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Why do M*sl*ms seem to lie most of the time? Taqiyya

You’ve probably seen all the stories recently about a bearded (IMHO) loonie from an organisation called CAGE, claiming on TV that our greatest British superhero – M*h*mmed Emwazi, more affectionately know to millions of his fans as “Jihadi John” – was a really nice guy and that the only reason Emwazi started cutting off people’s heads was that British security services had prevented him going on a safari holiday with two ‘friends’.

Of course, we all know that most people interviewed on TV – politicians, activists, climate change ‘scientists’ etc – lie most of the time. But sometimes the lies put out by apologists from the Religion of Peace are so absurd, you wonder why they bother.

That’s why I wanted to introduce readers to the *sl*mic concept of TaqiyyaTaqiyya is well illustrated by this comment from a reader of a national newspaper:

“In the early 80’s I arrested a Muslim Cleric for stealing from and intimidating his non-Muslim tenants. Over the course of many interviews he lied and lied. When I finally cornered him, he had no choice but to confess.”

“I said that I had studied comparative religions in a former profession and that it is a sin for a Muslim to lie. I told him that I was not the unintelligent buffoon he clearly thought I was and that I was affronted by his contempt for me in our dealings.”

“He replied that yes I was correct but a Muslim can tell as many lies as he wishes to defeat an infidel. He said with a sneer and the appearance of having a bad smell under his nose, ‘You are an infidel, a non believer you are of no account I can say anything I like to you.’

“In further research, I discovered that telling lies to non-Muslims is sanctioned by the Quran and Taqiyya. A concept within mainstream *sl*m that gives all the ‘get out clauses’ for M*sl*ms to perpetrate any number of evil practices, slavery, rape and many others.”

“Since that day I would not trust any M*sl*m any further than I could pick up and throw a grand piano.”

“Experience has taught me that *sl*m is cruel, duplicitous, mendacious and oppressive, especially to females of all ages. It is an evil medieval cult.

“Cameron has said he wants to see M*sl*m leaders in the police and the armed services and more as senior politicians. Cameron is either a congenital idiot or blatantly ignoring evidence to get votes. He is selling the UK down the Armitage Shanks.”

Most religions’ holy books give moral guidance on how we should live our lives and treat others. But the K*r*n is different in that it always distinguishes between ‘believers’ and the rest of us – the infidels, the kaffir, the people who are lower than dogs.


It is the goal of *sl*m to dominate the world and subjugate or kill all infidels. Taqiyya is a recommended way of behaviour for M*sl*ms when helping pursue *sl*m’s target of world domination. Taqiyya advises M*sl*ms to always lie to infidels when it helps the cause of the spreading (usually by intimidation and violence) of *sl*mic power.

So, next time you see or hear some bearded madman (it’s unlikely to be a woman) arguing about how wonderful and tolerant the Religion of Peace is, it’s just Taqiyya – a bunch of deliberate lies. He knows it and now you know it.

6 comments to Why do M*sl*ms seem to lie most of the time? Taqiyya

  • right_writes

    I think you do the Mediaeval period a great disservice David…

    These were enlightened times compared to today… Islam shares nothing of value with that period.

    Read “How To Be Free” by Tom Hodgkinson, mechanisation didn’t allow the wealthy to get too far ahead of the poor, so the gap between rich and poor was much less extreme than now. It was not uncommon for a peasant to go to the pub after work and drink with the squire or the lord, who would share much in common.

  • I could replace the word ‘medieval’ with ‘primitive’. But then you’d tell me that stoneage man was quite a sociable sort of chap and didn’t go around beheading other stoneage men just because they worshipped a different tree than he did. However, any suggestions as to how I can describe the ghastly perversion that is “*sl*m” would be welcome

  • Bernard from Bucks

    And today’s blatant example can be found here –
    “The Sunday Telegraph can disclose that an extremist who has called for the killing of British troops, Azad Ali, was joined in Parliament by the Labour MPs Yasmin Qureshi, Andy Slaughter and Gerald Kaufman and Sayeeda Warsi, the former Tory community’s minister, to launch a “Muslim manifesto” for the general election.
    The manifesto, by Mr Ali’s group, Mend, promotes the Islamist agenda of Muslim grievance and victim-hood and includes demonstrable lies, such as a claim that the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby led to the murder of a Muslim man, Mohammed Saleem, in Birmingham.
    Mr Saleem was actually killed three weeks BEFORE the Rigby attack!”
    I’m surprised that the ever fragrant Ms Warsi is happy to be associated with this group?

  • BaronessBonkers

    Why don’t you call them by the snappy name “a people who used to live in uk before the peoples’ revolution in winter 2015?)

  • MGJ

    Next time you hear some mendacious nutjob saying “We condemn attacks on innoccent civilians”, ask whether they include ANYBODY British as either “innoccent” or “civilian”.

  • bob4342

    Remember this telegraph comment from a couple of years back, very believable and explains alot expecially Irans so called fatwa on nukes

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