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Guardian editorial policy: “never mention that they’re M*sl*ms!!!”

Yet another report of hundreds of white girls being torture-raped and forced into prostitution has been published. This time it’s in Oxfordshire. This gives the editors of the *sl*mophiliac, Israel- and Jew-hating Guardian a small problem – how can they report the story without offending their beloved M*sl*m community and M*sl*m-loving lefties?

In the latest Guardian article, the newspaper lets us know that the gang-torture-rapes were perpetrated by “gangs of men”. Well, perhaps we could have guessed that? Later in the Guradian report, the newspaper writes “The case echoes the child exploitation scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale and Derby involving gangs of men of Asian background targeting white girls in care”:

But what does the Guardian (motto – Comment is free but facts are sacred) mean by “men of Asian background”? Could it be Burmese and Thai Buddhist gangs who are responsible for the torture-rapes? No, I don’t think so. Or Confucian Chinese? No, they’re probably too busy working to get involved in such stuff. Perhaps “Asian” means Japanese? Nah, doubtful. Or could it be Indian Hindus who are responsible? Maybe we’re getting closer? After all, gang rape followed by the murder of the victim is India’s favourite male participation sport, much more popular than cricket. No, again, like the Chinese, Britain’s Indian Hindus are far too busy getting a decent education and job to go in for gang-torture-rape.

I’m sure the Guardian would like to blame an international Zionist conspiracy for the gang-torture-rapes. But as Israel is not in Asia, even the truth-stretching Guradian knows it could never get away with suggesting that one.

Of course, we all know which group is responsible for these gang-torture-rapes – M*sl*m men from Pakistan ably assisted by a few M*sl*m men from hell-holes like Ethiopia and Somalia. But if you only read the Guardian for your news, you wouldn’t know this.

And why do these M*sl*m men do this? Firstly, because they treat women as almost as low as dogs, only on this earth to satisfy the sexual desires of men – many of whom are called “M*h*mmed. And why do M*sl*m men do this to white girls? Because they regard us infidels as filth. Our M*sl*ms love our benefits system. But they hate everything else about our society – freedom, equality, scientific progress, free speech, tolerance, happiness.

oxford rapists

And how do these M*sl*m men get away with gang-torture-raping perhaps 10,000 white girls across Britain every single year? Because the M*sl*m community knows precisely what’s going on but considers protecting the reputation of their ludicrous death cult masquerading as a religion as much more important than protecting the lives of the gang-torture-rape victims and because political correctness and the adoration of multi-culturalism prevents anyone in authority from speaking out. Just as the Guardian censors all reports of the perpetrators being M*sl*ms, so the Guardian-reading BBC and authorities and social workers refuse to ever mention that all the perpetrators are workshy, benefits-scrounging, intolerant, violent, UK-hating M*sl*ms.

Although I’ve just read the reports of the latest child-torture-rapes in Rochdale and with that story even the Times and Telegraph are referring to the men involved as ‘Asian’ and not mentioning that what they all (except one) have in common is that they’re M*sl*ms. So, it’s actually not just the Gurdian playing the “don’t mention they’re M*sl*ms” fraud on us.

Did our parents and grandparents really fight in two World Wars to protect our freedoms and now our leaders are grovellingly handing over our country to the invading M*sl*m hordes? What a betrayal!

5 comments to Guardian editorial policy: “never mention that they’re M*sl*ms!!!”

  • It is not just our England that is subject to Islamic colonisation with state suppresion of public disant.France, Sweden and the Netherlands also have a primed Islamic demographic bomb.
    50 million Muslims so far in Western Europe is way too many. At some point in the future so that Europe has a future the bulk of the Muslim population will have to be returned to their ancestral homelands.

  • MGJ

    (Sorry, please delete if this gets through).

  • MGJ

    Predictable stuff from the left-wing anti-racist racists.

    It is often interesting to reverse things and consider what might happen. Suppose the perpetrators had been Jewish or the victims M*sl*m, what do you think the Guardian’s editorial line might have been?

  • mike mines

    We are at war and I don’t know who are worse, our wilfully blind ‘leaders’ or the perps.

  • Peter

    Ben Shapiro: First They Came for the Jews

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