March 2023
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Another week, another ‘big speech’ from our lying leaders

I hate to be forever the doom merchant bringing bad news. But when much of the mainstream media fawns over every false promise and statistical manipulation made by our lying leaders, someone has to point out when we’re being conned. After all, just this weekend the Torygraph was full of articles praising Osborne’s ‘economic genius’.

Last week we had Cast-Iron Dave’s almost laughable effort on immigration. This week it’s George “Gordon-Brown” Osborne’s Autumn Statement telling us how we’re emerging from the gloom of Labour financial catastrophe onto the bright uplands of Coalition economic success. But it will all be distortion of the truth. Here are just three tricks to look out for

1. “The British economy is the fastest growing in Europe”. True. But Eurozone countries are only allowed to borrow up to 3% of GDP. Britain is borrowing 6% (£100bn) of GDP. Our supposed growth is about 2.7% of GDP – that’s £46bn. So our growth is really just our financially-incontinent rulers borrowing money and spending it on our bloated public sector and on benefits (largely for immigrants)

2. “Britain is creating more jobs than any other European country”. True. But most of these jobs are going to immigrants and most of them pay so little that British taxpayers are having to throw the horribly misnamed ‘tax credits’ (actually benefits) at all these immigrants on low-wage jobs. Here’s a chart I dug up from deep within the bowels of the Office for National Statistics (click to see more clearly)

tax credits

It shows that the amount we pay in tax credits (benefits) has shot up in ten years from £16.4bn to £30bn a year. So, we are borrowing this £30bn each year to give to claimants (mostly immigrants) in low-paid jobs. With 5.7 million people getting these credits, that’s about £5,263 per claimant. Then if you add in say one million British people whose jobs have been taken by immigrants and who are getting say £10,000 a year in benefits and housing, then that’s at least another £10bn we’re paying. Oooohh look, our supposed ‘economic growth’ may actually just be our rulers borrowing over £40bn to give out in tax credits to immigrants and benefits to Brits whose jobs have been taken by immigrants.

3. We are becoming wealthier. True that our GDP is rising But as so many people are flooding into the country, we are all getting on average much poorer as the GDP per capita has collapsed (click to see more clearly)


And our debt per capita has shot up (click to see more clearly)

gvt debt per capita

We’re not becoming wealthier, we’re just becoming ever deeper in debt.

Then when you consider that around 580,000 people per year are swarming into our country, our quality of life is deteriorating. Our schools are overcrowded, our roads are gridlocked, the NHS is collapsing under the strain, crime is rocketing and homes and rents are becoming unaffordable.

These are the real ‘bright uplands’ of the Coalition’s economic achievements!

(I’ll try to find something more cheerful for tomorrow)

2 comments to Another week, another ‘big speech’ from our lying leaders

  • Keen Reader

    Well done and keep digging to expose the figures behind all the lies we are told. The costs to UK taxpayers of the erroneously named “tax credits” – in plain parlance cash hand-outs – given by Gvt. to low-paid immigrant workers is enormous. The indigenous UK population continues to suffer monstrous injustices. Only yesterday I was told by a middle-aged English woman, who has lived and worked and paid taxes all her life here, that she has recently had to pay over £600 to her NHS dentist for absolutely essential crowns on two crumbling molars, crowns without which she would have lost the teeth and been unable to chew adequately. As she was writing her cheque at the receptionist’s desk before leaving, an immigrant on various benefits was being told she could have similar work done free. Just one instance of the cost to the UK of uncontrolled immigration. It is specious to assert, as the Gvt. does, that the UK needs immigrants to keep our essential services going when the immigrants are themselves straining those services to breaking point. Housing, health, schools, roads, criminal activity arising from the “rich ethnic mix” which immigration brings – when is a politician from one of the three main Parties going to have the guts to speak the truth? Don’t hold your breath!

  • driago

    Slightly off topic but: – How strange that the Telegraph hasn’t opened comments on this article…

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