October 2021
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How to wreck a once-great country in 10 easy steps

Imagine a country that once ruled a fifth of the world’s population, that brought democracy to the world, that has produced more great scientists and engineers than any other and that has always been a beacon for freedom and justice. Now, say you wanted to ruin that country, how would you go about it?

Here’s how to do it in just 10 easy steps

1. Hand over control of that country to a corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic, socialist bureaucracy run by Germany in spite of the fact that over one million of that country’s citizens were sent to die to prevent Germany taking over that country

2. Remove almost all border controls so that the ill-educated, unskilled masses from the world’s worst, most corrupt and most dysfunctional hell-holes could flood in to overwhelm the indigenous population

3. Bring in your enemies – allow millions of adherents of a primitive, intolerant and backward cult to pour into that country where they can steal as much as they want from that country’s taxpayers, can rape and sodomise tens of thousands girls from that country (while the police pretend not to notice anything) and can force their medieval practices on that country without anyone having the courage to criticise them

4. Create a generous and unaffordable benefits system in which those who have contributed the least can take out the most and which encourages the stupid, the lazy, the parasitical and the ignorant to procreate, while taxing those who work so heavily to pay for the worthless, that those who contribute can’t afford to have children

5. Make the benefits system open to anyone from anywhere in the world, ensuring that any piece of garbage that can get into Europe heads straight for that country to live in taxpayer-supported idleness for the rest of their worthless lives, while desperately avoiding settling in any other European country as the benefits for the idle, parasitical and feckless are not so generous

6. International Health Service – build a healthcare system that is open to be used and abused by anyone from anywhere in the world providing they can find a way of sneaking into that country

7. Unlimited immigration – allow anyone who has settled in that country to bring in a horde of supposed relatives – parents and grandparents and cousins and whatever – all eager to live on benefits while demanding free housing, free healthcare, free schooling for their children and full pensions for their elderly

8. Encourage new arrivals to exploit public services – print all information regarding benefits, schools, hospitals, housing, pensions etc in 20 to 30 languages so those who have entered the country without any intention of learning the language and integrating can avail themselves of all the benefits and public services on offer

9. In a crazed belief in the myth of Global Warming, start shutting perfectly good, cheap coal and gas-fired power stations and replace them by expensive wind-farms that work less than 20% of the time. Also put so many taxes on energy that many manufacturing businesses close down with the loss of tens of thousands of jobs

10. Impose a form of politically-correct censorship so that anyone who dares criticise the intolerant, the parasitical, the idle, the obese, the feckless, the Greenies, corrupt foreign-aid-embezzling African kleptocrats etc  is accused of being racist, ageist, sexist or whateverist and faces the wrecking of their career, while those who pander to political correctness and betray that country are heaped with honours and given almost unlimited amounts of taxpayers’ money.

But, of course, surely no country would willingly commit suicide by doing the above 10 things?

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4 comments to How to wreck a once-great country in 10 easy steps

  • NoMore

    It’s not the 99p it’s the ruinously expensive blood pressure medication you have to take after reading it.

    And with an electoral system that makes it increasingly hard for the net contributors to wrestle control from the net takers halting and reversing the above will be well nigh impossible. Maybe one election left and who to vote for is a no-brainer for a net contributor angry about the above ruination – well you would have thought so but old habits don’t die as easily as a nation does.

  • Simon H

    Well Sir Craig,
    I would say you have nailed it. All the points you have raised will undoubtedly bring about the demise of the U.K. Obviously the country is now in terminal decline; more of a case of when rather than if it collapses.

  • mike mines

    Split the arrow!

  • MGJ

    Another one you may have missed David…

    11. Educate all children to believe that our history contains nothing good whatsoever. On the contrary, it is all racist, misogynist, homophobic genocidal imperialism. The only way to make amends is to be deeply ashamed, apologetic and neurotic about it. Plus of course to implement meaasures 1-10 above to show how profoundly sorry we are.

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