always broke as her pay is rubbish, I take another pay cut to literately less than half I would be entitled to if I lived on my own. I dont understand how this system works.

    I have an old friend now scroat, who said to me. ” Are you n (my girlfriend) going to have kids? I said no we cant afford it. Then she blew me away with this reply. ” why dont (my girlfriend) quit her job n go on the dole and you’ll get a big house and more money”. The way she said it she was proud to be on benifits with her three different father kids!.

    She once complained she needed to move house to a new town which the social did for her.they gave her a nice big terrace, which they decorated fully brand new. She stayed there about two months before claiming she was lonely and then gave her a maisonette on a nicer estate than where I was staying. They didn’t put carpets in her flat so off to town she went on the bus with her three kids to complain. A week later after claiming her son hurt his knee on the floor boards they installed carpets. Then the money she saved she went on two holidays. Disneyland paris and eygpt. Complete joke.

    The system needs sorting. Oh and my friend is now seeing a drug dealer planning baby number 4. Complete scroats. Sorry to drag on but it winds me up. These scroats have more nights out and holidays than childless working people. WTF is wrong with England?

  • Derren Naisbit

    You sound like a bit of a kiddy-fiddler to me mate.

    As far as I’m concerned, if you haven’t got a detached house without a mortgage, and at least a 30K car on the drive, and aren’t at least graduate educated, then you’re just chavvy scum like the shit on that TV program. Or have YOU decided where the ‘cut off’ point is? YOUR “taxes” alone wouldn’t run one f****** ambulance for a month you cretin!

    Internet warrior.

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