April 2024

Today’s competition is called “Count the Cops”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Below is a short (4 minutes) video. But you only need to watch the first couple of minutes to take part in today’s competition.

The competition is called “Count the Cops” and is fun for all the family.

In this competition you just have to count how many useless British police it takes to bring down one multi-cultural enricher. Then put your answers on a postcard and send it to your local Police and Crime Commissioner asking them why our politically-correct, thought-control, free-speech-hating police no longer have time to protect law-abiding, taxpaying indigenous Brits.

No wonder the police don’t have time or resources to deal with burglaries, robberies, muggings, stabbings, acid attacks and all sorts of other real crimes.

Here’s the video – have fun!


6 comments to Today’s competition is called “Count the Cops”

  • Roy Hartwell

    Why do I get reminiscences of schoolyard fights ?

  • william boreham

    I did my National Service in the Military Police and it’s depressing to see cops run away from that single skinny creature when he threatens them. Should have seen the mobs of drunken squaddies my partner and myself alone had to deal with, Glaswegians were the worst as I recall.

  • NoMore

    17 I think – visible anyway. 1 bloke with a truncheon would have sorted it in the days of Dixon of Dock Green but the offender would have looked a bit different.

  • Stillreading

    If this is an actual incident, as opposed to a practice run with actors, it is inexcusable. And meanwhile my local police cannot make the effort to “stake out” and apprehend the yob whom I live next door to who openly trades drugs in our otherwise decidedly middle-class little cul-de-sac. I and all my immediate neighbours have requested that the police intervene and their sole response is that since they haven’t caught him in the act, there’s nothing they can do. My reply is that since the local Police Station is now 8 miles away along a notoriously slow B road, and that the sight of any sort of law enforcer in our village/small town is a rarity, apprehension of wrong-doers “by chance” seems highly unlikely. An officer from the same Constabulary could, however, find the time a couple of years ago to call at my house unannounced at mid-day on a SUNDAY, to threaten me with immediate arrest for surveillance if I did not promise to abstain from taking photos of that same drug-dealing offender and his father who through their anti-social behaviour were causing me and my neighbours considerable distress. Police? Forget their aid or constructive intervention if you are of the indigenous English population and you contribute towards their salaries in your Council tax! (I am incidentally a woman, living alone, who has far passed the Biblical three-score years-and-ten. My initial response when a police officer called on a Sunday was that he had come to deliver news of something appalling having happened to a member of my family.)

  • hev

    do not forget how many witnesses (even[especially]if Police) would be needed to counter any claims of ill treatment by a multicultural enricher.

  • Brillo

    Meanwhile, young girls are getting raped all over Britain. I thought the police where short of staff, no wonder when it takes an army to take down one scrawny bloke. Makes you want to weep.

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