April 2024

Immigration – from begging to dominance in 3 easy steps?

(Thursday blog)

Why are some people so worried about uncontrolled Third-World immigration? Our rulers and the likes of the BBC and C4 News would have us believe that it’s because opponents of uncontrolled Third World immigration are racist, fascist, Izlumophobic, white supremacist mini-Hitlers.

It would never occur to the holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, well-protected ruling elites and their sycophantic supporters in the media that many ordinary people see a pattern with migration they don’t want repeated in their own countries.

Step 1 – “Help us poor helpless refugees”

First we’re told that we must accept millions of often parasitical, illiterate, unemployable, violent illegal economic migrants because they claim to be “poor, helpless refugees” and immigration is good for us:

Conveniently, most of these supposed “refugees” have destroyed their identity papers long before arriving in Europe so we can’t actually see where they’re really from and they’ve been trained by the Open Borders NGOs to claim refugee status:

The braindead, useless, progressive lefty idiots believe the “refugee” narrative:

Step 2 – “We want money!”

Whether they get residence papers or not, the migrants stay in Europe anyway and soon start demanding their “human rights” – money, phones, better food etc. Here are some “refugees” in Italy rioting and threatening to kill aid workers unless they are given more money:

The other joy we have is that these supposed “refugees” bring with them all their prejudices and hatreds and spend much of the time fighting each other:

Step – 3 – “This is our country now”

And finally, when there are sufficient supposed “refugees” in a city, we get no-go areas – here are some holiday snaps from Sweden:

We’re threatened if we don’t submit to their culture and beliefs:

And we’re told to leave our own countries if we don’t agree with our rulers’ policies of race replacement:


And here, to cheer us all up is a shortish (5 minutes) video about happiness:

3 comments to Immigration – from begging to dominance in 3 easy steps?

  • Alan Thorpe

    Unfortunately, humans have a major flaw – brainwashing works and the masses now believe the nonsense from the media and politicians.

  • Alan Thorpe

    Elsewhere today I read that students at Manchester University have scrubbed Kipling’s poem “If” off a wall. Hardly surprising when the union has a “liberation and access officer”.

  • Julia Green

    Stunning article. And the photos paint a thousand words.

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