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It looks like the Remainers have won

(Tuesday blog)

Oh dear. It looks like the Remainers have won. They have, of course, been ably assisted by the (IMHO) low-life, lying, hypocritical, garbage like Bercow, Letwin, Grieve, Hammond and Starmer.

We can now see the Remainers’ plan for sabotaging Brexit and keeping us in their beloved, German-run Fourth Reich also known as the EU. Here it is in five simple steps:

Step 1 – Delay and Delay

Delay Brexit yet again and again and again to give the Remainers more time to sabotage it

Step 2 – Amend and amend

Pass amendments to Boris Johnson’s deal either keeping us in, or keeping us closely aligned to, the EU Single Market and Customs Union. Thus they transform Brexit into BRINO (Brexit In Name Only) as Britain will have to accept all EU rules (without any right to vote against them), won’t be able to make trade deals with any other countries and will remain under the jurisdiction of the laughably misnamed European Court of Justice

Step 3 – Fix the second Referendum

Have a second Referendum in which the choice is between BRINO or Remain. In this fixed Referendum, ‘Leave’ will not be a option. The Remainers know that leavers will be so disgusted by this lack of choice that they won’t bother voting. That will give a majority to BRINO or Remain

Step 4 – Keep us in the EU

Remainers, claiming they are only following the democratic will of the people, will use this fixed second Referendum result to keep us either in the Fourth Reich or so closely aligned to the Fourth Reich that we might as well be in it.

Step 5 – Comrade Corbyn rides into Downing Street

After their Referendum victory, the Remainers will allow a General Election. Their hope will be that the Leave vote will be split between the Tories and the Brexit Party thus allowing Comrade Corbyn and his bunch of Marxist scum to seize power and transform Britain into Europe’s Venezuela.

The greatest con-trick in British history?

As the otherwise useless Theresa May so succinctly said last week – the original 2016 Referendum was the greatest con-trick ever played on the British people.

7 comments to It looks like the Remainers have won

  • Hardcastle

    If what you forecast is accurate and I am afraid it probably is what can we do? Well we can be bloody awkward if we cannot be violent.Do not pay any tax by direct debit,make them work for it.Go to the wire with the Council Tax,only pay when they are about to take you to court.Do not buy any EU based products or produce.If enough of us do this it will have a significant impact.If you have money,place it overseas,not in the UK or EU.Do not boycott elections,spoil papers with relevant comments about lack of democracy and corruption.Whatever we do we must not accept this supinely.

  • A Thorpe

    There isn’t one MP who deserves to be re-elected. They are a complete embarrassment to the country and they prove daily that democracy is dead in the UK.

  • Mark

    On another note, that double stabbing in Milton Keynes story has gone to the regional section of the news so I’m guessing they don’t want us to know who they are looking for I.e. an enricher. I’ve also not heard anything more about the biggest UK drug bust in history that fluttered through the news last week.
    Maybe that has gone straight to regional news like the new grooming stories do.

  • William Boreham

    The solution now lies very much in the hands of the English public. Given another referendum, will they succumb to the fear mongers and vote this time (like in Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands) to remain? If they do, they are not worthy of us fighting the cause, as I found back in the 70’s, canvassing on the doorsteps. As for another election, this new Brexit Party is the elephant in the room. How many votes will they take from Labour as compared to the Tories. The answer to that determines whether Corbyn gets in as PM.

    By the way, anybody notice last week was ‘National Hate Crime Awareness Week?’
    The Devon and Cornwall police obviously did and it seems only we white folk are capable of being ‘hateful’:

  • Colin William Roxburgh

    A simple GE will remove the odious remainers. The Brexit party will win enough seats to form a coalition with the Conservatives and keep them in line and then go for a WTO Brexit.

  • david brown

    Mark the stabbing readers comments on Mirror /The Sun asssumed it was ethnics.


    No they haven’t. We overcame in our darkest hour and we will again. Enough of the defeatist attitude. Stand back and watch albeit it may get bumpy and look even darker but a hidden hand will deliver us yet again. Remember I said it.

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