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The squalid hell-hole that is Africa – blame the liars at Oxfam and Save the Children

As most of Africa seems intent on fleeing the squalid, rotten, excrement-covered hell-hole of their continent, the self-righteous (well-paid, well-pensioned) do-gooders at charities like Oxfam and Save the Children keep appealing for ever more of our money as they have done every year for the last 50+ years. But have these charities ever really helped Africa? Or is Africa’s wretchedness actually largely due to the dishonesty and self-serving greed of these supposed ‘charities’?

Regular readers will be well aware of the key facts that charities like Oxfam and Save the Children never tell us:

1. Ten Marshall Plans

The holier-than-thou mob are always claiming Africa needs more money. But after WWII, under the Marshall Plan, Europe received $20bn a year (in today’s money) for just 5 years and this was enough to stimulate the complete rebuilding of our continent. Over the last 50 years Africa has received about $1trn in aid – $20bn a year. So for 50 years Africa has been given as much each year as Europe got for just 5 years and little to nothing has been achieved with all the money. In fact, most African countries are now poorer than they were in the mid 1960s when this deluge of aid started

2. Widespread corruption

Research by the Global Financial Integrity project indicates that African rulers steal about 3 times as much money each year from their countries as their countries receive in aid (please see my YouTube video – link below). So, if we could just cut the level of corruption in Africa by a half, Africa wouldn’t need any aid at all and would still be richer

3. Explosive population growth

Africa’s population growth is completely unsustainable. When we started giving aid in the mid 1960s, poverty-stricken Ethiopia’s population was about 25 million. Now it’s over 96 million. Poverty-stricken Sudan’s was 12 million. Now it’s 50 million. The situation is similar in most African countries in spite of the fact that Africans spend much of their time killing each other. No wonder most Africans are living in abject poverty

None of this is ever mentioned by the charities. They know that if ordinary people in the West were aware of the truth of 50 years of their failure in Africa, we would stop giving and the gilded, usually taxfree lifestyles of our hundreds of thousands of charity workers – the Lords of Poverty – would end

After 50 years of giving, there are more Africans living in destitution than ever before in Africa’s history. Well done Oxfam and Save the Children! You should be proud of your achievements!

After 50 years of failure in Africa, it’s time to stop this foreign aid farce. Here are just a few of the solutions I propose in my book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL

1. All countries eligible for emergency (humanitarian) aid

Less than 10% of our aid is emergency (humanitarian) aid – aid that is given following a drought or earthquake or famine. Over 90% is so-called ‘development aid’. We should continue giving humanitarian aid to any country that needs it

2. Development aid made conditional

We should provide different levels of development aid to countries. This should be linked to clear conditions like reduction of corruption, implementation of population controls, reduction in military spending and so on. Each country should be audited each year and it should be clearly explained why aid is being withheld and what that country needs to do to get more aid released

3. Reducing the number of charities

In some countries there can be hundreds and even thousands of charities operating, all with their country managers and offices and four-by-fours etc and all spending a fortune on bribing government officials. At one time it was estimated that there were more than 4,000 charities working in Ethiopia. We need to give responsibility for each African country to one or two charities. They would then be responsible for organising all charity work in that country and accountable for ensuring that the development money actually succeeds in developing something.

It’s time to stop the development aid farce in Africa. Nothing is being achieved. In fact, after 50 years of failure poverty is increasing. We need a new, more intelligent approach.

And, for those who haven’t seen it, here’s my YouTube video – Africa:

5 comments to The squalid hell-hole that is Africa – blame the liars at Oxfam and Save the Children

  • Morgan LaFey

    Africans are told to breed, that’s the reason behind the population explosion. In South Africa, you can claim a ‘child benefit’if you are a mother at the age of 12.Thus promoting children to have children. The government WANTS a nation to influence into doing their bidding. They are building a nation of child soldiers, the rest of the world just hasn’t figured it out yet. WE ARE BEING MURDERED ON A DAILY BASIS AND THE REST OF THE WORLD EITHER DOES NOTHING OR KNOWS NOTHING.

  • Keen Reader

    Dead right Morgan LaFey (forgive the pun). Stop giving Gvt. aid to Africa in money and instead manufacture in the UK all the stuff Africa needs, from water purification plants and pre-fabricated schools, to contraceptives and medicines, and all the stuff in between, then employ the requisite engineers, teachers and medical staff to install, teach, treat and administer what’s being provided. It seems there’s never any shortage of UK citizens panting to work in Africa, so recruitment shouldn’t be a problem. If this were paid for by the UK Gvt. in lieu of the financial aid currently given,it would provide manufacturing employment in the UK and ensure that UK taxpayers’ billions were reaching their target, not being deflected into the pockets of corrupt African heads of state. Who knows? A few generations down the line Africa might just have learned to control its ever-increasing population and educate and feed its young. An incidental benefit might even be that it would reduce the amount of money squandered by the thousands of so-called charities who are for ever pestering us via “chuggers” on commission or junk sent through the post at significant cost, to part with our heard-earned cash.

  • Keen Reader

    Just hearing more on Radio4 about the recently deceased 92 year old woman, a WW2 widow and stalwart supporter of the UK Poppy Appeal, who was evidently pestered unmercifully by a host of charities requesting ever more of her money. A family member says she received in excess of 180 begging letters a month. A friend of mine had a mother in similar circumstances, who was losing grasp of reality and regularly wrote cheques for hundreds of pounds in response to begging letters until my friend was able to obtain protection for her by legal means. It’s quite simple – all such soliciting letters and phone calls should be made illegal.

  • Yup, that’s why I researched and wrote my book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL – I noticed my 88-year-old mother was getting bombarded by charity begging letters and phone calls. So, I investigated and my book was the result of what I found – a huge, bloated, greedy, parasitical, self-serving industry feeding off our generosity but doing very little to help those in genuine need

  • If you want a safe country, take it back by any means necessary. If it is a hell hole now, it will only spiral exponentially farther into the abyss as each year passes. Either get out or get rid of the government that is causing the misery. If you don’t believe me, that’s your problem. Obviously, too many people believed Mandela and now you’re stuck in the shit and the rest of the world thinks you deserve it.

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