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The graph that should terrify us all

Here’s a simple graph I’ve tried to put together. Unfortunately I only have figures for 1980, 2000, 2010 and 2014. So there’s a 20-year jump, then a 10-year jump, then a 4-year jump.

But although this doesn’t make a perfect graph, it does tell a story that affects us all.

I have graphed the percentage of households that take more in services and benefits  – the takers – than they contribute in taxes – the payers.

The % of households that are takers has shot up from about 43% in 1980 to around 60% today. (click to see more clearly)

takers vs contributors

The implications? The takers clearly outnumber the payers. So, a majority of voters have an interest in voting for any party that will continue to give them more more more, as long as someone else is paying.

Latest estimates are that a household (I assume this is 2 adults and 2 children) must earn more than £35,000 a year before it becomes a payer. Our rulers tell us that immigration is good for Britain. But how many immigrant households earn more than £35,000 a year?

There’s one other not so small point. The demographic group with the most children are, of course, adherents of the Religion of Peace. If we assume the average Religion of Peace household has four children, then that household would probably have to earn maybe £50,000 a year to move from being a taker to becoming a payer. How many Religion of Peace households earn more than £50,000 a year?

As almost two thirds of households are now takers, someone likened the general election to two wolves (takers) and a lamb (payer) voting on what to have for dinner.

wolves and lamb

Fortunately for the payers, many of the takers are too fat, useless, lazy and pig-ignorant to get their lard-arses off their sofas to go out and vote. But as the percentage of takers continues to rise and the percentage of payers continues to fall, it becomes increasingly difficult for any financially-competent party to ever win power.

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btw, I love some of comments people leave. Here’s one from yesterday that added to my list of “How to ruin a once-great country in 10 easy steps”. Enjoy:

11. Educate all children to believe that our history contains nothing good whatsoever. On the contrary, it is all racist, misogynist, homophobic genocidal imperialism. The only way to make amends is to be deeply ashamed, apologetic and neurotic about it. Plus of course to implement meaasures 1-10 above to show how profoundly sorry we are.


5 comments to The graph that should terrify us all

  • Peter

    A company makes £100 million profit and it pays its workers a minimum wage .Then the Government is subsiding that company when it pays that company’s workers benefits for them to survive .. Company’s should be paying a “living wage”

  • NoMore

    Yes whilst a good proportion of the alarming increase in takers since 2000 will be due to benefit seekers from African and M*slim countries a lot of it will be due to Brown’s fine idea of tax credits. The coalition should have had tax credit unravelling near the top of their list but gay marriage was too important to wait.

    More takers are on the way from Calais – not long till the first lorry driver gets dragged out and killed at this rate. Another thing the coalition didn’t do – align our benefits system with that of the rest of the EU so that some work history is required before the tap opens in order to deter benefit seekers – but that would impact on our own multi-generational benefit claimants also so they kicked that can another generation down the road.

  • mike mines

    Open borders and a welfare system are mutually exclusive, but hey, lets be idiots and prove it.
    OR…maybe someone is playing a long game, but no, if the past is anything to go by they aren’t clever enough.

  • Yup, economist Milton Friedman said something like: “You can have a welfare system or you can have open borders, you cannot have both”

  • Keen Reader

    It must be evident to anyone with a modicum of common sense and with even rudimentary mathematical skills (I realise that this effectively excludes the majority of the UK population!) that the UK is effectively bankrupt. Too many young people are being given a false idea of their value in the work-place, too many are being awarded second-class Micky-Mouse degrees which are worth less than nothing to employers. The benefits system fuels the buy-to-let housing market, where greedy landlords with the cash to buy properties are able to charge sky-high rents, funded by Housing Benefit – i.e. the reducing number of taxpayers. More than 50% of the working population have no personal pension scheme in place; they intend in their retirement years to depend on the State to provide. All the grossly obese young will eventually develop Type 2 diabetes and will in their later years be blind and/or suffer from lower limb amputation. Just how will all this be financed?
    Or maybe the numerous offspring of the UK adherents to the Religion of Peace will earn so much that their taxes will maintain the indigenous population.

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