July 2024

How to destroy a civilisation – in ten simple steps

(Monday blog)

Today I’m going to plagiarise a couple of readers’ comments.

Western civilisation is probably the greatest civilisation ever achieved by humanity in terms of scientific, social and political progress. More people have been brought out of poverty and given relatively comfortable lives by Western civilisation than by any previous civilisation.

It’s always easy to hyperventilate and exaggerate and preach doom and gloom. But it really does seem as if our rulers are intentionally working towards the destruction of our civilisation.

Here are just ten of possibly the most important simple steps our rulers, supported by sycophantic media and academia, have taken to ruin everything that the West has achieved:

  1. The invention of White Guilt to try to cow us into submission to other races and cultures and make us ashamed of the incredible achievements of our forefathers and of our history
  2. The destruction of the traditional family unit through promotion of sexual ambiguity, homosexuality, easy divorce and undermining of parental responsibility
  3. Massive immigration to break up traditional communities and destroy any sense of national identity
  4. Giving power to globalising institutions like the EU, UN, IPCC and may others of their ilk in order to eradicate the existence of nation states with their own national identities
  5. Dependency on the state for services and benefits which encourages politicians to bribe their way to power by offering us ever more rather than daring to encourage us to be more self-sufficient
  6. The asphyxiation of free speech by inventing ever more ludicrous supposed politically-incorrect ‘offences’ so that even the most innocuous comment can lead to the destruction of people’s careers and to them being socially ostracised
  7. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority by brainwashing and/or intimidating a generation of teachers with leftist, progressive, socialist and woke propaganda
  8. An unreliable legal and policing system that is biased in favour of criminals and against the victims of crime and which seems more interested in imposing thought control and speech censorship than in fighting real crime
  9. The invention of imagined ‘global threats’ such as Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Breakdown or Climate Emergency or Extinction (or whatever it’s called this week) to make us dependent on supra-national, rather than national, institutions
  10. An obsession with ‘equality’ which makes it illegal to suggest that there may well be physical, intellectual and cultural differences between different races and peoples

Ghastly as were the two World Wars of the previous century, throughout these conflicts the enemy was “without” and consequently could, with sufficient strength and determination, be overcome. Now it is “within”. The European project, the original aim of which was – so we were told anyway – to preclude all possibility of further European war, has turned out to be a spectacular failure, mainly because the wishes of the indigenous populations of the nations involved have been disregarded at best, but treated with utter contempt the majority of the time.

A previous generation for instance largely voted FOR the Common Market 40 plus years ago, little knowing at the time that Edward Heath et al were already THEN planning for a federal Europe. The current Brexit debacle is just the most recent example of the contempt the ruling classes have for us plebs.

How will it end? The alternatives are stark – either the indigenous peoples of Europe rebel and take up arms (where would they obtain them though?) to protect their civilisation and heritage or – overwhelmingly more probable – the indigenous populations, weakened mentally and physically by half a century of emotional and physical over-indulgence, navel-gazing and politically-correct propaganda, roll over and submit, thereby negating 500 years of scientific, medical and artistic evolution.

Hey, ho – what fun it all is!

9 comments to How to destroy a civilisation – in ten simple steps

  • loppoman

    Spot on David but submission cannot be an option and I don’t think it would happen.

  • Chris Dark

    Agree with loppoman, if the West’s people roll over then we may all as well commit suicide now, because life will be unbearable. It’s true there are many who would take the easy option and just submit, but countless millions will not….I am sure of that. There is a rapidly rising realisation of what these political barstewards intend for us, and they are now flaunting it in our faces; they hide nothing now. But there are more of us than of them. I don’t think it’ll be all solved through a ballot box.

  • William Boreham

    The beginning of the end began when we initiated the start of WW2 which decimated the European people. Why on earth did Britain (and reluctant France) declare war for a cause and country we could not defend and had no historical connection with anyway.
    Why on earth did we turn a German-Polish war into a world war that would surely bankrupt us and bring down our empire? What vital British interest was imperilled by Hitler’s retrieval of a port city, Danzig, that had been severed from Germany against the will of its 300,000 people and handed to Poland at Versailles in 1919? And even when we supposedly ‘won’ the European war, Poland was still not ‘free’ – we handed the nation we went to war over to Stalin’s tender mercies. The English ironically, were the race of people that Hitler most admired ad never in a million years would he of considered attacking us or our allies. Now of course, as we cannot even defend our vulnerable underage girls from being abused and raped by gangs of Muslim rapists, the police, politicians and local authorities turning a blind eye, so what hope is there of this snowflake generation engaging in a conflict where we can only win by being as ruthless as the old Waffen SS.

  • Hardcastle

    A lucid and totally accurate summary of where we are today.I agree that there are more of us than them and there are far more of the younger generation who agree with us than you might imagine.What we need is leadership but it is nigh on impossible for it to emerge given the control the left have over our institutions and media.What can spark the counter revolution so desperately needed.?I think a financial collapse ,is unfortunately ,our greatest hope.The elites have been desperately devaluing our currencies and encouraging foolish levels of debt and borrowing to keep the show on the road,but reality will prevail and then what?

  • Stillreading

    I am encouraged, Hardcastle, by your assertion that many more of the younger generation than we might imagine agree with those of us who read this blog regularly. But how are you defining “younger”? I know many people of 50 plus who share the views of those commenting on this blog, but I also know a fair number who do not and personally no young people (30 and under) I know seem aware of the threat our civilisation faces. I am thinking of my own grandchildren and their numerous friends, many of whom I have met. They have been lulled into acceptance of the status quo by a lifetime of material ease (yes – even those who consider themselves hard up!) physical indulgence and mental complacency, allied to the prevailing ethos of “political correctness” and the unquestioning acceptance of the cult of multiculturalism. Indeed, these youngsters, delightful as they are in many ways, have become very judgemental indeed of what they call my “bigotry” or “prejudice” on the rare occasions I have tried to engage them in considered debate. In short, they display the mental inflexibility of people who have been indoctrined into a cult almost since birth. Well, sad as it is to contemplate, it is their futures, not mine, which they are compromising by their refusal to open their minds to the dangers ahead. In reality, it’s probably too late anyway to do anything to reverse the way Western society is inexorably heading.

  • david brown

    The Famous book in 1918 Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler predicted around 2000 ad the west would decline.
    Another book the Camp of the Saints 1973 by Jean Raspail has the near destruction of the west by third world immigration.
    see also blog
    1n 1974 the once very popular author Dennis Wheatly noted for his black magic thrillers, wrote Gateway To Hell. The sub-text of which is a satanist conspiracy to use open borders to bring down the west.Satanist agents infiltrating all western governments.Note we where warned about the EU then called the Common Market in the 1976 The Omen on youtube 66 minutes into the movie

  • A Thorpe

    You have done a good job in bringing this up-to-date. I have some doubts about whether the original list originated with the Marxists at Frankfurt University after the failure of the communist revolution to spread into Europe. The list is said to be their plan to achieve a communist revolution by disrupting civilised society. I have only found a few references but if it did not come from the Marxists, it has certainly happened. It is probably because they hid themselves in our society and have been patient. They have used pollical correctness, equality, rights, feminism and the environmental movement.

    You question whether our rulers are intentionally destroying civilised society. But who are they? I’m not sure that it is the governments, effectively the people we vote for. They seem to have lost control, assuming they had any idea where society should be heading. I am sure that some of the superrich have huge control and they only care about increasing their wealth and I think they are using the climate crisis to profit from the taxes we are paying for unworkable renewable energies. The global companies lobby governments and get the regulatory and tax regimes they want and our governments believe they have them under control. Then we have unelected organisations like the UN and central banks that have a huge influence. We have too many rulers interfering everywhere in the world with no overall plan.

    Your last paragraph is also very significant. I have recently read a book and views of an astrophysicist talking about the climate crisis with both saying we effectively have two groups of humans. One group using science and rational reasoning and the other where love and emotion has turned them into unquestioning morons who can be brainwashed into believing anything.

    I was watching Simon Reeve’s Americas series last night who in the past takes an alternative view on many issues but now he has become another obsessed with a non-existent climate crisis. But struck me was the poverty in California and the dependence on badly paid immigrant workers. It is the same here and Stillreading talks about “material ease”. This is true and in my view our expectations have risen beyond our ability or desire to do the work to deliver those expectations. Our food is provided by cheap, low paid, immigrant labour, but it is an essential to life. Our farmers are also suffering. We prefer to pay for entertainment and holidays. We don’t want to study difficult subjects but expect to have doctors and nurses in their thousands to run a health service we expect somebody else to pay for. Essentially, many western countries are living beyond their means, with mostly easy lives and obsessed with nonsense like the climate crisis. Ioppoman says we should not submit but how can we possibly recover from this total shambles in the west? There is optimism in some comments but this has to be turned into action to make dramatic changes to the way people think. If the media changes to become like Sky News Australia we might have a chance.

  • Judd

    Colour me impressed, not just with the updating of the rules of destroying a decent nation once the envy of the world now the laughing stock of the world, todays lesson from David.

    The quality of thought in the commenting here is illuminating and brings some joy into the ever deepening gloom of what is happening to our country, this blog attracts those who remain true to their principles, despite a lifetime, for some, of deliberate and mind brainwashing out, from the cradle, of what once made our country great.

  • Orlando Britani

    It will take a lot more unpleasantness from the cultural enrichers before our people.break, I think.
    Brexit is an example of how we are beginning to realise that our elected aristocracy are really contemptuous of the lower orders.
    There may be violence in the end. We think that we are so civilised that this cannot happen here. Northern Ireland in the 70s is probably the more.for.out future: sectarian separation between white and non white, and eventually violent reactions to the friction that will cause.
    The incomes mostly do not earn enough to pay the necessary taxes and national insurance payments to keep the gravy train, that they came to sup on, going. Things will therefore break down and blame will quickly be assigned to those who allowed it and those who caused it.

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