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Labour to introduce “Australian-style” immigration points system?

All the political parties, especially Labour, have ridiculed UKIP’s proposal for an Australian-style points system to control immigration to Britain.

So, to expose Labour’s hypocrisy on immigration, here’s a small part of a hastily forgotten speech given by Tony “The Liar” Blair in April 2005, just before the May general election that year:

“I also understand concern over immigration controls. We will put in place strict controls that work. They will be part of our first legislative programme if we are re-elected on May 5. These controls will include the type of points system used in Australia, for example, to help ensure our economy gets the skills we need”.

Yes, you read that right. Bliar promised precisely the Australian-style points system that UKIP are now proposing.

Oooops! While attacking UKIP’s proposal for an Australian-style points system, our friends in the Labour Party seem to have forgotten Bliar’s promise. It’s odd that nobody in the Labour Party has bothered to mention Blair’s promise, which was immediately binned once Bliar was re-elected.

It’s also a pity that UKIP didn’t have the brains to bring up Bliar’s explosive promise in their recent election campaign. Duh! My local UKIP party members are complete tossers. I guess UKIP leadership are as well.

At the time, Blair had been under pressure to reduce immigration and the numbers seeking asylum in Britain. Here’s another small part of that speech:

“Asylum application numbers did rise after 1997, as they did in much of the rest of the EU, due to external pressures, but we have legislated to address the situation and the numbers have fallen rapidly. Asylum applications have fallen from over 8,000 a month at the peak in the autumn of 2002 to just over 2,000. The next set of statistics will show that monthly applications are back to their lowest level since March 1997, and have fallen twice as fast as in the rest of Europe”.

Blair claims he has responded to voter concerns about rapidly rising numbers of asylum seekers. But here’s little chart I did for my book SQUANDERED How Gordon Brown is Wasting over One Trillion Pounds of Our Money (click to see more clearly)


The dotted line on the chart is the number of asylum applications. The other is the number of British citizenships handed out to foreigners. Blair reduced asylum seekers’ numbers – by showering anyone who might be tempted to seek asylum with British citizenships so they had no need to seek asylum. This then made it look like the number of asylum seekers had fallen.

Never in human history have so many been so blatantly lied to as we were by Bliar and his lousy bunch of greedy, incompetent, self-serving Labour scum, one of whom, Andy “Mid-Staffs Mass Murderer” Burnham now wishes to lead Labour and become our next prime minister.

2 comments to Labour to introduce “Australian-style” immigration points system?

  • right_writes

    Bliar did introduce an “Australian” points system David!

    He instructed the Border police (or agency as it is now), to only accept immigrants that can prove that he/she has a criminal record.

    Which is just like Australia when ruled by the British.

    Boom boom!

  • NoMore

    Far too slowly and belatedly the actual working class, as opposed to the benefits class, are showing signs of finally realising Labour is no longer the party serving their interests (quite the opposite as we know) and voting for UKIP. Let us hope that trend continues.

    British citizenship should be being treated by our “rulers” as a great honour, very sparingly bestowed, not scattered around like confetti after a (sham) wedding. But of course they really hate our country and despise its indigenes.

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