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A colossus? Yes, of lies, deceit, economic ignorance and financial incontinence

So, the great Gordon Brown is standing down at the 2015 General Election. We’re told this is because he wants to concentrate on his role as a UN representative for education and not because he’s afraid he’ll lose his seat to the SNP.

And as this supposed colossus retires to spend the millions he’s amassed at our expense, droves of politicians are being interviewed by obsequious TV journalists about what a towering political giant Brown was. Our rulers and their media sycophants seem to have short memories.

When I returned to the UK in 2006, everyone was blethering on about Brown being the ‘Iron Chancellor’, the tough Scot who wouldn’t waste a penny of taxpayers’money. So I wrote SQUANDERED How Gordon Brown is Wasting Over One Trillion Pounds of our Money to expose the lies and deceit used by Brown and his acolytes Ed Balls and Ed Miliband as they drove Britain into bankruptcy. I can’t condense 65,000 words into just 500, but here are just a few of Brown’s catastrophic decisions:

1. Overspending Although tax revenues were rising every year from 1997 to the 2008 crash, Brown spent more every year than was collected in tax


So, when the crash came and tax revenues collapsed our national debt doubled from £350bn to over £700bn

2. NHS Idiot Brown more than doubled NHS spending from £45bn to over £100bn. Yet when New Labour came to power in 1997, we had 200,000 hospital beds and 25,000 managers (8 beds per manager). By 2008, we had 140,000 hospital beds and 43,000 managers (3 beds per manager). And, of course, managers’ salaries more than doubled. We also have around £300bn in overpriced PFI contracts that are now bankrupting many hospitals. And doctors were given massive pay increases while getting new contracts that meant they no longer had to do home visits

3. Educational disaster Brown increased spending on education from £38bn a year in 1997 to £73bn by 2008, yet during that time Britain constantly fell further down in the PISA educational rankings. Plus, let’s not forget the £45bn PFI Building Schools for the Future programme that we’ll be paying back for the next 20 years or so

4.Giving away our gold Hopefully everybody remembers how Brown sold off much of our gold when gold was at the lowest it had been for hundreds of years. Moreover, when other central banks want to sell gold, they do it surreptitiously through agents so as not to collapse the gold price and enrich speculators. Idiot Brown announced his sales in advance and the gold price fell to what those in gold trading call “the Brown Bottom” losing us billions but making those buying our gold at knock-down prices very rich indeed

5. Hiding real unemployment by allowing hundreds of thousands of healthy people to claim disability benefits


6. Massively increasing our taxes

7. Destroying one of the best private pension schemes in the world

8. Squeezing military spending so that many of the 453 who died in Afghanistan did so unnecessarily because there weren’t sufficient helicopters and there were almost no armoured vehicles to protect them from IEDs

A colossus? No, an incompetent, economically-ignorant, financially-incontinent bully and buffoon who should be reviled for the massive damage he did to our country.

8 comments to A colossus? Yes, of lies, deceit, economic ignorance and financial incontinence

  • Keen Reader

    It is truly nauseating to observe the sycophantic broadcast media lauding this grotesque bully, who during his 10 years in charge of the Exchequer and then 3 years as our Great Leader managed to increase Britain’s debt and thereby destroy Britain’s economy beyond any realistic prospect of redemption. His very first act as Chancellor was to withdraw the tax credits on the “top” end of private pension contributions, thereby immediately slicing thousands of pounds off the pension pots of hundreds of thousands of workers. The mathematical incompetence of the majority of the population meant he got away with this virtually unchallenged. For that alone I will never forgive him. Then there were all the things of which rightfully you accuse him today. If there were any justice, he would be arraigned as a traitor to the UK – juat as would, of course, his arch enemy, Liar Blair, the Warmonger.

  • joe schmo

    As a former trustee of my companies pension scheme, I hold him wholly culpable in the decision we had to make to shut our scheme down due to affordability.
    In scrapping the tax relief on pension fund dividend payments he destroyed the countries very successful final salary pension schemes.
    But then again why should he care?
    Does anyone know what his own pension will be after
    30 years in the House of Commons?

  • NoMore

    Brown was not only the worst Chancellor ever but also the worst PM ever too – quite an achievement, particularly to beat Blair and Cameron at the latter.

    It’s still a moot point as to whether the UK can ever recover from the damage wrought by these three traitors.

  • MPs have the most generous public-sector pension in Britain. They get 1/40th of their final salary for every year in Parliament. And I think that’s from reaching 60. So, after 32 years fiddling his expenses and flipping his homes, Brown will get almost £70,000 a year for the rest of his life. But he was also Chancellor and PM, so I imagine he’ll be on well over £100,000 a year for the rest of his life. You or I would have to save up more than £3m in our pension pots to get a similar pension to the great public servant Gordon Brown.

  • Richard Young

    I would add that he did nothing about the corrupt dung heap that is the Scottish branch of the Labour Party.His control freakery stymied the rise of the honest few within it,preferring fawning family dynasties such as the Martins [ex HofC Speaker]Scotland was’his’while nepotism run riot.Why could that be wrong?was his usual dysfunctional mindset.The SNP rode to prominence on a ticket of integrity using Brown as their fat arsed target.

  • He also removed control on the Bank of England. Not that the Tories objected. What it meant is that the DoE would not see the accounts of Northern Rock and RBS.
    American Financial institutions started to relocate to London where the would not be subject to regulation. The exodus was so such that the corrupt Clinton administration repealed the Glass-Steagall act which had been introduced in the 1930s to stop Banks taking reckless risks. It was actuaaly that which had prepiciated the great depression.Gordon Brown helped to inflict damage on the American economy also.
    Royal Mail was intentionaly sold off below its true value so that corrupt contacts of the Government could profit.The same was true with the gold sell off. Portugal has more gold reserves than the UK.The Philippines have more foroign currency reserves.
    Have A Nice Day

  • MGJ

    A good summary of his career of failure, bullying and buffoonery; also some good comments above. I would just correct one point: GPs (I’m married to one) do still have to do home visits. You could however write a whole article on just the cretinous “reforms” introduced for GP surgeries. Dimbo Dave of course has a few of his own.

    For reasons I cannot fathom, he seems still to be genuinely popular in some parts of Scotland.

  • Richard Young

    MGJ.Allow me to explain a little of the Brown popularity paradox.The family roots in his constituency and Fife in general go back 300 years.Their protestant work ethic was admired.Work for works sake regardless of gain,so to speak.Then the word ‘tragic’is often applied to him with effect.He himself uses the loss of an eye to conjure up the tragic emotion.Us Scots hang [sometimes literally] on that word.Sympathy confetti.
    A tame Red-Top Press.The buying of jobs.Two Clyde built aircraft carriers with no aircraft will suffice.Playing to the gallery and his self image as a Clydeside red warrior.Enough….

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