October 2021
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Get ready for a deluge of Greenie scaremongering this year

In December 2015, 196 countries will get together in Paris to sign a global agreement on combatting the ludicrous myth of Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming (or Climate Change or whatever it’s called this month).

I imagine most readers can guess what will be in this great agreement. For the West there will be ridiculous targets to reduce CO2 emissions, massive environmental tax rises for ordinary people, and hundreds of thousands will lose their jobs as high energy prices make our industries uncompetitive. Meanwhile China and India will continue to build hundreds of polluting coal-fired power stations and will take the jobs that the West is losing as the West commits economic suicide on the rickety altar of the false god of Man-Made Global Warming.

To soften us up for the new assault on our freedoms, pockets and jobs, we can expect the Greenie establishment to bombard us with scare story after scare story about how we’re all doomed unless we “tackle Climate Change”. Given that the Earth hasn’t warmed up at all for the last 19 years, all these scare stories will be total bunkum. But that will not stop the BBC and Channel 4 and the Guardian plus other sanctimonious bien pensants all castigating us for supposedly destroying the planet due to our use of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas etc)

As these scare stories are launched, I will as best as I can expose them for the blatant lies that they are.

A good one came out yesterday. Here’s the headline from a newspaper article: After 10,000 years giant Antarctic ice-shelf will be gone by 2020, Nasa report says

And here’s the sub-headline: New Nasa studies warn of “bad news for our planet” as looming crack threatens to shatter Larsen B ice-shelf into pieces

And we’re given a nice photo of this Larsen B ice-shelf:


OMG! OMG! OMG! When this collapses, we’re all going to die!

Or maybe not. After all, in 2002 the Larsen B ice-shelf virtually disappeared. Here’s a quote from a scientific article written in 2002 “In the Southern Hemisphere summer of 2002, scientists monitoring daily satellite images of the Antarctic Peninsula watched in amazement as almost the entire Larsen B Ice Shelf splintered and collapsed in just over one month. They had never witnessed such a large area—3,250 square kilometers, or 1,250 square miles—disintegrate so rapidly”

And here’s a satellite photo from back then:


I think the big hole is where the Larsen B ice-shelf used to be.

Yet somehow, in spite of a large rise in CO2 in the atmosphere and in spite of supposed Global Warming, the Larsen B ice-shelf reformed very nicely indeed. Ooooh. That’s odd. Maybe the Greenies could explain how a supposedly warming Earth managed to produce more ice? I thought heat melted ice. Perhaps everything I learnt about physics in school was wrong? Maybe I don’t deserve my physics O’Level?

So, as we wait for the next “we’re all doomed” Greenie scare, here’s a graph suggesting that global temperatures have little or nothing to do with the level of CO2 emissions (the blue line is temperature and the green line CO2 emissions)

global temperature and co2

And here’s a graph suggesting that global temperatures are pretty strongly linked to solar activity (the blue line is temperature, the red line is solar activity and the thick grey line is CO2 emissions)

solar activity and temperatures

3 comments to Get ready for a deluge of Greenie scaremongering this year

  • Keen Reader

    Fact: The Dalton and Maunder Minima, two periods in the last thousand years when global temperatures dropped drastically, were linked we now know to decreased sun-spot activity and conversely warmer periods are linked to increased activity. Global temperatures should be viewed over millennia, not decades. 1700 years ago Greenland was sufficiently warm for the Vikings to colonise and farm it, then it became too cold and they left, now possibly it’s warming again (although this is questionable). But the “Greenies” don’t want to examine these facts; they prefer to jump on the populist bandwagon. Meanwhile this small island is accepting ever more immigrants, every one of whom sees acquisition of a fossil-fuel consuming vehicle as a priority, yet we are accepting the imposition of ever tighter limits on CO2 emissions. The education system is flagrantly biased. A family member is obliged to present global warming theory as fact to physics students but, being a sceptic, concludes by telling the youngsters never to accept anything they are told without independently verifying it. Not so easy to do, though, when access to all the facts is made so difficult. Al Gore and his “inconvenient truth” continue to prevail.

  • Stuz Graz

    Facts have nothing to do with this anymore. Its all about presentation and trying to make the turkeys support and look forward to Christmas.

  • david brown

    The BBC have a policy of treating man made climate change as proven fact. Occasionally an individual might be allowed to question it so long as they have no scientific credentials.So they can be treated as a crank.
    David Bellamy was banned from the BBC for questioning the so called proven fact, The lie used by the BBC on news reports is to say The consensus among scientists. When its really just scientists paid to produce evidence for or fabricate in the case of the University of East Anglia. The BBC are intentionally trying to deceive people into thinking that man made climate change is a proven fact.

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