June 2024

Can you guess what’s missing from these photos?

Here are four nice photos from Iraq – the cradle of civilisation.

These photos show the *sl*mic State’s (ISIL’s) victory parade in the Iraqi city of Ramadi in the last few days (click to see photos more clearly)

ISIL victory

But can you guess what’s missing from these photos?

A: Beheadings and crucifixions? Don’t worry, those have already started, they’re just not shown in these pictures

B: The Iraqi army? (an oxymoron if there ever was one) Not a bad guess. Though given the way ISIL treats prisoners of war, I’m not surprised all the Iraqi officers buggered off long ago and their ‘soldiers’ soon followed. None of them were keen to stick around for obvious reasons

C: Women and young girls? Well, obviously there aren’t any of them around. They’re either in their homes covered by large black sheets having been liberated by true M*sl*ms or else, if they’re not M*sl*ms or are the wrong kind of M*sl*m, they’re being sold as sex slaves for fighters who don’t want to wait till they go to Paradise to get their 72 virgins

Come on, surely you can do better than that? No ideas? OK, then I’ll tell you. What’s missing from these photos are allied airstrikes. What’s missing are allied missiles and bombs sending this bunch of bloodthirsty M*sl*m lunatics to Paradise.

Our military intelligence (another oxymoron, I’m afraid) knew that Ramadi had been captured. Military intelligence could have guessed that ISIL would hold a victory parade loudly cheered by the Sunni inhabitants of Ramadi. Using satellite observations or reconnaissance planes, our military could have spotted all the ISIL fighters and vehicles gathering for the parade and sent planes and drones to wipe them out.

But we did nothing.

Just look at how many ISIL fighters and vehicles are sitting ducks.

But we did nothing.

WTF were our military commanders doing? Were they too busy setting themselves up with lucrative jobs to supplement their £100,000+ a year pensions when they took early retirement? Or did they think it wasn’t cricket to attack the ISIL loonies while they were celebrating their success?

Why did we do nothing? Are we really trying to beat ISIL or not?

And now, looking at the map of the ISIL advance:

isil to attack baghdad

I suspect there is going to be a dramatic drop in prices in the Baghdad property market. Perhaps this would be a good buying opportunity? Perhaps not?

Meanwhile O’Bummer and Camoron tell us we’re winning the fight against the *sl*mic State (which, of course, has nothing to do with *sl*m which is a religion of peace).

Looks to me like we’re losing and we’re losing because of our leaders’ total incompetence.

6 comments to Can you guess what’s missing from these photos?

  • NoMore

    Now they have taken Palmyra because air strikes won’t be used where ISIL are fighting directly against the evil Assad regime. There are lesser evils of course but maybe not to I*l*mophiliac Lefties.

  • Caratacus

    Because I am a suspicious old so-and-so I am inclined to think that the lack of airstrikes is planned. IS is, after all, a western construct and seems to be doing what is required of it by the west … the mad buggers in the US and here are determined to have their war, it would seem.

  • John Fields

    If ISIS continues the drive south, and the Iraqi army does a disappearing act then how
    long before an American coalition puts in ground troops. And guess who will be up the front
    waving his Union Jack. Our great leader, Mr Cameron, willing to send in our depleted
    armed forces. After all, if it had not been for a Commons that stopped him British forces
    would be fighting in Syria.

  • MGJ

    Given we’d be bombing an enemy that actually WANTS to be killed and sent to paradise, it is hard to see what objections could reasonably be raised.

  • Keen Reader

    Bomb the hell out of them before their repulsive “religion” impels them to destroy some of the most spectacular treasures of ancient civilisation. Yes, there will be civilian casualties and we’ll be subject to the customary bleetings of the bleeding hearts brigade, but for goodness sake don’t send our poor lads (and lasses) into another blood bath when they’ve only so recently got out of Afghanistan. However, with a M…im apologist in the Whitehouse and our own country now extensively populated with followers of the R o P, many in thrall to radical Imams and straining at the leash to creat a caliphate in the country of their adoption, I am not holding my breath. Assad, Mubarak, Gadhafi, even Saddam Hussein, merit sainthood compared with this ISIL lot.

  • david brown

    Caratacus has it right. The whole ISIL thing seems to be some sort of deception.

    We prefer to think that ISIL taking over parts of Libya was an unforseen event. Resulting from the overthrow of Gaddafi maybe it was the intended result all along.

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