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The era of mass immigration may just be beginning

The British public – even the stupid ones who vote for Labour – are vaguely beginning to realise that allowing almost 10 million, mostly low-skilled and mostly M*sl*m people into the country since 1997 as part Blair’s New Labour’s attempt to rub our noses in multi-culturalism was not a great idea. And given the much higher birth rates of immigrants, projections of Britain’s future population mix are truly frightening with ethnic British due to become a minority by 2056 (click to see more clearly)

UK population and ethnic make up

But actually the situation may be worse than this, because immigrants don’t have to be anywhere near a majority to fully control our political system. With a two-party system like Britain’s, there just have to be sufficient numbers of immigrants in a few key marginal constituencies (plus a bit of postal vote fraud which is part of the culture of some immigrant communities) to ensure that any party opposed to continued mass immigration can never win an election. By 2015 we’ll almost be at that point. By 2020, we’ll definitely be there.

After that, immigration will shoot up as those with power will have been put there by immigrant communities.

The future for Britain will be a war for control of what’s left of the country’s wealth between the immigrant-dominated, benefits-dependent, ghettoed cities and larger towns, many of which will become no-go areas for ethnic British (particularly white British girls) and the largely ethnic British countryside where white-flighters will watch with dismay as their country is over-run by by the detritus from every corrupt failed state in Africa, the Middle East and, of course Pakistan and Bangladesh.

immigration july

This is probably something the pro-immigration Burkha Broadcasting Corporation and the (IMHO) politically-correct quislings like Jon Snow and Rageh Omaar at Channel 4 prefer not to mention.

I’ve seen the future and it doesn’t look terribly appealing:


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  • This is also being replicated in other European countries notably France. Which has also imported an alien and high percentage Muslim population which will soon become the majority of Frances young people as replacement population.
    In one of his last Television interviews Enoch Powell said that when the English people find they are no longer the majority in England it will lead to a state of , or bordering on civil war.
    Maybe this will happen in France first.

  • John Fields

    Mr Enoch Powell was maligned for his futuristic speeches on an
    increasing ethnic population, mainly by conservatives. His warnings are now
    becoming reality.

  • Joe Schmoe

    We are all eating Halal food now…welcome to the future.

  • Paris Claims

    Where’s El Cid when you need him most? Farage has a lot of work to do.

  • BaronessBonkers

    Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
    We don’t get fooled again
    Don’t get fooled again
    No, no!

  • BaronessBonkers

    Some of your readers may be unaware of the Roy Harper song “Black Cloud of Islam” which saw the light of day in 1990. It was on his album “Once”.

    There were videos of him performing this pleasant little ditty on YouTube. But you won’t find them there now. They have all been removed save for an American chap singing it. I have tried and saw it once but there have been none anywhere on the internet for years. Strange isn’t it – YouTube will publish beheadings in Iraq but not a chap singing a song.

    Obviously I don’t understand what the lyrics are about. My only interest was the a most magnificent chord change from G7 to A which I would love to see again.

    Incidentally Roy Harper is due in court again soon , as is the fashion, on a charge of underage relationship with a girl,I think she was 13. I suspect that somehow relates to the first track on his 1974 album Valentine – Forbidden Fruit!

    There follow the lyrics to Black Cloud of Islam
    I’m sick to the teeth of the news on the screen
    of hisbullah scum and jihad the obscene
    whose men plant the bombs and then live feeling free
    to watch women and children be killed on T.V.
    which satan delivers a child a death curse
    in the name of a worn out collection of verse
    I’ve not read the book so I cannot recite
    but I’d bet Salman Rushdie is just about right
    underneath the black cloud of islam
    What kind of publicity needs so much blood
    that’s not for some sad diabolical god
    selling himself as a two-bit Macbeth
    as the expect in sentencing cousins to death
    and what kind of god can this be anyway
    that you have to prostrate to him five times a day
    with hate in your heart and a gun in your hand
    is force the only thing to understand
    underneath the black cloud of islam?
    and the butchers who’ve got all this blood on their hands
    are the ones who need god to be stood where he stands
    blessing this kidnapping, murder and war
    with books written hundreds of ages before
    and woman in veils walking paces behind
    doesn’t sit easy in my mind
    it speaks of oppression and no other choice
    that rigid compliance with the loudest voice
    underneath the black cloud of islam
    You can put a lead bullet clean through this guitar
    ‘cos I’m not overjoyed with the story so far
    sharing a world with the nutters of god
    is as good as being six feet under the sod
    words that are written are all here to say
    and these are the latest there are anyway
    and I am the prophet so don’t believe me
    I’m the same as the old ones expect that I’m free
    to give you a piece of my mind which is this
    you’re the worst of jehovas blind witlessnesses
    with your feet in the door of the deepest abyss
    which is underneath the black cloud of islam

  • The only real question is – will the indigenous people fight for their own country?

    If the answer to this is no – Europe as part of Western civilization is doomed.

  • Brillo

    We could avoid civil war if birth control was introduced now. Because of in breeding their lifespan is much shorter than ours so within 40 years they could almost be eradicated. This policy would also have the benefit of making this country a more pleasant and less crowded place to live. But we all know our politicians are hooked on growth in all it’s forms and one way or another it will eventual kill humanity.

  • […] After that, immigration will shoot up as those with power will have been put there by immigrant communities… […]

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