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Here come the scientists, engineers, doctors and computer programmers who will save ageing Europe

(Friday blog)

Once again, I have to turn to Russian TV to find out what’s really happening in the world. After all, who believes any of the BBC and C4 News progressive, leftist, hug-a-rapefugee, hate-western-civilisation propaganda?

As you probably know, Spain has a newish socialist government. Displaying the expected virtue-signalling stupidity that goes with socialism, the newish Spanish government is talking about taking down the barbed wire surrounding the two Spanish African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

Why would the Spanish socialists want to remove the barbed wire? Because invading African migrants are apparently getting hurt while illegally crossing onto Spanish territory:

A couple of days ago, hundreds of illegal aliens armed with sticks and homemade flamethrowers broke through the border fence in Ceuta, according to the Spanish Civil Guard. Over 100 migrants and 15 border agents were injured in the fight.

“Over 700 sub-Saharans” attempted to storm the border fence, the Civil Guard said in a statement, adding that “at least 602” of them managed to cross the barriers. Volunteers and the local branch of the Red Cross said that 132 invaders sustained injuries, while 11 had to be taken to a local hospital.

Some of them were cut with barbed wire while trying to climb the border fence, and others sustained broken bones. The scuffles also led to 15 border agents receiving injuries. Some agents were burnt as the invaders attacked them with homemade flamethrowers while trying to avoid arrest.

Of course, our rulers tell us that we need these people as Europe’s population is ageing and these highly-educated, hard-working invaders will be a massive benefit to our continent:

Personally, I welcome all these wonderful people to Europe.

But sadly, there are some people who cannot see the benefits of the African invasion. Here’s just one person’s experience: (I have made many changes to this account to avoid any accusations of waaaccciiisssmmmm)

Hi. 11 years ago I moved to a small village in southern Spain near Almeria for the good life after watching the UK become more and more *********, thanks to the massive influx of immigrants from third world countries. 

Spain was lovely and a good place to bring up my kids. But not for long. The plague that was destroying England soon began infecting Spain. Now, the village in which I live in Spain has become 70% migrant.

In my own neighborhood, migrants spit at us. They have attacked my kids more than once. They verbally abuse my wife and they have even tried to kill me, for which we are in court at the moment. More than 30 migrant kids and only one Spanish kid were on the school bus that my children used to ride. I had to take them out of that school because of the constant abuse they were subjected to by the migrants. 

Migrants in my neighborhood live 10 plus to a small house.  The migrant women are always pregnant, averaging 7 kids per family. We have seen them shit in the street in front of their government-funded free housing.

We are terrified to even go out in our own neighborhood because migrants are everywhere.

And we can’t move because no one will buy our house in a neighborhood full of migrant welfare-recipients who don’t own their own homes. Migrants have damaged my car and they throw stones at my dog, and at us.

Migrants have made our life Hell and we fear for our lives daily. Migrants all share social security cards to claim benefits illegally. They drive unlicensed, unregistered cars, and believe they have more rights than anyone else.

They call me “English motherfucker” and threaten my kids regularly. Can I move to America, please?

Anyway, here they come – the scientists, engineers, doctors and computer programmers who will save ageing Europe:

11 comments to Here come the scientists, engineers, doctors and computer programmers who will save ageing Europe

  • NoMore

    Talk about backing the wrong horse. Socialists for putting their money (well our money) on this lot. Also that poor bloke who thought the UK was bad only to step into this fire. Outside parts of London and other big cities plus a few unfortunate towns I’m not aware of any neighbourhoods that have been basically given over to the invader as described above.

    Treason May is doing it more stealthily by drip feeding handfuls of them all over the place. My town is still wonderfully English – 10 years ago you’d do a double take if you saw an African or a woman in a hijab. Now I see one every time I leave the house. Just odd ones and twos but frankly I would rather not see any here. In their own homelands they would likewise be doing double takes if an Englishman were seen wandering around and hoping he is not the start of a colonisation of people who do not belong.

  • Baroness Bonkers

    I agree with NoMore.
    I keep seeing what I assume to be migrants in places which have never before seen an immigrant.
    More often than not they are alone and seem just to be going about their business or whatever.
    I can’t believe, or nowadays I will believe, that the state is spending our taxes on accommodating these people in the areas where I am seeing them walking.
    If they are migrants not refugees why are they here and if they are refugees would it be unkind to suggest they must be cowards, running away from the war or whatever is happening in their country rather than fighting back? There seem to be so many big, strong men that they could surely fight.
    Anyway we will soon be seeing the arrival of the women and children. How is the state going to afford that? Exciting days.

  • Brian Rodney

    As a German MP said recently ” While German soldiers are risking their lives in Afghanistan making that country safe to live in, young Afghan men can be seen outside cafes on the Kurfurstendamm drinking coffee with friends.

  • MARK

    London is the template for the rest of the country……we really are screwed. How long until they steal my pension to pay for it all?

  • William Boreham

    I’m afraid much of what we call the Western World will not survive this century. If you’re young, much will effectively disappear during your lifetime. The reason? The Western World has simply given up on having babies. The replacement fertility rate – i.e, the number you need for merely a stable population, not getting any bigger, not getting any smaller–is 2.1 babies per woman. ALL the European and many others like Canada, Australia, New Zealand have fertility rates below that figure, Spain as featured , a mere 1.1, so Spain’s population is virtually halving each generation. Meanwhile, a few selected countries: Somalia, is 6.91, Niger 6.83, Afghanistan 6.78, Yemen 6.75. Nigeria 5.9. The median age in Africa is 15, in Britain, in our indigenous population – over 40! The writing has long been written on the wall.

  • David Craig

    A twisted,, politically-incorrect, lying, waacisst cynic might say something like ” While European soldiers are risking their lives in Afghanistan making that country safe to live in, back in Europe young Afghan men are having the times of their lives sexually assaulting underage European girls”.

  • George

    Interesting re Almeria, I was thinking of relocating to that part of the world, currently in Sweden for over 10 years, it has deteriorated so badly, but in September I believe there will be a serious shift towards to the anti immigrant Swedish Democrats, possibly looking at 25% – 30% of the vote, possibly the largest single party.

    The sad truth is there is no escape except Eastern Europe, and to settle over there is very difficult, I’ve lived in many countries and I do not underestimate how difficult re-locating for the long term is.

    The bottom line is people need to see the two party state for what it is, nothing will change, it will continue to get worse until it is stopped via the ballot box or by a sustained general strike, but ultimately by the ballot box, voting in people who will represent you instead of themselves.

    However much I despise the UK I have come to the conclusion it is the best and safest place to stay and fight for change.

  • George

    Regarding reproduction rates, in societies that function normally this should be a self resolving problem.

    Fertility declines, standard of living goes up for the remaining because the resources are shared between fewer people, more people feel inclined to reproduce because they feel better about the future.

    The biggest isssue is the financial system, the measure of gdp is useless and all money is created as debt, which means continual exponential expanasion of the money supply is needed to sustain the system.

    Stop the madness of the massively leveraged financial system, stop immigration, allow the population to decline naturally resulting in a higher gdp per capita and people will start having babies again.

  • chris

    We are seeing white sterilisation through propaganda, media and misuse of legal process. The methods weaken the historic bonds of family, country and normal societal respect.There is media promotion of LGBT rights trumping common sense and the rights of the majority. Unrealistic promotion of womens’ rights (ignoring SA and UAE). The BBC idea that white men are too privileged and lesbiens and beta males are preferred. Multiple prosecutions for rape where vital evidence is witheld by the CPS to ensure a conviction, thereby promoting fear in courting. On the other hand, deviant (intolerant anti LGBT, muderous) behaviour by a sect we all know is suppressed by gov and media in the name of tolerance. We are being replaced.

  • Stillreading

    European culture and society as we oldies know it are being relentlessly destroyed and as a population we in the UK are too apathetic even to try to do anything about it. Most of the young, those who will suffer the consequences some 50 years hence, don’t seem able to see what is happening, so indoctrinated have they been in their formative years by the lefties. Many people seem under the impression that Brexit, once achieved, will deal with the problem – a delusion if ever there was one. I’m not in favour of immigration, but at least most of the Eastern Europeans, those who will lose their automatic right to entry, come to the UK to work – although the fact that a man can come here to work and automatically receive Child Benefit (Family Allowance as once was) for each of however many kids he may have back home is deplorable. However, Brexit will do nothing to curb the inflow of “asylum seekers” (aka economic immigrants) if the Government decides to let them in. The fact is we are already appallingly overpopulated anyway. There is insufficient accommodation for the indigenous population. As for getting around for work or leisure, just consider the travel chaos today as families try to get to their holiday destinations. Where I live in the South the city bypass is perpetually gridlocked and it’s more than anyone who lives on the coast dare do to leave their location during a hot summer weekend, since the return journey of less than 10 miles takes 3 hours, as people from London flood to the beaches. As for mosques springing up in every town and city, I won’t even go there for fear of being accused of “was…..cism”.! Most of Europe is hell-bent on ultimate disaster. The only hope is the continued rise of the AfD in Germany, the resurgence of Marine LePenn in France and the determination of Hungary and Poland to withstand the invasion.

  • Alan Thorpe

    Here is a joke I was sent today:

    “In the light of recent police announcements that they no longer consider it necessary to attend the scene of domestic burglaries I have take down the St George’s flag from beside the house and peeled the burglar alarm sticker off the front door. We’ve disconnected our home alarm system and quit our Neighbourhood Watch.

    I’ve bought two Pakistani Flags on eBay and raised them in the front garden, one at each corner, plus a black flag of ISIS in the centre. Now the local police, CID, MI5, SAS and other Counter Terrorism agencies are watching the house 24/7.

    We’ve never felt safer and we’re saving £24.95 a month.”

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