October 2021
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Invite Russia to join NATO, you idiots!

I don’t expect we’ll ever learn the truth about what’s really happening in the Ukraine. What we do know is:

1. The Ukraine was run by a brutal, utterly corrupt kleptocrat sponsored by Russia

2. The EU tried to grab the Ukraine away from Russia by giving it an ultimatum – join the EU or join the Russian trading zone, but not both. Mistake 1 – annoy Russia

3. That led to the overthrow of the Russian puppet leader – apparently almost single-handedly by our great Baroness Ashton

ashton liberates

4. The new government immediately started discriminating against the Russian minority in East Ukraine and trying to ban the Russian language. Mistake 2 – further annoy Russia. So Russia naturally supports a rebellion by the Russian minority

5. Launch a propaganda campaign in the press painting Russians as ‘the enemy’ and demonising Putin when actually most Russians are very much like us Mistake 3 – annoy Russia even more and insult Putin


6. Having promised Russia that the Ukraine would not join NATO, suddenly Poroshenko is invited to the NATO summit and NATO starts making all sorts of noises about Ukraine joining NATO and even mentions conducting NATO military exercises in Ukraine. Mistake 4 – lie to Putin and threaten to shove NATO tanks on Russia’s borders

6. All the time, idiots Cameron and Obama blether on about how Russia is a threat to world peace, when Russia should be our ally against the real threat – *sl*m. Mistake 5 – fail to understand that we and Russia share the same enemy.



There’s an easy solution to all this chaos – invite Russia to join NATO and then both fight against the real threat to world peace and our civilisation – the Religion of Peace.

I rest my case

2 comments to Invite Russia to join NATO, you idiots!

  • John Fields

    I hope that Obama and his poodle, Cameron, are not going to become copy- cats of
    Bush and his poodle, Blair. Mr. Putin and Russia are not Iraq. On conventional
    lines Europe is in for getting it’s arse kicked. Nuclear, and we can all look forward
    to a very dismal future.

  • BaronessBonkers

    Great idea. Putin is not into beheading. He is not a threat. Yes Mr Cameron,you PR whore,he is not a threat. Don’t interfere with his business and all will be well. You are not clever enough to outwit him. In fact you are not clever enough to outwit pretty well anyone.
    At a time when the fan is about to be hit by the p excrement our leaders, Europe and USA wide, are not up to the mark. They may have their degrees in politics and economics but not one bit of common sense.
    Look at the multicultural fiasco. Why do we/did we wan’t these people. Can someone please tell me.
    Following my excitement yesterday it was no surprise to find out the origin of the Edmonton beheader nor that he is the local nutter. Heaven help us.

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