February 2024
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Cheer up! Things are even worse in crazy Russia

Readers might get depressed reading my endless predictions of gloom and doom and impending national bankruptcy. So, on a more cheerful note, things are much worse in Russia.

I recently bought a dashboard camera on Amazon for my car after seeing a TV documentary about “cash for crash” fraudsters who deliberately slam on their brakes in front of you so they can claim compensation for whiplash and other fictitious injuries.

One thing that surprised me was that the instructions were in Russian and English.

Then I found out that many Russians have these dashboard cameras in their cars because of a new national sport – throwing yourself in front of a car to get compensation.

Problem is that many Russians don’t seem very good at it:

I hope this never catches on in Britain. Russians tend to be quite thin and so don’t do too much damage to the cars. But imagine if a 200 kilo fat chav jumped on top of  your car – it would be a write-off.

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1 comment to Cheer up! Things are even worse in crazy Russia

  • Carl

    Russian’s buy dash cams for one primary reason, 3rd party insurance as full comp is very expensive. They want the ability to prove that they were not at fault. People walking into cars generally happens on certain parts of Asia.

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